Metaphysics Secret of the Memory System

How do we learn and remember things? Why have some people lost their memory? Will the memory be erased? How can we learn faster and have a better memory?  I am here to present you with a Taoist perspective on this subject, bringing you the wisdom of Saam Law Tao and letting you understand the metaphysics inside us since we exist. You might need much knowledge on special terms that we use, which you can click the hyperlinked text to read the extended articles. Please take some time to read them, and don’t skim them; they are crafted with much love.

To understand how our memory works, you must know about our local three bodies and the Yuen Sun, which we discussed in the earlier articles. Read “Why We Dream,” “Yuen Sun” and "Spiritual Embryo" if you don’t know about these yet.

Our spiritual planetary body, the Yuen Sun 元神, is the main storage containing everything we need. It is our source of life, the big bank that gives us the wealth of life. When we finish a day in this world, we sleep and give a package of PostHeaven energies to the Yuen Sun in exchange for its PreHeaven energies. This energy exchange process is called 福德 (Fu De), the virtue of building a fortune.

Everything we see in this world gives us “light”; everything we hear gives us “energy.” Things you can smell and feel also fall into the energy category. Things you eat which are physical also fall into the “light” category. In short, anything you can see has a light; anything you cannot see but can experience will give you energy. These two combine into one and go into the Yuen Sun to recreate the “pattern” once in your PostHeaven everyday life. This process is called 光氣還形 (Gwong Ki Whuaan Xieong); the light and energy are recovered into another form. It is like saying that we cannot physically throw something into the Yuen Sun, like throwing a ball into someone’s backyard. However, we can throw in a package of energy with “data” inside, which can go into the Yuen Sun and manifest itself into the world there to recreate the pattern and appear in that world in the form according to that world’s element. The world in the Yuen Sun is like going through a day of life with the influence of your energy package that you sent them during sleep. If you give it a bad package, the people will have a bad day. If you give it a good meal, the people will be happy the next day.

As you can see, our memory goes to the Yuen Sun as we sleep; that is why we feel more relaxed or light when we wake up. When our heart wants something, the heart and Yuen Sun’s heart are entangled, so the Yuen Sun will know to beam down the energy the heart calls for. The Yuen Sun will have to see what is there and beam you the help. If you have something similar from the past in the Yuen Sun, those would be picked for you.

Your soul is the power that helps you pull out the “data” from the heart and process it into a form you can understand; then, you will get the message or help from the Yuen Sun. The local bodies are not the main storage for things, and the heart is just a small memory card compared to the Yuen Sun being the main hard drive. Your soul is the ram; it holds some memory but is mainly used for quick things you need.

The Memory Systems

Most people say the “brain” thinks, but that’s not what Taoists believe or go by. We say the “soul” is the power that is thinking; the brain is an organ only, and it doesn’t think independently if the soul energy is not there.

The heart and energy body follow your physical body, and the heart is the main local storage, like a memory card. It holds the memory that you need most of the time. It has about ten days of memory inside. Your heart would want to recall anything beyond that from the Yuen Sun because the hard drive keeps everything like the master storage system. The Yuen Sun has unlimited storage space because it will keep growing as you put things into it. The more you use your memory, the more memory you have; that’s how PreHeaven works.

PreHeaven matter is the opposite of PostHeaven. In the PostHeaven world like this one, the more you use, the less you have. The PreHeaven is the opposite; the more you use, the more you have.  Your heart is also a PreHeaven matter, so the more you use it, the more storage this memory card will have. Ten days is just a default average.

The memory in the soul is temporary, kept for the day and will reset when you sleep. These memories are for quick access and real-time things you must deal with. For example, you were given some random numbers to remember for a game, then after 30 minutes, you have to be able to say those numbers again after all the activities are completed. This will test your soul memory because the memory has not yet gotten a chance to go into the heart. The soul memory is called 靈元 (Nieong Xuan), which means the spiritual essence of time. They are very important for people who need to deal with intense and stressful situations, such as policemen, emergency crews, soldiers, fighters and even hunters who need to make quick decisions on the spot. Those with a lot of soul memory are often recognized as very “smart” because they think fast and have good short-term memory.

In contrast, people who are “slow” and take a long time to learn things are said to have less soul memory or Nieong Xuan. The soul memory is born from the spiritual particles of the soul body; the more particles, the more energetic the soul is. These particles are called 靈子 (Nieong Ju), as explained in the “Souls and Spirits” article.

For example, law enforcement is trained to respond and react in stressful situations, which tests their soul’s power. They might be given something to remember, like a phone number or a special code. They will have to run through obstacles and clear a house with tear gas, then arrive at the final destination to be tested to see if they still remember the answer after the torture and distraction.

The natural thing everyone does is repeat what they must often remember by saying it to themselves. It’s as if they are chanting the answer repeatedly. The more they do that, the more the answer is “etched” onto the soul memory particles. These particles will help them contain the memory and allow them to retrieve it when they need it again. If there are not enough particles, then the memory is “loose,” which makes it very hard to “remember” them. The word remember tells you about how this works too. Imagine the soul memory particles you created by saying and repeating the answer are like little pellets of light floating around you. As you repeat more and more times, there will be more pellets, which will group and form a larger pellet. When you want to “remember” things, the soul body will retrieve this pellet from its surrounding. If your pellet is small or scattered, the soul doesn’t know where it is and will have trouble remembering it. The bigger the pellet, the easier to find it again.

As you speak, the “energy” will be born when you listen, which is why it goes into the soul. When you “see” things, the “light” is absorbed, and the light is like a container for energy. You might be told the answer verbally for the game, but you might do something to make a mark for yourself to remember, such as drawing the answer in the air or doing something physical such as hitting your palm or banging your head. You can witness a symbolic physical thing as the “container” for that energy (the words people say).

Once you see and hear, the light and energy are there; your soul will take it and record it into the memory card in the heart. However, it will only do that when you approve so. There are things you do not believe or want which won’t go into the heart. That is why we would often talk to ourselves and say, “I must not forget this!” and the more you “want” and “believe” you will be able to remember, the more soul memory particles will transfer this memory into the heart, the memory card.

The memory card stores the memory for at least one day so that your soul can always return to it and retrieve it. However, sometimes we are lost even if we just learned something and remembered it before. That is because you have not got enough “light” to begin with. When you learn in school, you have learned to take notes while the teacher speaks; that is when “light” is born from your notes. Your teacher’s voice is the energy; your light contains it. Then you read the notes to yourself and recall the memory again, which is how you can remember things better. However, it doesn’t work if your heart is not WANTING to learn the subject. After all, the heart is what decides if things can access the memory card or not. It won't go into the heart if you have no feel for the subject.

In the military training exercise example, the people who do better have more “heart” to win, or their soul is stronger. Those who fail might have less faith in themselves, which can be a big problem, such as their loyalty being shaken later or having emotional wrecks during critical times. This tests their ability to solve problems under stress and shows their heart and potential quality inside them. Their passion for their career will determine this “heart” factor. How much do they want to become elite? Or do they only care to participate because they are just following their friends?

All the soul memory will go back into the heart when you settle down and get a nap or do something to do a “reset” for the local body, which we call the microcosmic orbit cycle 小週天. If you want to learn this, you don’t need any religious background or knowledge; we can all do it easily. The main goal is to group everything back into the heart, which requires you to do three things. Stop moving physically, cut off connections to the external linkages, then focus back on yourself and become “one.” It is easy; let me teach you how to do it. By doing so, you can push all the memory in the soul back into the heart, ensuring nothing is “loss,” They will be sent to the Yuen Sun when you sleep and go through the macrocosmic orbit 大週天 later. Oh yes, soul memory particles can be distracted and lost midway if you don’t care enough about them. That is why much “useless” information we get daily is not recorded in the heart.

Being aligned with your Yuen Sun, the heart, and achieving the two orbit cycles is called 正一 (Jieong Ya) in our lineage, which means “aligning into one.” There is a god in our name called 三羅正一天尊 (Saam Noh Jieong Ya Tian Juan) who is responsible for helping us upkeep our alignments!

The Small Reset – Microcosmic Orbit

Doing a small reset for your local system is very simple. It requires three steps. This will allow you to pack all the soul energies into the heart, which ensures the memory is “written” into the memory card, which ensures that you will keep it for 1-10 days.

First, you would need to sit down and stop moving. This stops your energy from flowing outward furthermore. Close your eyes and cut off the vision to the world outside. Now you are looking at the inside world, the “D6”, the inside of your body. Keep your body still, don’t let it move. If you sense yourself rocking, spinning, or moving, stop it or do something opposite to prevent it from happening again. For example, if you start to lean on the left, give weight to the right and lean to the right for a while, then go back to the center. This will help you balance yourself and prevent yourself from leaning again. Keep trying to stop yourself from moving, be still like a rock and be straight as a ruler.

Secondly, you would need to cut off connections to the outside. Whatever comes to your mind, tell yourself this is not important and keep doing it until there is no more thought coming to distract you. Anything that comes at you is a distraction, do not respond to it, but say to yourself, “this is not important,” and destroy it; then, it will cut off the connection to these matters.

Thirdly, think of yourself, your body, then into the body, and a ball of light appears in the heart. This is the focus point, keep focusing on the heart area between the two nipples and visualize a ball of white light.

After a while, you will see nothing but blanked out. The moment of blanking out is already when you have reached the D1 Preheaven dimension, which means the heart has regrouped, and everything is stored in the memory card in a flash. You don’t need to keep being in this blanked-out state; the memory is already stored, and you can return and finish your session. It’s done!  The goal is achieved; there is no need to stick to the “saving…” screen forever. Remember that there is no time and distance in PreHeaven; things happen in a flash of light. Once you blank out, it’s saved! This is also why I find many people being so ridiculous doing “meditation” like a sitting competition, trying to sit for as long as possible, and they think that is a good thing. It’s like staying on the “save” screen, waiting for 4 hours and not doing anything. Isn’t that hilarious?

The Macrocosmic Orbit Cycle

To connect the memory card to the Yuen Sun for the master storage saving, you need to sleep. Did I make that too easy for you? Before you sleep, review the content you want to store in the Yuen Sun again by thinking about it or saying it out, then go to sleep right after. Write it out and see it yourself as you repeat it. By doing so, your Yuen Sun can see this information the first thing they unpack the package sent to it. It will help the Yuen Sun better understand that memory’s urgency.

Naturally, some people like to write a diary before they sleep, which is a practice that allows them to send a report to their Yuen Sun every day. It can be a way to talk to your Yuen Sun and let it understand your feelings and concerns. If you want to do something like that, you can do it on the computer, your phone, or paper, but it must be in word, not audio format. After the diary entry is done, you can do a microcosmic orbit before you sleep, then it will ensure everything is saved well.

In the past, I have taught my disciples to do something similar: a daily entry into a forum. It’s like homework that they have to submit, which recaps their day and what was the highlight of their day, and how they want the Tao to help them more etc. It’s like a daily report, but it was done for the celestial court instead of giving it to the Yuen Sun. It’s very easy to send it to the court because as long as your Yuen Sun can receive it, the court can be contacted by the Yuen Sun and duplicate the memory to the court. It’s simple. Do the same thing; it will work if your intention is correct.

It’s like writing a letter to the gods; you need to type it before you sleep, and read it to yourself once, then it will be sent when you go to sleep. If you use a computer, type it into a document with your word processor. You can also save a copy and review them again later too! Another way to do this is to do blog entries like a journal; you can write about your day and feelings, then relay a message to the gods and say what you wished to learn, have, know more about etc. Just imagine you are talking to someone and speaking from the heart.

Back then, some disciples would say I was a dictator, being “too strict” to them and FORCING them to write these reports, which they found meaningless and robotic. It is robotic and meaningless if you don’t have a heart for the Tao and gods. I find it very fun and motivating for myself because I am talking to God every day by typing and having fun in front of my computer. The more I type, the more I learn and discover; it’s amazing and mind-blowing.

That is why we always say that gods are watching from above and knowing everything we have done. The god is your spiritual planetary body, the god of time. Your eyes and ears are the eyes and ears of the god. It records as you live your life, then sends it to gods during sleep; no one is exempt from this. If you don’t want God to know something, the only way is not to do it. If you don’t see and hear, the gods will not know about it later.

For more information, you might have missed, read the posts on the nine main gods of our lineage in order!

Our 9 main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.

Ordain today to learn more about this super-amazing wisdom and cultivate Taoist magic to gain access to more powers and potentials from the Tao. Your Yuen Sun is so powerful and precious, but it is also vulnerable when evils try to hack it! Protect your Yuen Sun today with the Tao’s power!