Investiture of Gods 封神

This article is one of the most mind-blowing one for you if you are new to this blog. Many people talk about the gods of different religions and tell you to follow them. All say that “theirs is real” and yet none have a solid proof to you, many are even born from the myth that people just follow because it was passed down from the “ancient” time. People start to judge a belief system because of its age, and not what it actually is.  How about a new god, or even a new religion, then it is for sure wrong and fake? How did the old one come to be real when they first started?

In this article, I am going to explain what is the Investiture of gods, which is precisely named Fung Sun 封神 in our dictionary. It is the process of making a god, and sealing it in nature, to make it a real god that could be worshipped and people can get its help later on etc. After knowing about it, you should be able to understand how all gods became what they are today, and you should have no more of that “which is real” question anymore. The fact is, every one of them is real, and none are fake.

How Does it Work

Read up on the article on “God” and you should know what they are. The whole process needs to start with someone wanting to have a god. A god is built based on 3 things, feeling, thoughts, and faith. When you have the feeling for such a god, meaning that you have some thoughts and also faith for this god to be created for a purpose. Let’s say you are a computer guy, you wanted to have a computer god who can help you and give you blessings and such for your computer stuff. You might be a dancer and you need a dancing god. You play a game that you are so into for years, you need a god for that game specifically to help you play that game well because you are playing it for money now and you cannot afford to lose.

Actually, this is done naturally by everyone. You love a video game, let’s say Mario, and you want to have a god for that to make you win all the time. Soon, you will buy some figures or plush toys like Mario or Yoshi or the mushroom. You see, from thought to buying a figure and shaping it with your faith and feelings, this is already the beginning of the inventure of god.

There are people who like Bruce Lee so much they start to worship him like he is the god too. They put up altars and pay respect to him and then created their own rituals to honour him etc. Bruce Lee himself, the ghost now, doesn’t know what is going on, but his “profile” is being used by people as a god. Nothing will happen to the actual dead person, it’s the profile that got used, and people are putting their faith into this profile, which is what made their own “Bruce Lee God” at their “altar”.

It’s natural, people make gods all the time, and it is a part of life to have some gods around you too. These are postheaven creation gods, and they are around to help you as you grow up. Kids have their superman and robot time, and they will treat them as gods too, just a superpower at the back of their head which gives them some mental support when they need the help. No one teaches them, but they naturally do this because that’s what we can do, it’s something we all can do even without a religion.

Difference of Level

A religion takes this to the next level, by making it more organized, more sophisticated, and more systematic. Instead of having a random collection of gods, religion helps to group it up, organize it, systemize it, and build on top of the profiles. Furthermore, they create methods and rituals for people to use so that they can have proper communication with the gods, like if there is a standard in the communication process and system. The more they organize it and make it legit, backed by some big authorities, the people will have more trust and faith in the gods, and now the faith investment will increase, and there goes faster growth for these gods. People combine effort to grow a god together, compared to everyone growing their own god, that’s a big difference, and a big upgrade.

Gods will upgrade to become a systematic and organized team, which the religion keeps in their “memory bank”, you can call that the Celestial Court for them. This court holds all the gods power, the knowledge and methods people created or discovered, and also is a system for people to reach their gods easily.

Gods of Gods

As you can see, it is very easy to create a god, and everyone can do it too. Then religions will group them up into one place, and became an organized team of gods. These are all in what we call the postheaven gods category. They work, and they are real. Even you say spiderman is your god, and you put your faith into it and worship it, I would say that is real too.

There is a level up that is different, which is the gods of gods, these are the big ones which we call preheaven gods. There are real beings above us, and depending on the connection, fate, and such, real religions will have connection with the gods above. These are not your human made gods, they are real people or beings above. Some are like the Yin Gods, and some are like those in Dai Law Tin that we encountered and inherited the wisdom and power from.  This kind of gods are like “aliens”, they are really there and in another world that we cannot reach with our physical matter. Yet, those with special fate will have connection with them and be able to get some special things going such as starting a religion or something like that.

With these gods of gods, there will be a whole new world of difference. A lot more power, a lot more wisdom and teachings, a lot more guidance, and you can be even gifted by them to have special gods that are not in this world too. 

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