This page is a shortcut for everyone who are learning how to chant and want a place to see what mp3 we have released for tag-along and empowerment purpose. The official product page is nice, but its getting overwhelmingly crowded. Therefore, you have this new page to get everything in one place, in an organized fashion.

Every rite book has a certain structure, you just need to learn the basics then you will be able to put together a rite yourself or see what you are missing from the mp3 list.

A rite usually start with stepping into the spiritual realm, Saam Law Saam Law Nine Layers, incense blessing spell... then off the the spell section which is usually the purification spells. After that, you have opening and close prayer with some prayers related to the scripture sandwiched in between. After the prayer is the scriptures section, which also has the opening and closing parts. At the end, it always ends with the three ordains and 12 wishes. If you know this structure, you can make your own playlist with the mp3 and lego together a rite easily.

Feel free to contact me (Ju Cia Juan) for help, and let me know if you are trying to find something that isn't on the page yet.

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Saam Law Morning, Noon and Evening Scriptures 早午晚課經

Saam Law Daily Rite 三羅日常課



ENGLISH Daily Rite


Cleansing and Purifying Spells (all) 清淨法咒
Jing Spells (long, full) 淨咒
Wealth Spells (all) 財科法咒
Wealth Spell pt2 (all) 財神法咒
Guardian Spells (full) 護法神咒
God Spells (full) 法源神咒
9 Main Gods Spells 九大神咒
Five Ghosts Spells (all) 五鬼法咒
ENGLISH Religious Court God Invoking Spell
Religious Court God Invoking Spell 教庭請神咒
God Invoking (Short) Spell 天地請神咒
God Invoking (Tin Ting) Spell 天庭請神咒

Consecration Spell (full) 開光法咒
Sanctification Spell (full) 勅符法咒
Inheriting Spell 傳承咒
Sword Sage Deity Spell 七星劍聖咒
Afterdeath Ceremony Spells 超渡咒語
Hell Gate Breaking Spell 破地獄咒
White Crane Exorcism Spell 白鶴消災咒
Celestial Medic Deity Spell 天醫仙師咒

YouTube Rites

Big Dipper Scripture Rite 神山北斗經
Saam Law Truth Scripture Rite 三羅眞經
Salvation of Life Scripture Rite 救苦渡命經

Rites MISC

Stepping into the Spiritual Realm 步虛
Saam Law Saam Law Nine Layers 三羅三羅九重衣
Incense Blessing Spell 祝香咒
3 Ordain 12 Wishes 三皈依十二願


Opening Prayer 開誥
Closing Prayer 收誥
Saam Law Jo Si Prayer 三羅祖師寶誥
Daai Law Jo Si Prayer 大羅祖師寶誥
Sun Lung Jo Si Prayer 神龍祖師寶誥
Five Thunder Deity Prayer 五雷仙師寶誥
White Crane Deity Prayer 白鶴仙師寶誥
Upper Clear Sheung Ching Prayer 上清寶誥
Jade Clear Yuk Ching Prayer 玉清寶誥
Ultimate Clear Taai Ching Prayer 太清寶誥
Woh Sing Deity Prayer 和聖神尊寶誥
Landlord Deity Prayer 土地寶誥
Washroom Deity Prayer 廁神寶誥
Door Guardian Deity Prayer 門神寶誥
5 Directions Wealth God Prayer 五路財神寶誥
Sky Official Prayer 天官寶誥
Ground Official Prayer 地官寶誥
Water Official Prayer 水官寶誥
Sword Sage Deity Prayer 七星劍聖寶誥
Sky Emperor Prayer 天皇大帝寶誥
Ground Emperor Prayer 地皇大帝寶誥
Jade Emperor Prayer 玉皇大帝寶誥
Wealth God of Income Prayer 文財神寶誥
Wealth God of Spending Prayer 武財神寶誥
Bao Judge Prayer 包公大帝寶誥
Celestial Medic Deity Prayer 天醫寶誥
Jiu Tian Xuan Nue Prayer 九天玄女寶誥


Opening Scripture 開經咒
Closing Scripture 收經咒
Heart Scripture 心經
Sky Emperor Demon Slaying Scripture 天皇降魔真經
Jade Emperor Amnesty Scripture 玉皇赦罪經
Sword Sage Deity Exorcism Scripture 劍聖滅邪經
Saam Law Tao Te Scripture 三羅道德經
Saam Law Suffer-Relief Scripture 救苦拔罪經
White Crane Disaster Dissolving Scripture 白鶴消災經
Dragon Golden Pill Scripture 神龍金丹經
God of War Scripture 無敵戰神經
Celestial Medic Scripture 天醫真經
Three Officials Scripture 三羅三官經
Elder Lord Tao Te Scripture 太上老君道德經
Nine Sky Celestial Tower Scripture 九天霄臺經
Judge Bao Awareness Scripture 包公警世經
Quitting Evil Scripture 元始天尊戒邪經
Big Dipper Scripture 神山北斗經
Saam Law Truth Scripture 三羅真經
Salvation of Life Scripture 救苦渡命經
Saam Law Celestial Masters Scripture 三羅天師經
Jade Clears Harmony Scripture 玉清和合經
Ground Official Salvation Scripture 地趕普渡經



Five Virtues 五德
Ten Commandments 十誡
Ten Good Deeds 十善
Eight Must-Knows 八忌
JLG Rules 紫龍觀觀規