Palmistry and Face Reading in Taoism

Many wondered if palmistry or face reading is real, why the palm and not the foot instead, and how does it work? This article is the ultimate answer for you curious ones.

As we have explained in many articles before, the human body is like a remote control that can connect to the whole “system” of yourself, including the Yuen Sun, the ghost altar, the energy body, the soul body and the physical body. You would need much knowledge from our previous posts to know what all these terms mean. However, I suggest you read these first: “Preheaven,” “Yuen Sun,” “Souls and Spirits,” “Why We Dream,” “Memory,” and “Secret of the Moon,” these will give you a good foundation for what we are about to talk about below.

Face Reading

As we have mentioned in the “Qi Gong Misunderstanding” post, the head corresponds to the Yuen Sun, and of course, the face could be read to understand more about the Yuen Sun.

Things come into the Yuen Sun from the left and out to the right. Your eyes are the “light” in and out of the Yuen Sun. The bigger the eyes, the longer the vision or light projects. For example, when you are tired, your sleep eyes are smaller, showing that your Yuen Sun is projecting less light outward and intaking less light too. When you sleep and give your energy from this world to the Yuen Sun, it gets a recharge, and you also get a recharge when the two energies exchange; then you wake up feeling more energized, and the eyes will be bigger again.

The mouth sets the “exit” of the Yuen Sun to the soul, so the mouth area has to do with the exit port. If the mouth is wide and big, the exit is bigger, which means the Yuen Sun used to give much energy down to the soul all the time. You can say they are “spendy” in this life too, which is why people like to have a wife with a small mouth, which means they are less spendy. In a way, that’s true, but it does not always work like that. It just means the exit port is smaller, so the potential output from the Yuen Sun will be smaller in portion, but what if the nose is big, which gives it much pressure at the back, like a hose with high pressure.

The nose sets the air pumping in and out, like the lungs of the Yuen Sun, and it will give the Yuen Sun the power to move and the pressure to push things out. If the nose is very small and narrow, the energy might be smaller, which means the Yuen Sun slowly gives its resources downward to the soul. A wide and big nose results in a big output and more powerful output, which makes the person receive more soul energy at a faster rate. As a result, they might be a faster worker or a very speedy person.

The ears are the intaking of energy or sound for the Yuen Sun, which gives the Yuen Sun the inner soul power and affects how things work inside the Yuen Sun. The Yuen Sun might be livelier and more active if the ear is bigger.  Long ears signify longer life because the Yuen Sun won’t die that soon due to the livelier environment.

The hair and skull are the entrance of the Yuen Sun and represent the growth of what is on the Yuen Sun. Hair loss and being bald often means the Yuen Sun does not have enough power to support its growth, just like grass dying on the field; for whatever reason, it is not a good sign. Longer hair is like the Yuen Sun reaching out into the soul more, which means the person is more connected to their preheaven elements and has more spiritual senses; that is why people in ancient times were more inclined to have longer hair naturally.

If you suddenly have a headache when you arrive at a location, it could be your Yuen Sun signalling about threats or something already tried to attack your Yuen Sun. If you have ear ringing, it could be the Yuen Sun having heart issues, like the Yuen Sun Central core has problems. See “Yuen Sun Secrets.”

These are basics, and we can decode the whole head, face, or body if we want to, but it will be different from what you usually assume. Most people assume you can see the face and tell the future, which is wrong. Seeing the face can tell you about how the Yuen Sun was; it takes much time to change the physical appearance. Therefore, there could be a chance the appearance didn’t show the actual state of the Yuen Sun at this moment because your Yuen Sun changed faster than your physical form can. It cannot tell you your FUTURE because the future is not set like a plot.


The two palms can be read but are different from what we usually do with the palm vertically held. The palm shows you the in and out channels of the heart. The left palm will show you the potentials you got from the Yuen Sun, which affects your soul. The right palm shows you the output from the heart to the outside, which affects your physical outcome. Put your palms in front of you, so the thumb points upward, and now you can see the palm and understand what it is saying. The lines are marks created because energy passes through the tracks more often, so making the theme visible if they are always used.

The fingers show you the five phases during the transition from D1 to D6 and D6 to D8: gold, water, wood, fire and earth.

For example, the left palm, gold, is about grouping energy from the Yuen Sun and alignment with it. The index finger is water, which means how much the Yuen Sun is investing into the soul, and the middle finger is wood which shows how much the soul is motivated or energized by the income. The ring finger is fire, which shows how much the soul uses from the income, and then earth at the end is how much it keeps in the soul body.  Looking at the three main lines, we can see the center, left, and right channels, which will always start at the water, wood or fire level and go downward somewhere.

We can tell how the energy flow is and was doing, but that doesn’t tell you how many wives you will have, how successful you will be in life, if you will be rich or poor later, or do you have kids or not etc. It doesn’t tell any of that stuff. It’s about your Yuen Sun giving you power which creates your focus, thinking and physical powers. Then how do you use them and utilize them, you could have a super strong flow and pattern, but you choose to use it to do stupid things; how can I know if you will be “wealthy” by looking at that? A slave working hard but poor could have a very strong palm too. Their Yuen Sun is supporting them, and they are working VERY HARD to do what they have to do with strong willpower, doesn’t mean they will be rich later with that strong palm.

Useful to Read or Not

You can learn a lot from these things if you are learning from me, but the conclusion is always the same, which is after you understand all that then you won’t even want to “read” your palm and face anymore because you already know that is a waste of time. This knowledge is for you to understand the body’s mapping in co-relationship with the whole system so you can know how to do magic and utilize the body as a remote control to reverse control the preheaven elements. It’s not about being curious and checking up on yourself to see if you will have 72 wives later.

As my teacher always says, you don’t know what life is, then you will want to know and calculate it. Once you know what life is, you will only focus on creating and building life. The more you check on yourself by reading this, the more you lose the “faith” factor in yourself, and the more you lose the real help from the PreHeaven because the faith is gone already. That is also why the more you go for readings, the worse your luck gets because your PreHeaven elements cannot go to you when you don’t even have faith in yourself. If you have faith, you will not check, question or ask about this and that with the readings. The more you read yourself, the more fortune is gone.

It is not useful to “read” with palm and face, but learning it in our lineage is useful because it allows you to understand all your body's metaphysics and secret mappings. Using it with other things like magic will benefit you greatly. It won’t benefit you like a “forecasting ability.” Using face or palm reading to forecast is more than stupid; you might as well close your eyes and blindfold yourself to live a life. If someone tells you things like you would have a husband like this and that later, how many kids, as they can read into your future, you know they are nothing but a scammer. It’s all about the skills on the mouth and some trickster setup. Avoid these readings, it’s a waste of your time and money, and you expose yourself to these people who are full of evil energy and will bring trouble to you to worsen your life.

Ordain today to learn more about this mysterious yet interesting wisdom of nature, metaphysics and our world! You will be so educated; at least you won’t fall into false hope and beliefs anymore and will be much more aware of what is important in life!