SAPPOT is a game of fortune that everyone can join for a chance to win the blessings from the gods, which comes in the form of "SAP" (Saam Law Award Points). 1 SAP = $1 CAD, which can be exchanged for FUs, ceremonies, and all the services on the website except the 3rd party and printify products.

SAPPOT tickets are $80 HKD each (about $13.5 CAD)

EACH ticket will allow you to reserve one chance to get a blessing.

Every ticket will get 1 toss with the divination cup. If you get a ST, blessings will be given to you. YANG and YIN will not count.

Blessings will be 8 SAP. SAP can be stored in Bankaroo account or directly be used for exchange. 

It is encouraged that disciples should do one ticket every weekend. If the disciple is lucky to win every weekend, then they would earn a FU in 2 months. Which is a reasonable blessing.

We will gather up the tickets and do a video to toss for everyone’s ticket together. The winner will be notified afterward and the video is just to keep record. By default, we aim to have one SAPPOT video per week after grouping up everyone's ticket on the weekend.