WINNING NUMBERS - 76, 77, 48

PRIZE Amount: 110,164.00 SAP

Latest draw -


*Each purchase consists of 3 tickets; buy as many as you wish by editing the quantity number.



God bless the world, and have fun with the faithful ones!

How to Play SAPPOT 財神金:

  1. Ju Cia Juan will announce the ticket buyer and the winning number.
  2. Each ticket represents a cheem drawn from a tube.
  3. If there is a winning number, a 7MQ toss will be performed for each group of three tickets.
  4. If the toss shows Yang or St, the numbers are valid for winning.
  5. If there is a winning number, all cheems will be returned to the tube, and Ju Cia Juan will shake 3 cheems again. If none of the cheems match ANY of the 3 winning numbers, the winning number is confirmed and valid. Otherwise, the winning number will be invalidated.
  6. The draw continues until all tickets are processed.

Increase Your Chances of Winning:

  • Buy 30 or more tickets to shake six cheems at once.
  • Buy 60 or more tickets to shake nine cheems or more at once (depends on how many is out on the table)

Prizes for Winning Combinations (in a group of three cheems):

  • 1 number: Receive 10% of the SAP pool from the Money God.
  • 2 numbers: Receive 50% of the SAP pool from the Money God.
  • 3 numbers: Receive 100% of the SAP pool from the Money God.

Redeeming Your Rewards: SAP points will be transferred to your Bankaroo account. If you don't have an account, you'll receive a store coupon instead.

Using SAP Points: You can use SAP points to purchase items on our website, except for third-party products or services. Saving up SAP points can help fund a full statue consecration or a significant ceremony.

Bonus from the Money God: The Money God adds 100 SAP to the pool for every ticket purchased, increasing the potential winnings for everyone.

Support the Pool and Increase Chances: After winning, buy three more tickets to support the pool and give others a chance to win.

Join SAPPOT 財神金 now and have fun while earning SAP points and coupons! May the gods bless the world and bring joy to all faithful followers!