Best Guide to Fan Tai Sui 犯太歲

Around the Chinese New Year, everyone starts talking about Fan Tai Sui 犯太歳, but what’s the big deal about this? In this article, you will see a professional explanation of Tai Sui and Faan Tai Sui and whether you should care about it. 

First, FTS (Fan Tai Sui) is not to be overlooked. The impact of a bad FTS year for you can be quite devastating. However, most people might ask, “if FTS is so deadly, then why all the people born in the same year don’t seem to be getting the same level of bad luck? For example, everyone in the same grade in school should be doing badly this year because they are all FTS.”

That is one of the biggest misconception people have about FTS. It’s not just the YEAR that counts. FTS is about the year, month, date and time you were born. If you are only FTS on the year element, you won’t feel as much impact as a person that has all the month, date, and time elements affected. However, it is hard for everyone to understand this, so most sources will group people up by the year and play it safe. It’s always better to have some remedy done than nothing done.

The Tai Sui and What is Fan?

Tai Sui 太歳 refers to a big cycle of your spiritual planetary body – Yuen Sun 元神. This is a non-physical planet of you, which is in another dimension we call “preheaven.” You and the planet are like a parallel universe. How the world does on the planet will affect your life of you here in this world. For example, if the planet is suffering from quakes and leaking out lava, then here you might have bleeding and wealth lost. Fan 犯 Tai Sui太歳 means that your Tai Sui is not doing well or facing obstruction forces. That means the “you” here will also feel the hiccups and obstructions.

This planet and you exchange energies when you sleep. If the planet is not doing well, it could be having trouble giving you the preheaven energies, resulting in your life lacking the energy that motivates you to move forward. If the planet is doing badly, it could also give you bad energies that bring you misfortune. The FTS effect will start kicking in during the new year and will last the whole year if you don’t deal with it. The complicated thing is that the FTS also has something to do with the Fung Shui of your house, especially your room and bed placement. Therefore, if your bed is not placed in the worse spot, you won’t get the full impact too. That is also why most people are not very sure about the power of FTS because someone might fall into the list of FTS but not get much impact as expected.

Different Kinds of Fan Tai Sui

There are different kinds of Fan Tai Sui, but you can get it as no matter which type you fall into, it is always better to play safe and do something about it. It doesn’t harm to do more, but it is not good to ignore the problem and end up being hit.

The different types of Fan Tai Sui can be related to the five elements’ impact.

Gold element obstructions will make your planet unable to feel or sense you. As a result, you might be lacking preheaven energies and feeling a loss of direction. We call this Dong Tai Sui 當太歳

Water element obstructions will make your planet unable to deliver its goods to you. As a result, you will feel impatient and hesitant regarding investment and putting down your time to do things. We call this Chung Tai Sui 沖太歳.

Wood element obstructions will make your planet chaotic and not develop well. As a result, you will feel a lack of motivation and energy or have lots of hiccups. We call this Ying Tai Sui 刑太歳.

Fire element obstructions will make your planet deliver the goods wrongly or even to the wrong place. As a result, you will be doing many things wrongly. You will always feel like you are about to succeed, but it just happens to fail all the time, which is very discouraging. We call this Poh Tai Sui 破太歳.

Earth element obstructions will make your planet deliver the goods to you, but it will be something bad and negative to you. It’s like you are supposed to get a cake, but it has a virus injected. As a result, you will always have a bad result when doing things. We call this Hoi Tai Sui 害太歳.

No matter which, it’s all one of the five ways to Fan Tai Sui.

Remedies for Fan Tai Sui

Since Fan Tai Sui is all about the spiritual planetary body, Yuen Sun, the way to deal with this problem is to have a second source that acts as a secondary Yuen Sun for you. It’s like the main powerplant is out of service, then you need a second source of power—for example, a generator, a battery or a power bank.

Small impacts can be dealt with by having a battery pack as a substitute. This method will be to carry a Fan Tai Sui FU, which you can get on our website.

For bigger impacts, the best way is to have a secondary power plant to back you up. This will ensure you have a long-term power source that never runs out. To do this, you would need to build and activate an altar at home so that the altar will serve as the power source. Along with the Fan Tai Sui FU, it will work very well.

The ultimate way is always to have a source that backs you up, whether you are FTS or not that year. To achieve this, you need to ordain to become a Taoist; then, the Tao is your ultimate preheaven power source.

Even though the Fan Tai Sui problem can be devastating, only some are ready to commit that much and may not spend much on building an altar. Then, I would suggest using the Celestial Master Gold to start a small altar.  Combine that with the Fan Tai Sui FU; it should be good enough. 

Lastly, I want to warn everyone who believes in wearing an animal pendant or something like that for FTS – it doesn’t work. Taoists initially created those methods for concealing the FU into the pendant so that you can carry the pendant as a FU and not need to hang the paper FU on your neck, risking it being damaged by sweat and other elements. Just the jade or whatever pendant does NOTHING to FTS. Don’t fall into those “sales” traps and be fooled by the untrained. Think about it - who would even come up with Fan Tai Sui and all that spiritual stuff? The Taoists. It's a Taoist knowledge, which requires Taoist magic to encounter the problem. There is no way one could wear an ordinary object or put a plant at home etc to solve this problem.