Guide to Fan Tai Sui 犯太歲: is this your bad luck year & what you can do to prevent it

Fan Tai Sui is a commonly searched term on our website every year. Lucky you to have landed on the right page!
If you already know you don't wanna risk having bad luck this year, you can go straight to our Fan Tai Sui FU page.

What is  Fan Tai Sui, and why is it so important?

Fan  means offending or opposing, and  Tai Sui is the name of a“star”, or more accurately, your own spiritual planetary body. 

That means: if you are  Fan Tai Sui in a given year, your life will experience unusual or unwanted difficulties.

Ugh - why?

I know, it's better to believe it's just another superstition. But once you look at it from the Taoist perspective of how life works, it becomes just as natural as the changing of seasons: sometimes you get bright, sunny days, and it feels nice to go outside; sometimes you have dark skies and rain, and the last thing you want is to go out for work.

It's just how Nature works.

So no matter what nationality or ethnicity you are, as long as you're a human being, you will have  Fan Tai Sui issue every once in a while in your life. 

How to tell if you are  Fan Tai Sui this year

Short answer is: just like you're not immune to rainy days, with  Fan Tai Sui it's better to pretend you are, and be prepared for it.

Now for the long answer:

There are ways to “calculate” the  Fan Tai Sui factor using the Chinese/ Lunar calendar system, but to make things easier, most masters will already have a  Fan Tai Sui list ready before the Lunar New Year, which is calculated using only the "Birth year" factor: as long as you are born in the year of X Y Z in the Chinese Horoscope, then you will be on the list. 

"So the whole classroom in school is going to have bad luck, just because they are all born in the same year? That can't be!"

A lot of people ask this question, including myself when I was still a kid.

Turns out that the  Fan Tai Sui factor is not JUST based on the Year, it also needs to take into consideration the Month, Day, and Time of birth. 

But seriously, can you tell for sure that the time of birth on your certificate is accurate? I don’t even know where my birth certificate is anymore!

That’s why all the masters choose to just go the safe way and group people by the year factor. 

We've done it the same way on our  Fan Tai Sui FU page, and you can double-check and calculate further on any website that offers Chinese Horoscopes orFan Tai Sui related things. 

But consider it a default answer from the book, don't count it as a 100% accurate forecast: we've seen people get hit by the month and day, but not the year, so they were not on the  Fan Tai Sui list, but had worse luck.

5 types of  Fan Tai Sui

There are 5 types of  Fan Tai Sui, which simply means 5 ways you can be affected by it. 

The main issue is your  Yuen Sun - your spiritual planetary body - not working well with your body here, and that messes up your energy flow, creating a “pattern” of added difficulty that will affect everything you do.

Type 1 – Gold – Feeling

You will be having a lot of time where you lack“Feeling” to start things or even feel hopeless or losing faith etc. 

Basically, theessence is lacking: the heart is weakened, your confidence is shaken and you might be wanting to give up easily, too. 

Type 2 – Water – Time 

You will not want to putTime into things, getting impatient and wanting to take “short cuts” for the simplest, as well as the most important tasks. 

Not a great attitude, that makes you very susceptible to making trivial mistakes…  

Type 3 – Wood – Fuel 

You will have problems with motivation and developing, like you're slowly losing the energy to keep you moving. 

Type 4 – Fire – Action

You will have issues putting things into practice, or getting into action to execute the ideas and plans in your mind. 

Lacking the energy of Fire makes people not want to move or do physical things, so you will be very much like a lazy bean.

You might also break a lot of things, too. 

Type 5 – Earth – Fruits

You will see a lot of “Fruits” being broken, like applying yourself to accomplish something but seeing no results, getting no fruits from it.

For example: you've been making an exquisite cheesecake for 7 hours… and then you drop it on the floor!

Or you could even order something you really wanted, but forget to pick up.

How to prevent  Fan Tai Suiissues

No matter which type of  Fan Tai Sui you might face, the remedy is the same: you must have a backup source to provide you the pre-heaven energy that you are lacking, due to poor connection to yourYuen Sun (your spiritual planetary body).

You cannot change the  Yuen Sun’s issue but you can tap onto a new line of resources to make up for what you are lacking.  

To do this, we recommend our  Fan Tai Sui FU talisman!

The FU connects you to the gods, making them your new source of pre-heaven power. 

Wearing jade or other things doesn’t work, because they are not strong enough to replace your  Yuen Sun

What you need is a LOT of power to make up for missing or affected parts. 

But if you think a FU won't be strong enough either, if you've been severely affected by bad luck in the past and nothing else has helped… don't wait!

Get ordained and let the TAO take care of you. 

Taoists do not need to fear  Fan Tai Sui - at least not the ones in our lineage.

Because no matter what happens to our  Yuen Sun, we have the Tao being our secondary  Yuen Sun already. 

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