Best Guide to Fan Tai Sui 犯太歲

Understanding your Yuen Sun 元神a (spiritual planetary body) is crucial as it's the powerhouse that supplies you with vital preheaven energies for your daily life. Think of it as your boss who pays you and assigns your tasks. In the context of your personal system, the Yuen Sun is what we call the “Sky” element.

Then there's your Ghost Altar 鬼壇, essentially the soul’s headquarters, representing the “ground” element in your system. This is the destination for all the goodies your Yuen Sun sends over. This system functions like a stomach, processing the Yuen Sun’s energies and transforming them into PostHeaven energies that you can use in real life. This conversion is what gives you the energy to think and to act.

Now, if you're in a Fan Tai Sui 犯太歲 situation for the year, it indicates that this boss of yours – the Yuen Sun – is struggling to connect with you. As a result, you’ll encounter various issues and obstacles, the severity of which depends on how serious your “FTS” problem is. In this context, Tai Sui refers to your own boss, the Yuen Sun, and Fan means it's upset or offended!

To figure out if you're affected by Fan Tai Sui in a given year, you should examine your date and time of birth. First, convert your birth date to the lunar calendar. Then, check the earthly stems of your birth year, month, day, and time to see if any of them fall on the FTS list. Being affected in all four elements suggests a significant impact throughout the year. However, if only one element is affected, the impact might be less severe. Generally, most people just look at their birth year to determine if they're experiencing FTS. It’s wise to take precautionary measures for FTS during the year, rather than waiting idly for potential misfortunes.

FTS is no small matter. It can lead to a disastrous year if not addressed properly. As a Taoist practitioner, I always advise people to take action against FTS, even if you're unsure about your status on the list. There’s no downside to performing the remedies – it can only bring benefits. It's like having a fully charged phone with a charging port but still carrying a power bank – just in case.

Understanding the 5 Types of FTS Issues

In Taoism, Fan Tai Sui (FTS) issues are linked to the five elements or phases, each associated with a specific type of obstructive force, known as “Saat 煞.” These Saats represent the challenges and obstacles you might face, depending on which element is affected.

  1. Gold Saat – This is like a communication breakdown between your Yuen Sun and your ghost altar. Imagine your spiritual boss and home base can't sync up properly. This misalignment can leave you feeling lost, as if you're struggling to steer life in the direction you want. It's like your wheels are spinning but not gripping. People facing this are often referred to as 當太歳 Dong Taai Sui.
  1. Water Saat – Here, your Yuen Sun faces hurdles in sending its blessings to the ghost altar. Picture a scenario where your boss is trying to send out paychecks, but they just can't seem to get through the door. This blockage can affect the opportunities and luck coming your way, casting a shadow of gloom over your year. Those in this situation are called 沖太歳 Chung Taai Sui.
  1. Wood Saat – This type hinders your ghost altar from processing what the Yuen Sun sends. It's like having opportunities in front of you but being unable to capitalize on them. You might also feel mentally foggy or exhausted throughout the year. People experiencing this are known as 刑太歳 Ying Taai Sui.
  1. Fire Saat – In this case, your ghost altar struggles to turn its energies into reality. Your plans and ideas face constant setbacks when you try to execute them. This type of Saat can lead to numerous frustrations and failures. Those affected are referred to as 破太歳 Poh Taai Sui.
  1. Earth Saat – This one blocks or corrupts the energy you're sending back to the Yuen Sun, leading to unfruitful or even harmful outcomes. It can manifest as persistent stress, sleep issues, or a general feeling of exhaustion without any real gain. People dealing with this are called 害太歳 Hoi Taai Sui.

To tackle FTS, you have a couple of options. One way is to rely on the Tao as your secondary Yuen Sun, supplying what your primary Yuen Sun couldn't for the year. This approach, known as Baai Taai Sui 拜太歲, is like having a backup power source when the main one fails.

Alternatively, you can use a FU talisman specifically targeting the Saat causing your FTS. Dissolving the Saat can significantly reduce or even eliminate the FTS issue. This method is called Sip Tai Sui 攝太歲, focusing on resolving the Yuen Sun’s cycle issue by neutralizing the obstructive Saat.

Check out our FU Talisman for Fan Tai Sui!  If you need help to find out if you are on the FTS list, don't hesitate to contact Jee Sifu by email!