What is Fan Tai Sui 犯太歲

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The topic of Fan Tai Sui is often mentioned all across the internet but nothing really explains to you the truth about what Tai Sui is. Most people only get the surface of things and not the truth behind it. Fan Tai Sui is a very easy to understand thing if you got the right professional to point it out to you, however, the real deal theory isn’t popular due to its complexity, and so most people who know the truth will also choose to promote the easy-version for the norms, just to go with the flow and avoid explaining too many details. Here in this article, you will see the real deal Fan Tai Sui, which originates from the source of where this theory comes from, Taoism. You might have heard that Fan Tai Sui is a Chinese astrology thing, but where does all these astrology knowledges came from?  Taoism. Taoists are the professionals that deals with astrology or all sorts of principles of nature, including the things beyond the physical realm we see with our eyes.

People always see “Taoist” or similar characters will “look at the sky and observe the stars” in the movies, and they can somehow say that this star is brighter, and that star is such and such, then there goes their prediction of the war or the future of the king or some important people. Famous ones that most will hear of is like Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮 from the three kingdom stories, or Liu Bowen 劉伯温. These famous historical people are kind of famous in the movies today for their ability to forecast the future by doing “calculations” and “observing the stars”. One thing that most people don’t understand is that “observing stars in the sky” is not really the sky outside where you see airplane flies. That isn’t the sky that Taoist observe.

The Sky and Tai Sui Star

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In Taoism’s theory, we say that there are nine dimensions or nine categories of dimensions in nature. Things cycle from one to two and all the way to nine, then back to one again. The cycle of life works like that and can be explained with a lot of theories, witnessed by an endless number of examples in nature. However, cutting it short, there are many dimensions that are not visible to our naked eyes, and not even touchable by the physical body, because they are not “physical”, or we should say that they don’t share the same type of matter properties with our physical world here.

The word for sky is Tin 天, and it’s not used to refer to the sky where birds and planes fly all the time. Look at how we use words today, it’s really easy to understand why this can cause confusion to most researchers. The food for us is usually things we can eat, like vegetables, meat, etc. How about food for thoughts? Brain food is a type of food that cannot even be comparable to food for your digestive system, yet they are also described as food. Just like our article on “Why Lao Tze Don’t Talk About Magic”, it’s not that people are wrong when interpreting these words, it’s just that they don’t understand, because the average people are not learning directly from a master (or sifu) and so they don’t get to inherit the “insider’s meaning”, then everything will turn out pretty weird when the words are used another way.

The word for sky has a pattern, it means when resources and intention or any pre-heaven elements are given and bridged to another party, then when the starting method is also given, resources then can depart from the medium, and go into the ground of the receiving end. This is the exact “decoding” of the word for sky, 天, and it forms the pattern, stroke by stroke.

In short, the word for sky means the stage of happening where nothing have been started or moved yet, but resources are being pushed through and delivering into the ground for the next station to continue using it.

The sky we are referring to in these astrology things, are what we call the Pre-Heaven dimension, or to be exact, the dimension one, which we call the 一白真元空間. This is the pre-heaven elements dimension, which stores all the pre-heaven essences and energies.

Dimension one stores our energy bodies and so is our spiritual planetary body. In the article of “What is Taoism” and “What is Yuen Sun”, we have talked about this subject of Yuen Sun, which is the "you" that lives on the other side of the universe, which is like a spiritual planet form of you. As mentioned in our Taoism 101 article:

We are a single living being with a bunch of other living beings, being contained inside a planet.  In order for us to exist, there is an opposite. So everyone in this world is actually also a planet, living with a bunch of planets around them, each containing many living beings inside them. We are physical here and the other must be spiritual or non-physical. There goes your spiritual planetary body, or what we call the Yuen Sun 元神.”

Therefore, the star and light of the stars, are actually referring to these Yuen Sun in the dimension one, and not the other stars you see out in space here with your naked eyes. The light of the Yuen Sun is explained in the Saam Ching theory article too.

What is Fan Tai Sui

Tai Sui 太歳 is two words, with 太 Tai meaning that when things are started and delivering, the essence got stored in the middle, awaiting to depart from the side that pushes out the elements. Sui, in short, is when one cycle is complete.  Together, they combine to mean as when your Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) is done pushing out its essence and now giving its essence to you here, there goes a complete cycle.

Fan Tai Sui 犯太歲, is when there is a 犯 Fan going on with this cycle, meaning an interruption, obstacle or obstructing force that is aggressively putting resistance to the cycle, stopping you from getting your “package” from the Yuen Sun.

There are five different kinds of Fan Tai Sui, which is like five ways your delivery can be jammed or screwed up, and that will result in a big problem for you this year, because you cannot get the essence from your own spiritual planet, just like if your body cannot get the message from your brain, what will happen next?

What Happen if Fan Tai Sui?

As you can see, Fan Tai Sui can be a problem, and even a disaster, if the situation is very bad. Fan Tai Sui is a very bad thing because it means you cannot get the potentials and all the Pre-Heaven essence from your own system, and that means, your year is going to be very rough. Your Yuen Sun stores the essences that can be given to you as your resources and potentials in life. No matter it’s health, wealth, or love, anything will need these essences to power them up in order to see success. If Fan Tai Sui is kicking in, it means everything in life can be facing a big hiccup year.

However, not everyone will Fan Tai Sui just because they are born in the same year with the same “zodiac animal” sign. The majority of people only knows that you will be harmed by Fan Tai Sui if you are born in a such and such year, but that is really not the truth. In order to see if you are really having a Fan Tai Sui issue, you must use your full date of birth and time of birth to see if you fall into the list and how severe it is for you this year. Maybe it is just a small issue, even your year is on the list. You need to take the other factors into consideration before drawing a conclusion!

In short, no matter a light or severe case with Fan Tai Sui, it will cause hiccups or problems with your luck in life, and it’s just the matter of how much and how heavy the impact is.

You can always contact usto let us do a free check up for you and see if you have the Fan Tai Sui problem too!

Encountering Fan Tai Sui

As you can now clearly see that Tai Sui is all about this “star” of your own, the Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body), it has nothing to do with the stars that you can see with your naked eyes, because the Tai Sui star is not even a physical star that you can see with your naked eyes. It’s a spiritual matter that is to be seen with your spiritual body, which is what we call the spiritual soul. To be exact, we must know how to do soul-travel magic in order to see and observe the Tai Sui star, or the Yuen Sun.

Looking up the sky and observing the star to know about the future” Now you know that it is referring to another sky of where your Yuen Sun stays, and because the Yuen Sun holds your potentials, guides you to a certain path, that is why it can be observed to forecast your future!

When you have an issue with the Tai Sui, you can encounter it with something that can actually touch this spiritual planetary body of yours, which is Taoist magic. You cannot encounter a Fan Tai Sui problem by just doing some home arrangements or just to “be more careful” that year. The fact is, if your Yuen Sun is not working properly, it means that you will not operate properly too, and so no matter how you try to be careful, you can’t avoid stabbing into nails by accident, because that’s what happen when you try to ‘be careful” while you are sleepy and drowsy. You need help, from some can work with this kind of matter and knows what he is talking about, not from one who doesn’t even know what Tai Sui is.

Praying to Tai Sui Gods

Some people try to “pray” to some Tai Sui Deities or Gods and think that will help them do better for that year. If you read our article on “What are Statues for In Taoism” you will understand that this is for sure something that got confused.  There is an article on “What is God” in Taoism, which explains to you about why we don’t have any “praying” or “worshiping” in Taoism.

Statues in Taoism are used as containers for storing up energies, setting them to convert into a certain property, and so we can use the new element for other things. Tai Sui deities praying is a culture that was brewed up according to the misunderstanding of Taoist magic and the theory of what Tai Sui really is in the real theory.

To solve the Fan Tai Sui issues, there Is no way you can do it with any post-heaven methods, meaning a humanly method using normal things such as “be careful” and “just wear more red” etc. This kind of human-world doings will do nothing for your Fan Tai Sui issue at all, because it is not even touching the subject!


Remedies for Fan Tai Sui

In order to solve the Fan Tai Sui issue, the only way is to get a better connection with the Tai Sui, which is your Yuen Sun, the spiritual planetary body. To touch the specific subject, you need to use Taoist magic. For most people, a customized FU Talisman will help you out. You need to give your name and your date of birth or even with the time of birth to us, best if you can also e-mail a photo of yourself, then we can get the customized FU Talisman (Fa Tai Sui FU 化太歲符) done for you. This will dissolve the obstructing energies that are stopping your Yuen Sun from delivering things to you, and help you solve this Fan Tai Sui issue.

If your case is very severe, we suggest you to either have a distanced ceremony done by us or have an altar built at homewith our Saam Ching Statuesas your altar’s main focus. This will connect you with your Yuen Sun better and be able to help you solve and even guard the transmission channels, allow you to protect your Tai Sui cycle, secure your “luck” and for sure will work 24/7, which is better than just a FU Talisman on your body.

Never trust any remedies of Fan Tai Sui that does not deal with the problem itself. Now that you know what the Tai Sui is, you know what it takes to deal with it for real. There is no gods or deities or any overlords trying to bomb your year from above. It’s all just your own system not connecting well, like the internet going through some busy hours and lagging. You need to deal with Fan Tai Sui the right way in order to fix the problem and get better luck for the year.

taoist altar for fan tai suiFan Tai Sui is all about the circulation of energies from your own spiritual planetary body, the Yuen Sun, which is often called the Tai Sui star. If you understand this theory, you have got the real internal secrets of Fan Tai Sui, and there is now no more mystery for you. To always be protecting your own Tai Sui cycle, ensuring it to be safe all the time is important, and that is why you should consider learning Taoist Magic, Saam Law Sun Gung, which can allow you to do that yourself and possess the power that can protect your own spiritual bodies, or even witness the Yuen Sun in the later stages!

For our disciples, they will all have a place on our magic altars, with a portalled representative of them sticking to our "Tai Sui board". This board is used to use our altars as their Tai Sui, like using the energy of our altar as their Yuen Sun, making up for what they are lacking from their own Yuen Sun. Every day, we will provide them with our energies that we bring in daily, or from the bi-weekly routine of welcoming in new Pre-Heaven energies. By doing so, all our disciples in the lineage will at least get a bit more resources pumped toward them to make up for their own Fan Tai Sui issue, and that is the good thing being in a good lineage that does put their disciples into consideration, giving them extra help every day! If you want to be part of us, welcome to join in today too!