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What is Fan Tai Sui 犯太歲

Luck and Fortune

Fan Tai Sui is a very important subject for Taoism, and so is it for the Chinese culture, but how many really knows what it is about? Many only follow the traditions and not understand what the deal is behind all these things, most people only get to know the surface and is for sure missing a great part of the story. Let me explain what Tai Sui is, and later you will understand what FAN Tai Sui is about.

In Taoism, we talk about the cycle of life, and we if you actually pay attention to how life works, we are not just living here with a physical body. We have more than one body, or one form, that lives together with us and our relationship is like organs linked together, one part processed something and push to the next part to digest, and the circulation keeps on going.  We live in a planet, yet we are also a planet, that's one thing we don't get to learn about in science class.

The Yuen Sun 元神 is a spiritual planet form of us, that exist before we born, and is the "you" before you came to this world. This spiritual planet is in the location of about where the Sun is right now, but in another dimension in that location. You can imagine it's sort of like a photoshop image with many layers overlapping each others, and now our Sun is in one of those layers on top, while the Yuen Sun is in the earlier layers underneath. Everyone has their own Yuen Sun planet,  and this planet still operates, and push energies to our "souls" every day. Our souls will take this energy, digest it, and push out the processed energies into our body on this planet. While we intake the energies, they transform into power, which allows us to move around, do things, and live a life happily.

Most people think that the soul of human being is inside the body, locally, like a bunch of "gas" inside the body. This is not true. Our soul is the elements that exist between our spiritual planet body (Yuen Sun) and your physical human body. Our soul is in the location of where the highest point of the atmosphere of this planet Earth is, where the planet meets space. In this area, but another dimension / layer which exists before the physical dimension, is where our souls are.  You cannot see your souls, because we do not live in the same dimension, yet we are related and linked by spiritual channels, and we are working together at all time.  You can see your soul is like the stomach, it intakes the elements from the Yuen Sun planet and digests it, then stores it into your human body.

As you can see, the three "realms" or zones are working like a cycle of 1-2-3, which we call Tin, Dei, Yun. the Sky, earth and human. Please note, these words cannot make any sense if you translate them directly or interpret them with common understanding of the words in Chinese.  The sky realm is the Yuen Sun, the earth realm is the soul, and the human realm is the human body here. This is a very simple method of explaining the 3 different stages or realms of the circulation of our different "bodies".  But to put it int a more specific and detailed form, we can dig into the micro-view and see 9 dimensions in all the 3 realms, and it can get very complicated.

What is Tai Sui?  The word Tai means when the stuff from point A connects to point B, and elements pushes through to depart A, into B, and now everything is stored as an essence form, like a boxed up package, that got stored in the middle of the two, ready to go, ready to be transferred onward.  Relating to the 3 realms circulation of your bodies, Tai Sui, is when your elements from the spiritual planet is processed, and pushed out to the soul to take and digest plus transfer to your physical body here.   You can compare this to your eating cycle in your daily life. It is like the point where you are done chewing and swallowed the food, and now the food is about to go into your stomach for processing.  If you got issues with your stomach or other parts in the middle of the way, you know that no matter how much food you intake, it's not going to benefit your body at the end, because your stomach cannot get it, or cannot process them well, or maybe it will even cause some serious problems.   Your Yuen Sun has processed what it needs to process, and now is pushing out "wealth" for your soul and body, and that is the action of Tai Sui.

If your Tai Sui cycle is good, you can get what your spiritual planet is giving you and your life will at least be as good as it should be. You can sum it up as - at least you can get your potentials to work and create things in reality. If your Tai Sui cycle is not good, you cannot make use of your potentials, or cannot even see your potentials, because things in that spiritual planet isn't coming through nicely.

What is Fan Tai Sui?  The word "Fan" means a forceful interruption to an action, something that stops the normal order or flow. For example, if you speak while someone is speaking, you have Fan them right on the spot, interrupting their speeches. The word Fan Tai Sui means that your Tai Sui cycle is being interrupted, affected, and it is not doing good. Simple as that!

If your Yuen Sun cannot beam it's energy to your soul properly, due to some sorts of interruption, then you aren't going to get all the potentials you should get in your life, and you will feel suffocated, or dreading, or even totally messed up throughout the whole year. It's definitely not something we want to experience or feel.  Sometimes we got into this issue without notice, and we thought the year was just another "bad luck year" or some down-time of our life, yet you could have reduced all that hiccups and make life better if you have known of this Fan Tai Sui subject and did the proper remedies to reduce the harm, or even boost flow that is doing well.

In the theory of Fan Tai Sui, there are a few different ways that your Tai Sui cycle can be interrupted, and there are 5 major methods to be interrupted - jick, ying, chung, poh, hoi, which relates to the 5 elements cycle of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.  Please watch my video on 5 elements on YouTube to understand more about it.

I will make another post on what these 5 types of Fan Tai Sui is about, but after reading this article, at least now you understand what Fan Tai Sui is, and how it can affect you. If you want your year to be smooth and you want your potentials to be utilized to the best possible ratios, then you will for sure want to look into this subject and know about it more. Read on with our next article of "The 5 Major Types of Fan Tai Sui Issues".

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