Daai Law Jo Si 大羅祖師

Daai Law Jo Si 大羅祖師 (Saamlawnese: Daai Noh Ju Cia) is one of the most important gods in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar Jan 1st. This is an exclusive god of our lineage and is one of the nine main gods, which we call the Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真 (Yioh Fong Gew Jin). The energy colour of this god is golden yellow.

If you can “zoom out” from our world and go beyond all the galaxy and space, going to the most ancient dimension and world, you will see that our world is just one of the many worlds inside the Dei Law system of nature. Take two rice bowls and place them on the table with their bottom touching each other. The bowl on the bottom will cover up some space and fill the space with darkness; the top is like an exposed bowl. Take a ping pong ball or something that size and put it between the two bowls; now, you have built a mini model of the Saam Law system. The bottom is the Dei Law zone. The top is the Tin Law, and the ball is Daai Law. Together, they are called Saam Law; Saam is three laws or three systems.

Read up on Dei Law Jo Si and Tin Law Jo Si (read in order) to understand how the system of Saam Law works. In this post, we will introduce the Daai Law world, which we call Daai Law Tin and the god that represents this power, whom we call Daai Law Jo Si.

Daai Law world (Daai Law Tin) is what we call the ancient world or Taoist’s heaven; it is where all life begins. The purpose of living beings in the Daai Law world is to create new things for nature and be the master controller of nature. This zone is right in the center between the Tin Law and Dei Law systems; it is the heart of nature, responsible for controlling, making decisions and creating new elements. Every living being in the Daai Law world has gotten their Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body). Since they have been born in the Daai Law world system, their Yuen Sun will reside around this world like a “ring” of planets around the ball. From far away, the Daai Law world looks like a bright ball of light with sparkling golden white light, like a warm light with a glittering effect. The Yuen Sun(s) of the living beings are all parked around the ball like the ring of Saturn. This ring of Yuen Sun(s) is called Tin Yat Sun Fu 天一神府 (Tian Ya Sin Fu), which translates to “The god’s home of their preheaven connection.” The word Tin Yat here means Tin as in sky and Yat as in one, which means connection to the sky, and the sky is a metaphor for the “source” of life. The living beings in the Daai Law world are the gods.

“What do the gods do?” is a common question that people have when it comes to religion. It seems like the gods are just superior, but no one understands their role and life.

The gods in the Daai Law world have a unique life that is very different but similar to ours. They also have their world, society and interaction with people like businesses and families. Everyone is born like a baby; after a short period, they will mature and look like a middle age person in their 30s. After that, they will not age and get older in appearance; that’s how they will be even at 9524. They look like humans, and there are also animals and other living creatures. However, the main gods are human looking. They also have different skin colours like us, brown, yellow, white, etc. Living beings in this world do not age and die from aging; they never get “old” and die, which is why we say god has the life of eternity.  However, someone can kill you, crash your car and die in a collision, or get poisoned and fail to be rescued. There are many ways you can die besides aging. However, their average lifespan is way over that of ordinary humans. A few thousand years old is not surprising because they have good knowledge and development in health care, medicine and life-preserving skills.

While they are living such a long life, what they do is very simple: to find out their mission in life and accept the mission, then they will be doing something in that world that allows them to fulfil their obligation in nature. For example, you might be born with a mission to invent electronics. You will go through education and training, work for a company or build your own company to start making new electronic devices.

Everyone in this world has three sides to life. We have talked about it in the Daai Law Tin article. In short, they do not need to sleep but jump from one dimension to another; then they can continue their day with energy recharged. They never get “tired” because energy is used from one dimension and then flows to the next. It’s like an hourglass; when the top is empty, you go to the bottom, and there goes energy. With so much energy, they can keep working for nature, and their main goal is to discover, create and invent new things. As they keep creating new things in nature, they also create history. Every day of history is like a page of the book in nature. Once in a while, nature will swallow the pages and push them down into the Dei Law zone for all the worlds below to “role play” and carry out the history again in a different form.

Why do we have smartphones, airplanes or computers today? It’s all just the history of what happened in Daai Law Tin. As you might have heard, technology is great, but it also brings pollution and damage to nature. Every creation is like that in Daai Law Tin, so these gods are always creating and finding ways to troubleshoot and improve their creations, just like humans do every day. Whatever problem we face, eventually, there will be solutions from the above, from the gods in Daai Law Tin, because we will eventually get their “pages” of history.

Power of Creation

The power of Daai Law Jo Si is just like what Daai Law world is famous for, creation, invention, discovering new things, making things better and improving current elements, or even making changes to fix things when it goes wrong. Daai Law Jo Si is the golden yellow light, which empowers our hearts and gives us the power to create another page in life, to keep going and doing things we need to do. When we need courage and power to keep moving forward, we must embrace the Daai Law Jo Si’s power!

When we need creativity, ideas, or even troubleshooting and finding solutions, Daai Law Jo Si can always help us and make things easier. At the same time, we can also use Daai Law Jo Si’s power negatively to destroy someone’s heart power so they cannot keep doing what they are doing, such as a sorcerer harming you with their evil magic.

Creation is not always about inventing a new object. It can also be creating a new family, a new company, or anything that writes in the book of time in nature and creates history as a form of creation. It all costs the “money” of nature, time, heart and energy.

Harmony and Balance

As we have said, everything created will lead to problems, and troubles will be there, which means there is a need to troubleshoot and fix the problems. The Daai Law world is in the middle between the Tin Law and Dei Law; it shows you that to be the creator, one must know the way of harmony and balance in nature; when the positives and negatives are imbalanced, there will be troubles and hiccups.  The power of Daai Law Jo Si can also be used to bring harmony to situations and balance things out to make peace and solve problems. When you see arguments, fights, and disagreements or the breaking of friendships and relationships, you can also deploy Daai Law Jo Si’s power to fix the problem.

The Dragon Bloodline

In the Daai Law world, there is a special power in the world’s central core, which holds the most powerful energy of creation in nature. This is called the dragon essence. When there is a need to shoot things down into the worlds in the Dei Law zone, it can be done by this system, which allows the energy to be beamed down through the dragon essence and into the “sky pillar” Tin Chue 天柱 (Tian Chuo). The sky pillar is like a tunnel with many energy “wires” which connects everything in the Dei Law zone to the Tin Law world, where the root of the Yuen Sun(s) is. This whole system is called the dragon’s bloodline network, Sun Lung Huet Muck 神龍血脈 (Sin Nong Hioh Maai). This energy transmission network is a system that allows everything to be connected back to the root source no matter which world one has been reincarnated into.

Daai Law Jo Si has passed down the magical method of FU talismans, which allows us to submit a ticket of request and utilize this powerful energy network to withdraw the power from nature’s source of creative force. Once the “drop of dragon blood” is injected into a newly ordained disciple, they will have the connection with the lineage and be able to use these magical FU talismans to work with the power from the most ancient and raw state of nature, the Saam Law Tao’s power. This power allows the Taoist to change nature and summon special powers like Tin Law and Dei Law to work. For example, you can use the FU to capture an evil spirit and send them to the Dei Law prison.

Being ordained to become a Saam Law Taoist, the gods in Daai Law Tin that are looking over us will drop an essence to you, which we call the dragon’s blood. This essence is like the blue thing you drop into the toilet’s water tank. Once there, it will generate blue liquid when you flush the toilet. In this example, with the dragon’s blood, you will get the golden blood in your energy heart, then from then on, every magical power you exert will be golden like the Daai Law’s power. That is why the Saam Law gods and powers will listen to your spells and prayers when you say them because you are now part of the dragon’s bloodline and a true Taoist in the same family.

There are many hurdles in life, and we will need Daai Law Jo Si’s power to help us through them because human power is limited. For example, if the village is facing a virus which is killing many people in a short time, while the human is doing their best, sometimes we are still stuck and cannot find a solution to stop the threat. Daai Law Jo Si’s power can help to bring us solutions and help us handle the situation much better. There is a scripture for helping us go through hurdles and disasters too. If you have a friend or family member facing some hardship, you could also forward the magical powers to them by chanting the scripture. Remember that anything you face today is just a part of the Daai Law world’s history; they have already figured it out and got the solutions!  We need to embrace their power, and we would be able to discover the solutions quickly too!

The Golden Light

Our energy heart gives us feelings, generates emotions, and gives birth to courage, willpower and determination and such. Daai Law is the heart of nature; if our heart is weak, we can invoke the power of Daai Law Jo Si into our hearts, and we will be empowered!

Daai Law Jo Si’s power can save you from heart devils, evil minds, and anything wrong with the heart. As long as it is related to the heart, you can always use this power as medicine. At the same time, it can also give you protection and protect your heart from being harmed! Use the golden light spell from the purifying spell book, and the Daai Law golden light will be there for you!

Daai Law Jo Si is a powerful god who can help to empower you for creativity and courage and help you troubleshoot, solve problems or give birth to new ideas. You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this god in the Magic Foundation E-book!  There is also a scripture that deals with disasters and hurdles in life, which you can read. If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!