The Magic Power Flow

power flow

Understanding how magic power flows to you from the source is essential. In our sect, there's a system of five courts: the God’s Court, Celestial Court, Religious Court, Altar Court, and Heart Court. As a newbie, you'll primarily interact with the Heart Court, and possibly the Altar Court. Once you're ordained, you gain access to the much more powerful Religious Court.

Heart Court

The Heart Court is located in your energy body, as explained earlier. When you're initiated, a clone of our main god, Saam Law Jo Si, is placed inside your heart. Invoking the heart spell (HS0) calls upon this god for executing magic tasks. However, this god requires your cultivation to grow stronger. It's like a character in a game that you need to develop, not just leave idle.

Altar Court

Building an altar creates your Altar Court, a source of power outside yourself. It's crucial for times when you might be weak, sick, or under attack, as it remains unaffected by your personal state. It's akin to keeping a fire burning continuously, so you're not solely reliant on a lighter.

Religious Court

Religious Court

Ordained disciples have access to the Religious Court, a shared power source within the sect. It allows for using its power and even adding new elements to the system, like a communal server for fueling our magic. If your personal power is lacking, the Religious Court can compensate.

Disciples who advance to the Sun Lung Stage gain full access to the Religious Court, including its military powers for exorcism and magical battles. This level of power should be sufficient for handling most life situations.

Celestial Court

Celestial Court

Exceptionally dedicated disciples might be chosen for the Tin Ting Stage, associated with the Celestial Court. This stage offers access to the highest, purest energies and powerful magic capable of dealing with higher-level spiritual beings, even malevolent deities.

God’s Court

Should the Celestial Court's powers prove insufficient, the God’s Court, or Sun Ting, in our Taoist heaven – Daai Law Tin – is the ultimate resource. It's the domain of our celestial masters, providing overwhelming power to overcome any obstacle or evil. This court oversees and ensures the lineage's safety, intervening directly only when human solutions and powers are exhausted.