Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師

Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師 (Saamlawnese: Sin Nong Ju Cia) is one of the main gods in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar Jan 3rd. This is an exclusive god of our lineage and is one of the nine main gods, which we call the Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真 (Yioh Fong Gew Jin). The energy colour of this god is reddish-white, but sometimes it can change according to what the god is doing! You can imagine lightning bolts; that’s the best visual comparison to describe him! He is closely related to the other four main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law and Saam Law Jo Si. You should read up on these gods to better understand the background. Read them in the order above so that the story will make sense to you.

Sun Lung Jo Si translates to the godly dragon Jo Si. It refers to the dragon as in the dragon bloodline discussed in Daai Law Jo Si’s article. When the preheaven creation energy beams down from the center of Daai Law into the different worlds below inside the Dei Law system, it goes through a system that looks like the network cables in a server room, which runs down the sky pillar tunnel and into all the different worlds, giving everything in nature the power of life and creation. With this power, things will become alive and have the power of the heart, which means they can have feelings and the power to make decisions and create another page of history for nature to push the system to advance. This dragon is a metaphor for the inheriting process, passing on from top to bottom, through the same network, from the same source, and from generation to generation. This is also why we have chosen to be called Tin Yat Lineage and not a sect like most would. The lineage inherits and passes on the same dragon’s blood from the Daai Law world, like a family passing on their blood to the next generation. However, a sect is more like a group or organization that consist of different people who came together because they are all learning something similar.

Birth of the System

Sun Lung Jo Si, the god, come into contact with us after a few months following our ordination to become a Saam Law Taoist. As mentioned in the Saam Law Jo Si article, I also started like a newbie and had to learn from my teachers in Daai Law Tin daily, taking notes, listening to their lectures, and then practicing and reviewing etc. However, we faced a problem at that time: being disturbed and sometimes even attacked by the other evil gods in the middle of the communication. It’s as if the phone line was hacked, and something would jam in and interrupt or impersonate the teacher I was talking to. In the beginning, it was not easy to connect to the teacher in Daai Law Tin all the time because we were using our powers to beam the connection line upward, which is not protected, and it was like an exposed signal that beams through the different worlds to reach Daai Law Tin. To solve this problem, the teacher has granted us power and access to the Sun Lung network, which also gave birth to Sun Lung Jo Si.

The best way to explain this to you modernly is that it is similar to building a direct connection between two parties through the internet, using a private network instead of a public network that is exposed to anyone. Some radio channels are also reserved and blocked off from the public’s access because they are protected and reserved for military or government use only. That way, no one can jam in and cause trouble or steal information. The Sun Lung network is the system inside the sky pillar which allows a two-way transmission channel to be built between Daai Law Tin and us. This upgrade cut down the output from our body’s energy for beaming the connection upward for every communication session, so we were no longer exhausted at the end of the day. At the same time, it made the communication system much stabler and safer, with no more interruption and hackers jamming in. It was a huge change for us. Before this, we would get exhausted after the learning time because our bodies must output a lot to keep the communication channel open. Sometimes there will be evils jamming in to mess up our communication or steal our soul energy. We must learn but also beware of what is real and what is not and fight back those “hackers” midway. It was tough!  After this upgrade, our lineage got the Sun Lung Stage level, and that is also when I got upgraded to become a Sun Lung Stage disciple, which grants me access to this Sun Lung network system.

As I learned more about the Sun Lung network system, I also learned that we could use this system to safely and efficiently deliver our magic to other places without the risk of being hacked or interrupted by other external forces and worlds. For example, I could send magic to help someone by flying it through this network to the destination; it would be safe and quick. The Sun Lung network is like a postal network; it allows us to send things here and there safely and efficiently.

At first, this upgrade was mainly to make the communication channel safer for us.  After a while, we have learned more about it and how to “fly” magic around this world using the same network or even shooting magic to the different worlds to chase down the evils in magic battles. This is like having access to nature’s server system; we can now send things to different hard drives and devices! Distance magic is a big deal because it allows us to pass on the magic to our disciples and save more people by distance without the magic power being stolen or discounted midway through the “flight.”

Sun Lung Jo Si became the god responsible for this system, and if we needed to use the system, we would always request his help. Just like the postal system, it doesn’t do anything but allows many things to be done because of the system!

Passing to the Disciples

After learning about the Sun Lung network and having Sun Lung Jo Si in our lineage, we were authorized to accept disciples and officially ordain them as Saam Law Taoists because we can now request the dragon blood to be passed into the disciple through the Sun Lung network system. When a new disciple ordains, we will submit the request to Daai Law’s world and request the dragon blood to be injected into the disciple, and if the gods have agreed, then the ceremony will be done. After this was done for our disciples who stayed with us then, everyone could start cultivating the Saam Law magic together; it was a happy month with this upgrade. I was so relieved seeing my disciples being able to move on to the new system with us and not have to wait anymore. My teacher also instructed me to open the lineage for people to come in and let newbies be ordained, and that is when I started to promote on YouTube again.

Once a disciple is accepted into the lineage, they will start from Saam Law Stage and cultivate for a while. When ready, they will be offered to enter Sun Lung Stage to access the Sun Lung network system. The main difference is that after upgrading to the Sun Lung stage, they can also use the system to send magic by distance.

We have also learned about the Sun Toy 神胎, which translates to the spiritual embryo. By doing a series of coded body movements, we can create a ball of energy called the Sun Toy, like the “seed” that can create a god or carry the god’s power. It’s like a packet that can carry data in a computer or a folder that carries files!  If we want to send the magical power to someone, we cannot just splash it over by distance. We would need to create a Sun Toy to carry the magical power for flying the magic to the destination.  Imagine you need to send some pens to your friends who live in another country; you need a box to contain them for shipping too!

Every disciple would have a Sun Toy permanently parked around the sky pillar exit port to this world to help us connect and deliver the “packets” from Daai Law tin to us if there are any. We can also create a Sun Toy to send magic or deploy magic locally too. Sun Toy is a very useful thing in magic; I cannot say enough to thank my teacher for this magical teaching. This big Sun Toy parked near the Sky Pillar will get a name which we call the “god name” back then, and it was used in the heart spell to summon the Sun Toy to bring us the power we need.

If I did magic to seal the door of a house to repel and block off evils, it would work right away, but when I am gone, the power will also weaken and dissolve over time. If I used a Sun Toy to deliver the magic to the door, it would be like someone is staying there, which means the magic would still work even if I am gone from the location. Sun Toy is like a representative of you or the god. It can be generated repeatedly, and we have been taught to fire the Sun Toy into the altar daily as a basic cultivation.

Birth of Celestial Court

Sun Lung Stage was fun, and I was very excited about all the new things coming down from the Daai Law world. However, there is more! Upon examination and observation, my teacher approved me to be a real master in the lineage to spread the Tao, so he granted us another upgrade after a while, the Tin Ting Stage.

Tin Ting 天庭 is the celestial court. The teachers in the Daai Law world have gotten us a good start, and we have matured to a certain stage that we can take care of our disciples with our own hands. Therefore, the teachers created a celestial court, which serves as a station that parks at the sky pillar’s exit to our world, just like where that big Sun Toy is. Instead of having all that Sun Toy(s) from the disciples directly going up and down the sky pillar and getting the Daai Law world transmissions, the whole lineage structure and operation have changed. The celestial court represents the Daai Law’s headquarters, where all our teachers and gods are. If the Daai Law world needs to send us anything, they will send them down to the court, and we would only need to communicate with the court for receiving or sending anything to the Daai Law or Sun Lung network. It simplifies the whole flow, and the Daai Law side will not have to interfere directly with all the new disciples because I will be handling the job from then on.

When a new disciple ordains, I will get the dragon’s blood from the celestial court, and they would be registered to the celestial court. If they are granted new powers, it would all be done in court by the gods who work there. That cuts down the work for the teachers in the Daai Law world. From then on, there will only be three people in the lineage that have a direct connection and communication to the Daai Law world, and that is our top disciple Yee Sifu in Hong Kong, Gum Sifu, and I. The teachers in the Daai Law world will keep their direct teachings for us and focus their energy and time on us while we do our part to manage the people in this world and teach them what we have learned and processed. After this change, the lineage has gotten a lot more systematic and organized.

From then on, the court that is in the Daai Law world is called Sun Ting 神庭, and the court that is near our human world is called the Tin Ting 天庭. It also gave birth to the Sun Ting Stage in our lineage, which is for those who would have a direct connection and care from the Sun Ting's side. At that time, it was just the three mentioned above.

Sun Lung Jo Si Power

The god Sun Lung Jo Si remains one of the nine main gods of the lineage, and it is always the god to go for when we need to send magic by distance or empower the connection between the court and us. It’s like a postal system allowing us to send things here and there without interruption or hacking.

Sun Lung Jo Si is a powerful god who can help us in distance magic, empower us for channelling to the gods, and supercharge our altar for special sessions when we need to invoke the gods into the altar. Start learning his scripture of the golden pill to get started!  You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this god in the Magic Foundation E-book!  If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!