Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師

Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師; Saamlawnese: Sin Nong Ju Cia, is a unique deity in Saam Law Taoism. His anniversary is celebrated on the lunar January 3rd. As the god of magic transmission and delivery, he plays a very important role for all magic that needs to be done by distance.

Who Needs this God?

There are times when someone needs our help, but physical distance poses a barrier. In such instances, Sun Lung Jo Si is the deity we turn to. He bridges the gap, allowing us to connect and transmit our magical powers over vast distances. For our disciples who find themselves in urgent situations and require an extra surge of power, invoking Sun Lung Jo Si brings the much-needed boost from the Religious court.

The God's Power

Sun Lung Jo Si possesses the unique ability to traverse any world, dimension, or place. His power is crucial in delivering our magic from one location to another instantaneously, safeguarding it from negative forces, and overcoming the natural barriers that separate different worlds and dimensions. He is also responsible for transmitting magical powers from our sect to all disciples, ensuring each one receives their share of magic, regardless of their physical location.

A True Story

I recall a client who was under attack by evil spirits. Plagued by harassment at night, and with it being too late to order a FU from our website, he reached out for help. I immediately employed my magic at a distance, channeling Sun Lung Jo Si’s power. Instantly, the evil was vanquished. The client described it as if someone had flipped a switch, transforming the environment from darkness to light in a moment. The chaos ceased, and normalcy was restored, all thanks to the intervention of Sun Lung Jo Si.

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