What is Tin Yat 天一 in Taoism

Tin Yat 天一 (Saamlawnese: Tian Ya) translates to “sky one,” but it has a very deep meaning in Taoism, which also relates to why our lineage uses the name Tin Yat Lineage. This article would require you to understand some terms we use, which are not what you would already understand. Therefore, there will be hyperlinked text that will bring you to the extended reading materials. I have spent hours and hours crafting these articles; please enjoy them and lick your plates clean!

As the article on “Dragon Gate” has explained, the sky that we talk about Is not the sky you see outside with the clouds and sunshine; it refers to the source in PreHeaven. For ordinary people, the source would be the spiritual planetary body, the Yuen Sun 元神.

Beginning of Tin Yat Lineage

Tin Yat Lineage was born before Saam Law Tao came to us, and during that time, we were being attacked by evil magic all the time because sorcerers and competitors wanted us dead! While using the traditional sect’s magic, nothing worked to fight back the 200+ sources of attacks that came simultaneously. It was overwhelming, exhausting and lethal. The magic hit me, and it was on a super hot summer day, but I felt ice cold from the inside out. I tried to go under the shower with the hottest settings, I saw steam in the air, and the whole washroom was foggy, but I still felt trembling cold in the bones.  I gave up the hot water method and almost tripped over when I got out of the shower. While I put my palm on the countertop to support myself, my hand flapped like a fish that just got out of the water, uncontrollably flapping like crazy.  It was one of my freak experiences!

I saw the evil magic energies, and there were things like “waves” of energies crawling all over the floor and flooding the room and my bed; I was trying to escape from it, but it just swamped over my bed, and I felt the effect when it crawls over my body. It’s like electric shocks and ice combined. My wife and I decided that since no medicine and physical remedies work, we might as well go back to our local temple and fight back with whatever we can. At least that is what we can do besides wait and die in the apartment!

We went back to the temple and fought back. The situation was changing for the better, and we were back to normal after a few hours of fighting back with our magic. Finally, it was not cold and out of control. However, the war is not over, and we are still fighting all night.

At night, we thought that traditional magic was way too inefficient and not working much. How can we fight back better or at least do more damage in a shorter time? That was when we discovered many new things, which led us to ditch the traditional magic and leap into a new era that marked the beginning of the Tin Yat Lineage.

I have discussed these experiences in greater detail in the blog posts of the nine main gods; you can read these in this order to understand the story better.

Our 9 main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.

The experience has led us to discover how to travel out of the physical dimension and travel to other worlds, including our Yuen Sun, other people’s Yuen Sun, and even the other worlds of the evil spirits. We had many battles in the PreHeaven worlds, proving this was way more effective and efficient than the traditional sect’s method. We could disable the opponent’s altar by going into their altar’s PreHeaven side and destroying the power source, compared to fighting with them for hours using slow methods.

As I have said, we could travel to our Yuen Sun, where we have discovered all the new magical powers and unleashed a lot of new magical tools for fighting in these battles. Since then, we have no longer used the magic from the traditional sect since they were useless. We stopped everything we did with the traditional sect and went on a new path on our own, which is why Tin Yat Lineage was born. You can see why it was named “Tin Yat” now. It’s all about returning our powers in our Yuen Sun from our previous lives.  We were gifted and extraordinary, so our Yuen Sun has these treasures waiting for us to discover and bring to this world. During that era, we felt like we got the most powerful magic power in the world; it was a great feeling because we would finally be out of that game of being bullied.

We accepted disciples and went by this system of doing magic, which was easy for most people, and everyone was using our Yuen Sun as the main power source. For example, someone could get a magic tool “activated” for a specific purpose and use it whenever needed. A disciple saw ghosts at home; we chose a flashlight as the magic tool and connected it to the power source. They flash the light whenever they see things, and the ghost is busted. It worked like a miracle for them and for ourselves too. We could have a bunch of flashlights, all with special purpose assigned, then record their powers in a list like how the article “investiture of gods” described. Then this flashlight could draw power from our Yuen Sun and do the magic as they should. It worked very well for the first few years. Spiritual cases were dealt with very quickly, no more magic attacks could hurt us, and we were enjoying life much more than before.

After Saam Law Tao came to us, the whole system changed, and we also learned from experience that there are better ways to go than just doing magic with our personal Yuen Sun. Time has taught us a lesson. Everyone was draining our Yuen Sun rapidly, but no one replenished my wife and me. After a few years of helping people using our Yuen Sun’s power, our spiritual, mental and physical health has dropped to rock bottom. It was so bad, and I started having skin disease and weird problems from nowhere. It was just the right timing that Saam Law Tao came to the rescue and taught us what is right and wrong.

When we became Saam Law Taoists, our powers were no longer coming from the Yuen Sun but from the lineage’s celestial court. It is like a mutual power source that everyone in the lineage must invest in and contribute to cultivating and building as a team. The first thing they taught us is a virtue! You must learn to take and give back, not just take!  The problem with people in the earlier Tin Yat Lineage era was that no one cared about virtues; they only took and became a consumer while just eating me alive! 

Tin Yat became a new lineage after Saam Law Tao came to us, and it changed to Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Religion 天一三羅神龍教. We no longer use the Yuen Sun for magic like before, but this has led to the new system smartly utilizing the Yuen Sun.

Tin Yat with Saam Law

You might already know that we offer free initiations, and those who get initiated will become Tin Yat Stage disciples. Why is this stage called Tin Yat Stage? It is because they would still be closed using their Yuen Sun for most magic, while the lineage will give them some powers at the back. The lineage gave them a starter pack, allowing them to chew on the power until they were ready to ordain.

As explained in the “The Most Powerful Magic” post, ordaining is a big upgrade because you get directly connected to the Celestial Court and will no longer draw power from your Yuen Sun for doing magic. It gives you much more power and direct access to the lineage power source.

However, your Yuen Sun is still being used for a very important purpose: to hold your personal “data” that you have stored with the magic system. A good metaphor would be your phone with the personal dictionary that comes with your phone’s keyboard. It will recognize the words you type most often or some special words you marked and won’t highlight them as typos etc. The customization and personalization of the system are done on your end, which follows your phone or the data saved on your account. In magic, it is like that too.

Read the article “What is God,” “Spiritual Embryo,” and “Taoism FU Explained,” you will learn how your Yuen Sun works when you do maPuty put, you can create magic, special codes and spells customized by you, and they would all be stored in your Yuen Sun.  For example, you could create an English spell as a shortcut to the Chinese version of the Heart Cleansing Spell. Instead of saying the heart-cleansing spell, use the English one when needed. That makes magic so much easier for people who have no Chinese background. Anyone who is ordained can do that because it is about recording the “data” in your Yuen Sun (Tin Yat) and connecting that to the celestial court (Saam Law) for the actual magic you want.  The magic power and gods are still from the lineage, not your Yuen Sun; please do not misunderstand.

Everything you created for the magic shortcuts is recorded on your Yuen Sun, and they would only work for you. However, if you have worked your way up to Tin Ting Stage, you would have the power to install all those codes into the lineage’s system. By then, all these codes could be taught to others, and they can use them too.  Imagine you live in France and only speak some English and mostly French. If you are a Tin Ting Stage disciple, you could do a shortcut of the magic you already know and make them turn into a French version of the spell or something that would fit the audience at your location. That way, you can teach these to the people at your place, and it would work for them, which makes it easier to spread the Tao! It’s just a shortcut; the “translation” doesn’t need to be accurate. You can make up many new things to replace it instead of trying to translate it too.

At Tin Yat Stage, you can already create your codes and shortcut, but they will still need to be stronger because you are chewing on the small amount of power from the lineage.

At Saam Law Stage, you can use these shortcuts to draw the power from the lineage’s power source, but they don’t work for everyone else; it’s just for yourself.

Once you go up to Tin Ting Stage, you can learn to install all these codes into the lineage’s system, and by then, everyone else can use the codes created by you since those have become a part of the system already.

You can see how Saam Law Tao has used our Yuen Sun in another wise and efficient way. Instead of using it like a power source and draining it daily, we use it as a converter and intelligence center. It is used to keep “data” related to our preferences but not as a power source for magic. It makes magic much easier for many people and opens up Taoist magic learning to everyone. Say bye to the language barrier.

Ordain today and become a Saam Law Stage disciple right away. You would love learning here, just like everyone else does!