It is 癸卯 Year of the BLACK RABBIT!

We have special products in our store for CNY's Ceremony and FU Talismans! Also check out the most beloved "CMG" Series!

Fan Tai Sui

Rabbit 值太歳, Rat 刑太歳, Dragon 害太歳, Chicken 沖太歳, Horse 破太歳... read more

Fortune of the Year

This year is a year of learning and preparing, setting goals and getting ready for the future adventure. The preheaven energies are quiet and subtle, with little help from nature, as if your big boss is sleeping and not checking up on you. However, it is time for you to use this time to make up for what you have been behind on!  This year’s spiritual energy is active and energized, pushing us to focus and find our “targets” in life. We should set plans and, learn from our mistakes, do better in the coming year with all the plans and adjustments we will set this year.

Saam Law Taoist Magic

Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師 is our main god, which we call our Tao 道 (the source of power). He is the creator before the Saam Ching (Three Pure Ones), and he transforms into countless forms to give us different kinds of help. He holds the ultimate preheaven creation powers, which can create or change reality, overpower the most powerful sorcery, or exterminate any evil. This magical power is what we use with our Taoist magic, such as our famous FU talismans.

We offer Taoist magic ceremonies, FU Talismans, and teachings to anyone who needs help or wants to learn this powerful art. Become a Taoist today and help more people around you!

Exclusive Handcrafted Taoism FU

FU Talismans at Tin Yat Dragon is handcrafted by Jee Sifu and sanctified at the altar. All these FUs undergo their ceremony, making them powerful and effective. Do not mistake these with the FU(s) sold elsewhere for a low price because those are mostly just printed FU(s) with no magic done on them whatsoever. It’s like buying paper with some pictures on it only. You are not buying paper; you are making offerings to the gods to request their help. You can shop for the FU you need or have us customize the FU for you according to your specific need. Please e-mail us to inquire.

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