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Welcome to Tin Yat Dragon!


We are specialized in this Ancient Chinese Magic named "Saam Law Sun Gung" (三羅神功) which can help you improve life in many ways. Try our talismans (FU) to feel the magical power! We also offers teachings for those who want to also ordain and learn to experience this powerful ancient Chinese magic.

We offers talismans for everyone, and for those who thinks that a talisman or two might not solve the problem, we also offers distance ceremonies and other things for solve any kinds of spiritual problems, such as possessions, curses, haunted house, spiritual attacks, and anything that you might encounter but cannot be solved by any physical or spiritual methods... we have got your back!  Just contact us and tell us your case, we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are experts in dealing with any spiritual problems, no matter howe crazy your case is, and no matter how lethal that curse is, we will fix it up for you!

If you are those who bump into the site and wanted to learn the Chinese magic of Saam Law Sun Gung for real, ordain into our lineage and start learning today!  Learn about the requirements to start learning magic!  If you just wnat to know more and get more information first, feel free to go to our YouTube channel and watch our Jee Si-Gung in action!  There are tons of lectures and talk shows there that will clarify most of your questions for you! 

Those who want to learn Saam Law Sun Gung, let me tell you the essence to success in learning.  You don't need to be a Chinese or know Chinese (because we will teach you), and the only and best advice to really be able to learn it for real is "just do it"!  Don't think, don't plan so much, don't read on and on before you move. It's just like learning how to swim, jump into the water and let the master guide you to swim, don't do all that video research, books reading, etc, it's all a waste of time. Dig in and do it, don't think, and you will for sure "get it" without any issues.

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