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Taoist Magic Against Sickness and Viruses like COVID

The COVID and variants have been haunting us for a long time already, it is time to fight back. You have got a mask, you got your sanitizers, you even got your vaccine, but you can still get hit just like those doctors who died earlier when saving lives in the hospital. Taoist Magic is just like another layer of protection, like your mask, and you can never say no to MORE protection to add more RESISTANCE to the sickness energy and virus. Do not hesitate, it is FREE to get this protection on yourself today, click to read more about our gift to every believer of Taoism in the world.


Protection Against COVID and Sickness

Learn about how Taoist magic can protect you from all sorts of sickness, including Covid-19!

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Protect Yourself!

Recite this spell with palm together at chest to connect and channel in the power of our God, Saam Law Jo Si!  Then raise the praying palm to forehead level to pray for help. Bow 3 times and stomp the left foot 3 times, right foot 3 times!

Saam Noh Ju Cia Jaai Chia Daai Hen Wei Nieng, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng Chia Chia Nieng


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