Exclusive Handcrafted Taoism FU

FU Talismans at Tin Yat Dragon is handcrafted by Jee Sifu and sanctified at the altar. All these FUs undergo their ceremony, making them powerful and effective. Do not mistake these with the FU(s) sold elsewhere for a low price because those are mostly just printed FU(s) with no magic done on them whatsoever. It’s like buying paper with some pictures on it only. You are not buying paper; you are making offerings to the gods to request their help. You can shop for the FU you need or have us customize the FU for you according to your specific need. Please e-mail us to inquire.

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About Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

Tin Yat Dragon is an online Taoist temple. We help anyone in need with our Taoist magic and services, such as distance diagnosis for spiritual cases, ceremonies, FU talismans, consultations and divinations. We also accept disciples online and teach Taoist magic. Jee Sifu is active on YouTube, TikTok, blogs, Amazon bookstore and other platforms, constantly releasing content for the public and disciples to spread the Tao to more people.  


We strongly encourage you to learn the Taoist magic of 三羅天師道 Saam Law Tin Si Tao here and use the power to help more people around you. The world is very advanced in technology today but behind in spiritual awareness. What you can learn in school has nothing to do with your mental health, and you can see how many people are mentally wrecked in their college years. Many people choose to do some exercise for a temporary escape from their mental stress, but it always comes back to haunt them in another way afterward. Without understanding life properly, one will never get rid of this suffering. Embrace the teachings of Saam Law Tao; life will become much happier and healthier. Ordain today to become a Taoist and start learning!