Always be Protected

See how Taoists can protect themselves from the coronavirus. Learn it yourself today and become stronger!

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Magic for COVID19

We can use Taoist magic to protect ourselves and shield off the potential of being contaminated by the virus.  Carry a FU, use the FU for bathing, and even tape a FU at home to help you stay safe!


Protect Yourself!

Recite this spell with palm together at chest to connect and channel in the power of our God, Saam Law Jo Si!  Then raise the praying palm to forehead level to pray for help. Bow 3 times and stomp the left foot 3 times, right foot 3 times! - "Saam Law Jo Si Joi Chee Dai Heen Wai Ling, Gup Gup Yue Lut Ling Chik Chik Ling (三羅祖師在此大顯威靈,急急如律令勅勅令)"

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Being a Taoist is like finding a dream job and a dream company to work for. A lot of fortune lies ahead, waiting for you to discover them.

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