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We have been around for a long time and have been publishing videos on YouTube since 2009! Locally, we started our Taoist temple in 2004, then moved online in 2016, providing Taoism and Taoist magic teachings and service to more people worldwide! Our goal is to help the Tao to shine the light on everywhere that needs help! Now we are offering free initiations to open this door for everyone!

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Protection Against COVID and Sickness

Learn about how Taoist magic can protect you from all sorts of sickness, including Covid-19!

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2022 Year of Tiger Fan Tai Sui 犯太歳

Tiger 犯太歳, Monkey 沖太歳, Snake 刑太歳+害太歳, Pig 破太歳,
anyone on the list, make sure you get your Fan Tai Sui FU for the year to counter the obstructive forces and smoothen out your luck!



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