Understanding Your Energy Body

This is a crucial lesson, so I've made sure it's available on our website for all believers and disciples. With today's technology, we can create visuals that help you understand concepts that might be invisible to the naked eye. I, Jee Sifu, have cultivated my abilities to a level where I can perceive different dimensions and visuals, and I'm here to share these insights with you.

The Three Main Dimensions

In our sect, we speak of nine main dimensions, but three of these – dimensions 1, 6, and 8 – are particularly significant because they contain essential elements of our existence. They're like overlapping layers, each interacting with the others, much like how the movement of our body affects our internal organs.

Dimension 1 (D1) – The Energy Body

In D1, you'll find the energy body, or Faat Sun 法身. Picture it as a glowing orb with an hourglass structure inside, dividing it into the "Sky System" and the "Ground System," with the "Heart System" in between. This heart is what gives us feelings and keeps us alive. The top of this energy body is the entrance (positive) and the bottom is the exit (negative). It resembles an electromagnetic field diagram, but it's not exactly that. This energy body can't be seen with the naked eyes or detected by physical instruments, but it's visible through celestial vision. The reference diagram I provided simplifies this for understanding, but the actual energy body is much more radiant, like a bright glowing sphere.

energy body

Dimension 6 (D6) – The Soul Body

In D6 lies your soul body, or Ling Sun 靈身. It's like a formless energy, resembling smoke or waves. As humans living in D8, our soul bodies in D6 don't have a fixed form. But in D6, beings can choose their appearance, much like changing a profile picture online. While appearances can vary, most beings in D6 tend to stick to a form that represents their identity.


Dimension 8 (D8) – The Physical Body

D8 hosts your physical body, the one you see and interact with every day. This body manifests the powers from within to the outside world. When you use magic, it's this physical body that channels the energy from the heart and out into the surrounding space.


In summary, D1, D6, and D8 house our three main bodies: the energy/magic body, the soul body, and the physical flesh body. They work in unison, with the flesh body's movements influencing the others.

How These Dimensions Interact

The heart in the energy body feels emotions, the soul then processes these feelings into thoughts, and the physical body acts upon them. Sometimes, excessive pondering can delay our physical actions. Other times, acting solely on feelings can lead to hasty decisions. There are moments when we need to let the energy body and heart lead, bypassing the soul. Like when I'm typing rapidly, my heart takes control, and my fingers move almost instinctively, entering a 'god mode' where thoughts are unnecessary.

Magic power resides in the heart. To effectively use magic, we need to prevent overthinking, as the soul's involvement can hinder the magic from manifesting. This understanding of our energy bodies is key to mastering both our daily lives and our magical abilities.

Next, read on and learn about the macrocosmic bodies and how the magic power flows to you!