The Dirtiest Taoist Magic Curse

This is not a joke; this article will be funny yet educational because we are going to talk about Taoist wisdom which explains the metaphysics of how the human body shows us what is going on in the Preheaven dimensions of our system while our physical body is doing something that we all overlooked. After learning this amazing knowledge, you can also do magic with these methods by using the power from your powers, the Yuen Sun. It’s a natural way we do magic without realizing it. Once you have learned from this lesson, you can control the powers and direct them to where they should as you wish.

A few articles you might want to read to get some background on the special terms we use: “Preheaven,” “Yuen Sun,” “Souls and Spirits,” “Why We Dream,” “Memory,” and “Secret of the Moon,” These articles will have content that helps you put the puzzle pieces together.

Local Body and PreHeaven

Your physical body can be used to command the Preheaven energies from your energy body and also to remote-control the whole system, which includes the Yuen Sun, your ghost altar, and so on. The physical body is powerful, yet you do not have the power to “use” it fully because you have no idea how it works, and no one has yet opened the secret to you. The key to making this happen is the wisdom and knowledge that opens you up to know how the whole system works, and then you can do what we call “Reverse controlling” yourself.

We are the slave, and the PreHeaven element is the master. Our energy body is in the Preheaven; it controls our physical body. The Yuen Sun is more PreHeaven than our energy body. Hence it can control it too. Once you become the “master,” you can control it and make these elements do what you want, as explained in the “Qi Gong” post. By doing so, we can use the physical body to do “magic” with our PreHeaven energy bodies or Yuen Sun and command them to push energy and power out to other places and not just our body, such as beaming the power on your enemy or friends, to help or harm.

The Dirty Work

When we pee, poop or fart, our two exits are doing things with the physical body; what does it relate to in terms of metaphysics and how it links to the PreHeaven side?

The center meridian, as explained in the “Dragon Energy” post, runs down the center of our body, which shows the connection from the Yuen Sun to the ghost altar, which is the home of your soul. The ghost altar is near the atmosphere level of our world here, where people shoot their satellites. When you pee or poop naturally, it is often a sign of what is happening in that meridian, and your ghost altar releases goods for the physical world.

When we pee, that is when water comes out from the front, which is where the meridian goes downward, and this meridian is called the Yum Muck 任脈 (Yim Maai) because it is the meridian that flows from the Yuen Sun and down, like the boss giving a mission, assigning a task, etc. When the essence from the Yuen Sun delivers to the ghost altar and the ghost altar wants to “rain” down to the physical world, you would want to pee.

If you were our disciple, you would also know about the “rain ghost” symbol; the rain-ghost symbol is like this situation, just that the symbol is talking about the celestial court as the source and not your Yuen Sun. Same concept; something is coming down the ghost altar from a Preheaven source and raining down to the world below. Rain-cloud is when you feel to pee, then ghost-leg is when you pee and rain it down to the postheaven world below. If you put rain and ghost together, it’s then a linked action, like having the urge to pee while peeing.

When we pee, we often say we will do our “small business” (小便) like you deliver the goodies from the ghost altar above to this world.

When we naturally want to poop, it is produced by the system and pushed out to the back door, exiting our body, it is the location where the center meridian goes back upward to the Yuen Sun, which goes to our “back” (the Preheaven), and hence this meridian is called the Doke Muck 督脈 (Du Maai) which means the meridian for being seen again. What is seeing the good? The Yuen Sun is above, meaning it will see “light” again from above. When you poop, it is the time when things exit this world and goes back to the ghost altar, and later will be pushed back up into the Yuen Sun. If you have trouble pooping once a day, you must have an issue in that route, which translates to your Yuen Sun being unable to get your goods for the day, and it leads to the next day having a lack of dragon energy. Hence you will feel “weaker” because you don’t have tomorrow’s goods from the source.

These two meridians are the same thing as what traditional Chinese medicine talks about, just that most people misunderstood them to be like something “physically” relocatable inside the body or on the body, yet it is not. It’s only that the body is a representative that can show you the route’s mapping like a remote control has the map for the channels. The actual channel is invisible and only possible to be touched if you know what it is because your intention is what makes the actual contact, not the physical medium. That is also why many acupuncture doesn’t work for modern doctors because they don’t even know what they are doing anymore. I am very grateful to our teachers from Daai Law Tin and our god Celestial Medic Deity for revealing the truth to us and bringing us the truth again so everyone can learn about it and benefit from this great wisdom in nature’s treasure box. Once we know the routing and how the measure the body, no one even needs to memorize the acupuncture points diagram anymore because it’s all “logical” to you already; since you know how the body works and what everything means, you can “find” the spot that corresponds to what you want to deal with.

When we fart, it’s not tangible being pushed back to the ghost altar side, but just some “chi” or energy. When we do an exorcism for people, they often fart a lot afterward because that’s a sign their body is telling them that, at this time, they have a lot of “energy” going out of their physical body and back into the ghost altar to be recycled, which is the evil stuff inside them. These “chi” won’t go back to the Yuen Sun because they are D6 property; they will go back into the Yiou Miong 幽冥 zone, as we have explained in the moon article, the “ghost world” zone. If you have a ghost inside you and we exorcised it, it goes back to that zone to have the case closed! Farting is not something to be embarrassed about; it just means something is returning to your ghost altar and staying there, which could be a good thing. After you have thrown away some things you loved or used a lot, the energy gets released from the objects and goes back to your ghost altar; then you will fart too. It’s normal.

Magic Pee and Poop

Now that you have learned the wisdom, you can reverse engineer and use these pee and poop or even fart to do magic because your intention can direct the energy to a different place. For example, you can have the feeling to pee, which means your ghost altar has gotten some goods from the Yuen Sun and is about to rain down into the local world. Instead of raining it onto yourself, you can rain it on other people instead. For example, you can be peeing on your boss’s head. It brings them some preheaven energies, which can become anything depending on your intention. Things coming down from above will go into your head and affect your vision, then the heart, which is your feeling and then your soul for thinking, then action for physical execution. When you pee on your boss, you can think of what you want him to “think” or “see,” as in he can see the need to give you a promotion, or he can see that he has to keep you and not fire you etc. Not to freak you out too much, but this magic is legit and working right away after you have learned it, and this is the way to do GONG TAU 降頭 naturally, which means you are raining down that package of Yuen Sun’s goods into their energy body from the above, which goes in and give them a change or influence in vision, thoughts and feeling, etc.

The word GONG TAU means “falling from above the head.” It precisely describes what is going on. It’s not scary; you can defend against it easily if you know what you are doing.

Some people figured it out and used the trick in gambling, especially playing multiplayer games like poker. They would go to the washroom and pee on their opponent to change or destroy their vision so they would lose because of the bad vision and decisions. Oh yes, this is legit, and it works, as long as you know what is going on and have faith in what you are doing, meaning that you believe it truly. If you joke around and don’t know what is happening, it won’t work because your intention is wrong, and your faith is powerless.

How to counter this natural “gong tau”? Wear a hat. If you wear a hat to block the top entrance, it will help you deflect the energies coming in, yet you must know what you are blocking and cannot just wear a hat without knowing what you want to do with it. A white hat or red hat would do the job to bounce it back to them, a yellow hat would help to resist, and green, black, and dark colours would not be good for this. These colours relate to the metaphysics codes corresponding to nature’s language and energy colours.

Using poop can push something back to preheaven into the Yuen Sun, but what if you push it back to someone else’s Yuen Sun!  Then you are giving their Yuen Sun something, which becomes their future. If you are thinking of your enemy while pooping, you are destroying their future because you can command the energies to fire at their Yuen Sun from the ghost altar, and that’s like attacking their life’s source!  Villains love to sit on the toilet and poop while fantasizing about how they want their enemy to crash and collapse later, which is already a form of magic. However, since they don’t know what they are doing, it’s just an act done because it was already happening and not a form of “magic.”  Magic requires you to know what you are doing and do it for the intention of your heart.

Poop can be good, too; like we say, “good shit.” If you poop while thinking of your children and how they will be successful, you give their Yuen Sun some “good shit,” which is a good practice. Because you are putting things into the Yuen Sun for them, you are accumulating fortune by putting it into their life source; it is a form of 積福 (Jia Fu), which means accumulating a fortune in the preheaven.  If you have bad intentions and thoughts, the fortune becomes a disaster for them in the future, which turns the fortune into misfortune!

Upgrading Your Magic

When you face anything in life that you need to urgently pump help from the ghost altar into this world, like you need “help,” you can always scream, “shh shh shh!” three times. The word is said with the tongue touching the bottom, pressing downward. You are commanding the “pee” to happen by using this preheaven sound, just like we explained in the article “Saamlawnese.”

When you face good things and want to return the idea to the Yuen Sun to accumulate a fortune, you can always say, “UM~AH!” which commands the energy to do the “poop” action. You might also feel a sensation of release at the back too!

That is why some words are “curse words.” Imagine you see someone you hate and say “fuck you” to them. That is like the “pee” action (with the same exit in the front). You say, “oh shit!” when you see something bad happen because you want this to go back to preheaven and don’t want it to keep happening. Curse words are only curses when you use them right and on people for an intention.

For example, if you have a person you hate, and you have the intention of cursing them to make something bad happen, and you scream “fuck you!” three times, then you are doing GONG TAU on them already. It would immediately rain down power into their energy body.

How to defend that situation when someone uses this curse on you? You scream, “HEY! HEY! HEY! BACK TO YOU!” the 3x HEY is a magic word; the tongue must touch the top of the mouth, so you are telling the energy body to push power to the top and resist that power coming in and bounce it back on them. While you say it, you can stomp your right foot to exert even more power.

Cursing is NOT Free

You might now be so happy because you can curse or help people like you have unlimited magic power. Wrong. It comes with a cost. People who always say these words are dumping their Yuen Sun and fortune everywhere to other people instead of themselves. It’s just a way to spray your wealth into useless places because you keep using it on others, not yourself. It will destroy your future. That is why we naturally teach kids not to swear because it is a “bad’ practice if you do it all the time as a “habit” or “funny thing.” Swearing is fine as long as you have to do it and need to use that method, but it’s not something like you have unlimited power. The more you use these resources on other people, the less you get from your Yuen Sun, and your life worsens.

For Taoists, we can do the same thing by using another source and not our Yuen Sun. We use the powers from the celestial court and deploy them anywhere that needs them. This source is always cultivated like a farm we keep growing together in the lineage, and it will not affect our life source. Don't get me wrong; we don’t need to use the pee and poop for magic. We can tell the energy to do the same action by using a symbol like what we mentioned above and using FU talismans and tickets to tell the gods what to do. Just like you can “say” curse words instead of peeing or pooping, it works the same way because the energies understand what you mean.

Bonus cursing lesson – “What the F” can be used when deflecting an F-bomb. It means you do not want it, which works too, but the hat is a physical magic tool which can do a better job and is often stronger as you use it all the time.

By default, we are being driven and fed by the Preheaven side because that’s how it should be. The Yuen Sun feeds the ghost altar, and the ghost altar beams to the local body, which goes into the heart, soul, and physical body. This flow is not going to change, and so a lot of the time, we are only “acting” what the Preheaven has told us to do, and that is why we always act based on feeling and seldom “control” ourselves to say what we want to do and force our Yuen Sun to do something with us.

People cursing you “go to hell” is the same as poop because hell refers to the place “in the ghost world,” which relates to the same route and idea. You can deflect with “what the hell,” too. The “hey” word pushes upward, which deflects the F-bomb. For the “go to hell” attack, you can use “NO!” 1x or 3x in front with the tongue pressing downward gives the resistance power downward and rejects it going into your ghost altar. Most people say it naturally, and it doesn’t work as magic yet. When you know what it is doing, then it becomes a real curse word.

However, keep your life resources to yourself; pee and poop naturally, which reserves all the benefit to yourself, and don’t waste it on people by cursing them. If you HAVE to curse, use the Taoist’s source, the celestial court, which is the smart way that doesn’t damage your life! Taoists are wise, so we don’t curse people the ordinary way, but we could if we wanted to.

Ordain today to learn more and, most importantly, know that this is not the strongest way to do magic. Once you become a Taoist, you can access the stronger and more cultivated powers, which allows you to do much more and to defend against all this “magic” that is going on daily while your enemies or villains are dumping stuff on you.