Getting Started

FREE Initiation
  • Symbolic Offering
  • Become a disciple of Tin Yat Lineage (Tin Yat Stage)
  • 1 Heart Spell, can do simple magic
  • Zero commitment
  • No direct learning (LINE)
  • Can move on to plan A or B anytime to upgrade your experience.

Subscription Based

  • First month $146 CAD
  • After first month, $38 CAD monthly
  • Flexible: cancel, pause or re-sub anytime.
  • Once paused, you are demoted to Tin Yat Stage with 2 heart spells deactivated. You can re-sub anytime and reactivate everything.
  • Full features of ordain, nothing is excluded.
  • Access to LINE chatroom for direct learning
  • Great for those who want to try the full-version before fully committing to a religious path.
  • You can choose to pay for PLAN B anytime and which your plan.
  • Cannot request to go Sun Lung Stage

One-time Payment

  • One-time lifetime payment $438.38
  • Full features of ordain, nothing is excluded.
  • Become a lifetime Taoist+disciple
  • Can withdraw upon request
  • Great for those who are faithful and determined already.
  • Access to LINE chatroom for direct learning
  • Can request to go up to Sun Lung Stage

Why Ordain

Ordain 皈依 to become a Saam Law Taoist. This gets you into the second stage of our system, Saam Law Stage. You become a disciple of the sect, Tin Yat Lineage, and also a Taoist of Saam Law Tao. By ordaining, it already includes the initiation process in the first stage (Tin Yat Stage). After ordaining, you will have direct access to our LINE chatroom for an immersive direct learning experience.

By ordaining, you are taking refuge, allowing the gods of Saam Law Tao to guide and protect you. It's not only about learning, but also about being protected and allowing your life to be guided by the Tao, bringing in positive changes.

With the direct and immersive learning experience on LINE, you will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions until you are happy. Jee Sifu love questions, and you are guaranteed to be filled with a massive amount of knowledge and wisdom.

What's even more amazing, is that if you are facing a spiritual attack, you might just ask for help on LINE and the whole sect would be there to help you at your back, which means there is no way you can lose a battle anymore. As long as your trust, faith and determination is there, you will always be a winning warrior.

Look no more, don't think, give it a try with the subscription plan if you are not sure. This should be your best investment in your life.