Taoist never fight alone

Saam Law Stage Newbie Guide

Welcome to the Saam Law Stage, where as an ordained disciple, you're now a Saam Law Taoist. This means you've taken refuge under the Tao, opening yourself to its guidance, blessings, and protection. While this guide offers a starting point, remember, there's more detailed information in the PDF you received upon ordaining.

Focus Your Mindset

As a Taoist, the Tao is your primary source of power. We’re not lone wolves; we're part of a strong, unified team that believes in the Tao and the lineage that channels its power. When facing challenges, we harness the collective strength of the lineage, ensuring we never face obstacles alone. You have Ju Cia Juan as your master, so never hesitate to seek his guidance.

We maintain unwavering trust, faith, and determination. This approach means we don’t succumb to endless questioning. Instead, we let the gods guide us, trusting in their wisdom to lead us on the best path.

Regularly using our magical powers will bring tangible results, building a foundation of evidence that reinforces your trust. Remember, it's not just about practicing magic; it's about integrating it into your daily life.

Learning Proactively

To maximize your learning, join us on LINE and engage directly with Ju Cia Juan. He's always available in the chatroom, teaching and guiding disciples, and there's no extra cost for this. You can polish your spells, send audio and video clips for feedback, and gain invaluable insights from this interactive experience.

If you're eager for more, consider subscribing to our JLG class. This monthly subscription includes live Zoom classes every weekend, offering deeper learning and face-to-face interaction with Ju Cia Juan.

Next Stage – Sun Lung Stage

When to progress to the Sun Lung Stage? That decision is yours. Moving to this level demonstrates your commitment and desire to access the military powers of the Religious Court, becoming a Taoist Priest. This stage grants you three additional heart spells and the ability to wield stronger powers for exorcism and magical battles, including long-distance magic.

There's no requirement to complete everything at the Saam Law Stage before advancing. It's all about your readiness and determination. Some disciples choose to progress as soon as a week after ordaining, which is perfectly acceptable if you're confident in your decision.

Ready to go Sun Lung Stage? Click HERE.