Saam Law Stage Newbie Guide

1.    Join LINE Chatroom

Install LINE on your phone, sign-up with your Taoist-name with the Chinese name behind English (ie. Tin Moke 天木). You can also download the LINE app on your desktop computer / laptop too.

This is the app we use to communicate, teach, and interact with each others. Learn the basics and read through the ebook "Enter the Dragon Gate".

2.    Taoist Name, Practice it!

Your Taoist-name Tin-X is important, remember it, and practice writing it in Chinese. After you have written it many times, you should be very good at it and have it memorized by heart. Then, create a signature out of it. This signature will be draw over the stamps when you use the magic stamps later. Get going and practice it well!

3.    New Heart Spells and Sun Kuet

You have 1 heart spell from Tin Yat Stage, and now you have 2 more! Remember them well by doing daily practice. Drill your heart spells like how you practice punches in the air non-stop.

Sun Kuet 身訣 are very important things to learn, it is used to bring the power form the heart spell to the outside of your body. Practice them well and have it memorized by heart. Firing Sun Kuet to the altar daily after your incense upload.

4.    Daily Altar Incense

You should be going to your altar and burn incense every morning and night to greet your gods.

5.    Bi-Weekly Ceremony

Every 1st day of the lunar month, you should be opening the altar and doing your FU drinking cultivation to build up the power. Then on the 15th day of the month, you will do a ceremony to "chut saat" which will allow you and the altar to output the power. It's like consuming food, and then doing exercise to burn the energy off. This is how you build up your magic power.

6.    Read Books

If you have time, you should browse through our books in the ebook section. Some books are all theory and knowledge, some are scriptures and spells with translations. It's always a good idea to bring up questions and thoughts on LINE to discuss with your peers or ask your uppers for further teachings.

7.    Watch Video

We have many YouTube video lessons posted, you can watch them to learn on your own just like in Tin Yat Stage. However, you are already in Saam Law Stage now, so bring this one step further - go on LINE and talk about what you have learned, or what you want to learn, and you will see a lot of new teachings will be sparked up just because you asked!

8.    Join Classes

Our monthly classes are priceless lessons that are held on ZOOM LIVE. These interactive lessons will allow you to advance much quicker and get much of your confusion sorted out in no time. You will also learn much more in these classes when Jee Si Gung teaches you directly. If you cannot participate LIVE, you can also watch the recording of the lesson, we will post it on LINE in the special chatroom.

9.    Concluding and Building TE

Every 1st and 15th of the lunar month is also a great day to contribute to the Tao by burning incense at the HQ altar, and giving offerings to show your heart to the gods. This will support the lineage to allow more people to be able to reach Saam Law Tao, it is a great way to cultivate your TE.

10.    Level Up to Sun Lung Stage

When shall you move up to Sun Lung Stage? - Whenever you think you are ready to commit and say "I will be a Saam Law Taoist for the rest of my life", which means, you will be with ONLY one religious path. When you are sure, you can request to level up anytime.