Saam Law Stage Newbie Guide

Welcome to this page exclusively for Saam Law Stage ordained Taoists! Here, you'll find a repository of reference materials to keep yourself focused, aligned, and informed on your spiritual journey. Return to this page whenever you need to check for guidance, reaffirm your purpose, and stay on track towards your goals. Your dedication and commitment will guide you as you progress on this transformative path.

Main Focus

As an ordained Taoist of Saam Law Tao, it is important to recognize and embrace your identity as a practitioner of this lineage. Your primary focus in this stage is to cultivate and harness the power of the Tao in order to enhance your life.

It's worth noting that the next stage is Sun Lung Stage. However, it's essential to understand that the Tin Yat Lineage does not operate on a ladder system where you must constantly strive for higher levels. You have the option to remain in the Saam Law Stage indefinitely. The goal in this stage is to become a devoted and loyal Saam Law Taoist, fully understanding and embodying the principles of Saam Law. That is why it is referred to as the "Saam Law Stage."

How to Do Well

Becoming a good Saam Law Stage Taoist begins with cultivating from within. It all starts with nurturing your heart. To cultivate the heart, engage in physical practices that allow you to see and hear while accepting and faithfully witnessing your experiences.

Make it a daily practice to cultivate and utilize your heart spells. Perform the "Daily Rite" consistently to demonstrate your faith and determination in becoming a dedicated Saam Law Taoist. Through these practices, your Tao Heart will gradually expand and flourish.

Additionally, read the informative materials such as "How to tell if your Tao Soul is Sick" and "Proper Etiquette." Take time to reflect and contemplate while studying resources like podcasts and blog posts. Allow yourself to have questions and seek answers by asking them on LINE, opening up opportunities for further learning.

Above all, always keep the five virtues and ten commandments in mind. Live your life in accordance with these principles, and you will witness remarkable changes. By consistently engaging in these practices, you will experience rapid and smooth advancement. It is truly the most effective way to learn and progress on your Taoist journey.

When to Level Up?

As you advance to higher levels, you gain the ability to send magic over distances and acquire the power to handle exorcism, spiritual attacks, and magic attacks. This progression allows you access to the complete Religious Court system, which includes a dedicated military force for combating malevolence, sorcery, and projecting magical powers to any desired location. Elevating your level grants you expanded capabilities to address and counteract various supernatural challenges.

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