Tin Law Jo Si 天羅祖師

Tin Law Jo Si, the creator of the sky, is one of our highest gods in the lineage that shines the light on us at all time. Every lunar June 9th, we will connect and channel to Tin Law Jo Si, praising its power, and showing our gratefulness for what it has brought us since the beginning of time.

Tin Law Jo Si is like the sky in our world, and it is like the head of the nature system. There is light like the sun, fire that generate heat, clouds that contain rain and water, which brings us the potentials of time, life and creation of the future happenings. Without the sky, there will be no ground, and there will be nowhere for us to live. The sky in the day is bright with the sun shining in the mid-air, bringing heat and brightness to our world. On the other side, the sky in the evening is dark, but it has the moon giving us a source of light in the darkness, which lead us to see through the darkness and help us avoid many potential threats and dangers. Imagine walking in the dark without the moonlight in the jungle, it would be just scary and dangerous, like a blind man walking without vision. Just like the burning sun, fire is a representative of this almighty burning ball in this world, and as you can see, we also use fire at night as torches for illuminating our way through the darkness. Tin Law Jo Si is in all the flames we create, which glows and shines, and even burns, which repels all the evil forces that wants to attack you in the darkest night. Wolves, bats, and beasts love to attack people in the dark, but with the gift of Tin Law Jo Si, the holy fire, sets a boundary and separates the evils from our territory.

As we can see, Tin Law Jo Si is so powerful with it’s light and fire. At the same time, we shall not forget the cloud, rain and wind that the sky brings us. Without cloud, there would be no rain, there will be no water, and nothing can grow or even survive. Without wind, there will be no movements and life will be like a still picture, dead and quiet! After a good shower with the holy water from Tin Law Jo Si, all the green plants will perk up and grown bigger. What’s even better is the thunderstorms which brings lightning down from the sky and charges our land with the power of Tin Law Jo Si. The thunder awakens all life to be born. Lightning, can be striking down evils and destroying things in a snap. A whole forest can also be wiped out in one night by a wild fire which is caused by some sort of storms. The power of Tin Law Jo Si not only helps, but it can also kill and bring things to a reset.

The light of Tin Law Jo Si helps us see things in life with a better vision, which leads us to a better future, better decision, and of course the better uses of opportunities that is already in front of us. The fire and heat from Tin Law Jo Si help us see through the darkness and give us hope, the heat can heal and prevent us from getting sick, and the fire can also be used for exorcising the evil forces away from us, marking a boundary between human and the evil beings, just like we say – a “firewall” of defence. The cloud and rain from Tin Law Jo Si bring us the potentials and resources of life, which energizes and empowers us for everything we do. Dehydration makes us tired and sleepy, at the same time, water from Tin Law is the medicine. The sky not only gives us resources and help, but it is also like the eyes above. They help by overseeing the big picture, looking out for us, and also can help us look and lock down the target for our magic work. Therefore, if you are trying to track someone down, the celestial vision of Tin Law can also track down any suspect for us, ensuring our magic work for anyone outside of the altar area can be done effectively! The Tin Law’s vision is just like the surveillance camera of nature!

Tin Law Jo Si is just so powerful! You might not be able to know about what it does and what its strengths are yet. However, look at the sky, and you shall be able to relate to a lot of things already. Light, fire, heat, wind, cloud, rain, or even wisdom and ideas! When we are stuck and we want to think of some ideas, our action by default is to look up and see what we can find in the sky. If our own life has run out of resources, it is time to look up even further, and see what’s above our own limit. Tin Law the highest sky has no limit, and it will just keep providing and giving us the essential elements to survive, live and create a better future in this world. Tin Law Jo Si is like the god of wealth, who governs the preheaven wealth in nature, and our job is to be paid by this account! The god of light that shines and brightens our life, the god of fire which exorcises the evils, the god of wealth which gives us a better life quality here, the god of rain which can make things grow or die, the god of wind which moves the world every day and motivates us! There are so many powers within Tin Law Jo Si! There are much more to Tin Law Jo Si, but we will cut it short. Time is too precious, because that’s the first gem from Tin Law Jo Si. Let’s make use of time, and praise our Tin Law Jo Si once again.


You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book


There is also a whole list of prayers for all the different gods in our e-book too. Here is the prayer for Tin Law Jo Si. There is also a special channel spell in our e-book for this god.