Tin Law Jo Si 天羅祖師


Tin Law Jo Si 天羅祖師, also known as Tian Noh Ju Cia in Saamlawnese, holds a significant position as one of the principal gods in our lineage. His commemoration takes place annually on the lunar Jun 9th, and he is revered as an exclusive deity within our lineage, known as the Jade Seal Nine Gods (玉封九眞Yioh Fong Gew Jin). In this blog post, we will delve into the profound concept of the Saam Law system and the role of Tin Law Jo Si within it. By understanding the intricate workings of nature and its cyclical processes, we can gain insight into the purpose and significance of this powerful deity.

The Saam Law System: A Cosmic Perspective

Daai Law Tin

To truly grasp the essence of Tin Law Jo Si, we must expand our perspective beyond our world and envision the vast cosmic scale of the Saam Law system. Imagine two rice bowls placed on a table, with their bottoms touching each other. The lower bowl represents the Dei Law zone, shrouded in darkness, while the upper bowl represents the Tin Law. Between them lies the Daai Law, symbolized by an object. These three entities form the Saam Law system, where "Saam" refers to the three laws or systems.

Envision a set of bowls arranged from large to small, nested within the top bowl, representing different layers or worlds. These layers, known as Lui Ting (Thunder Court), Sun Ting (God Court), and Tin Ting (Celestial Court), facilitate the circulation of elements from the outermost layer inward. The Tin Law system's purpose is to gather neutralized souls expelled from the Dei Law system and subject them to a transformative process, preparing them to be reborn in the Daai Law world. This process mirrors the formation of rain, where scattered moisture converges to form clouds that eventually release rain onto the world below.

Tin Law Jo Si's Significance and Role

As one of the principal gods, Tin Law Jo Si plays a crucial role within our lineage. He wields the power of the Tin Law system, providing individuals with a sense of direction and equipping them with the necessary essentials and elements to fulfill their mission. In many ways, this process resembles acquiring education to obtain a job and become a professional. Tin Law Jo Si guides us in aligning ourselves with a purpose, focusing our efforts, and offering essential resources that may not have been available to us before.

Harnessing the Powers of Tin Law Jo Si

Tin Law Jo Si's power manifests through the five thunder powers associated with Tin Law. These thunder powers have the ability to positively empower us, granting focus, patience, motivation, action, and fruitful results. Conversely, they can also be harnessed to disrupt and hinder those who cause disturbances or act unjustly towards us.

The Influence of Tin Law in Our Lives

The Tin Law system holds significance as the central server of life, interconnecting all beings across different worlds. Tin Law, represented by celestial light, radiates its energy upon us, expanding our vision, guiding our decisions, and leading us towards positive outcomes. This divine light serves as a source of illumination and understanding, helping us make wise choices in life.

The Journey of the Yuen Sun and the Purpose of Life

The Yuen Sun, our spiritual planetary body, originates within the Tin Law system and accompanies us throughout our existence. It is through the Yuen Sun that we fulfill our life's mission and engage in the cycle of reincarnation. Nature best explains this journey through the analogy of a seed. Just as a seed contains the potential to grow into a mature plant and produce more seeds, our Yuen Sun carries the seeds of our purpose and destiny.

When we are born, our Yuen Sun descends from the Tin Law system into the Daai Law world, where we begin our earthly journey. Our experiences and interactions shape us, allowing us to learn and grow. Through the guidance of Tin Law Jo Si, we navigate the challenges and opportunities presented to us, using the thunder powers to empower our actions and achieve fruitful results.

As we progress in life, our Yuen Sun accumulates knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual energy. It carries these attributes back to the Tin Law system during the process of death and rebirth. This continuous cycle of reincarnation provides us with the opportunity to refine our souls, fulfill our purpose, and contribute to the overall harmony of the Saam Law system.

The purpose of life, as guided by Tin Law Jo Si, goes beyond individual achievements and material gains. It is about aligning ourselves with the cosmic order, fulfilling our unique role in the interconnected web of existence. By embodying the virtues of Tin Law, such as compassion, integrity, and righteousness, we contribute positively to the world and bring harmony to our own lives.


Tin Law Jo Si, as a principal god within the Saam Law system, holds profound significance in our lineage. Through the understanding of the cosmic perspective of Saam Law and the role of Tin Law, we gain insight into the purpose and significance of this deity. Tin Law Jo Si guides us on our spiritual journey, empowering us with the thunder powers and providing us with the necessary resources to fulfill our life's mission. By harnessing the powers of Tin Law, aligning ourselves with a greater purpose, and embodying its virtues, we contribute to the harmony of the Saam Law system and bring fulfillment to our own lives. May we continue to seek the wisdom and guidance of Tin Law Jo Si in our spiritual endeavors.

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