Taoist Wisdom on Playing Game

Many people think they are grown-ups enough that they don’t need to play games anymore, especially those made for kids. All the “adult” games are full of violence and gore, which kids “cannot” play. As a Taoist, why should you care about gaming? Isn’t that just wasting your time? What does gaming do besides waste time? If you think that is a waste of time, you should “waste” time reading this entire article before you continue wasting your life. Ignorance is one of the biggest factors that kill us, and I said: “I don’t play games and only like to work; working is my entertainment.” No one told me why we had to game, so I never learned, just like you all. Let’s open our minds and enjoy the wisdom from Saam Law Tao; the truth will reveal itself with in-depth knowledge and metaphysics goodies.

The wrong concept of gaming is that it is a waste of time or done with an “educational” purpose; then it is a good game. Gaming “just for fun” wastes time because it doesn’t make you learn anything. Parents are stuck with old options like word games, chess, scrabbles, or maybe number games. These are all wrong. Our teachers from Daai Law Tin said that any game could be good; it depends on how you use it, just like a knife.

Many words would be new to you if you are a newcomer; I suggest you read the articles linked to the hyperlinked text. That way, you could understand what those special terms mean. For example, a few that would be useful to read before you go on would be “Yuen Sun,” “Souls and Spirits,” “Memory,” and “Spiritual Embryo.” There are more, but I will link them later if needed!

Learning from Basics

Let’s look at the ice-breaking game! It’s a birthday gift from my closest disciple, and I am having so much fun with my wife on the table, breaking the ice and laughing as we play! You can search for the game on YouTube and see how people play it. Said, the board has many plastic ice blocks, and you have to hammer out the ice as instructed, then whoever made the poor little penguin drop loses the game. You spin the wheel and get a result; then you will follow that as the instruction to do what it says, break a blue, a white, a blue and white,  do nothing, or spin again. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from it.

The game is simple and easy to play, all it takes is a 30 seconds introduction, and you would know how to play already unless chess or a video game takes more time to learn. Great for 40-year-old kids like me, and those who are only four will also like it.

What is happening as we play the game?

First, you must spin the wheel to get a result and know what to do. However, you also have a goal because you want to “win” by not killing the penguin. You want to achieve the goal of not letting it drop on the table, which sets the “death” point of the game. As time begins, the “life of this game begins, and the purpose of the game is to reach the point when the penguin will die. After that, everything goes reset, and the game starts over again. Read the article “Magic and Killing” to know more about the “life” part.

When we started the game, a “spiritual embryo” was already born inside our energy body. We have the three essential elements to create this spiritual embryo: the faith that the penguin will survive the longest it can do, the desire to “win” the game and make this happen, and the vision of how you want it to end at the very end, which is when the other player loses and you win. The penguin will die no matter what you do, but it won’t die in your hand; that’s the victory and goal. You got a hammer for knocking out the ice, and the wheel is on the tablet. Let’s begin.

The spiritual embryo has been born, and the “God” is already hovering on your head like a ball of light that stays around you for this game. This god’s purpose is to beam the PreHeaven energies down from your Yuen Sun to you and from you to whatever you need that can help you win the game. It’s like a satellite or a receiver station for this game. Let’s give it a name, the Hammer God. The hammer in our hands is the one that will have the energy from our Yuen Sun, don’t let others use it!

Every round, players one and two try to achieve the same goal; what does that feel like? A battle! This is not just a battle between people but between the gods and the two players Yuen Sun, souls and body. It’s a big battle with the three realms involved. Whenever a player spins the wheel, it will be the preheaven energies giving the light to make that result happen, you always have faith that the hammer god will guide you to the best possible result, and you never question it. Follow and do what is told. You executed carefully while using the soul to think if there were any obstructions or difficulties. However, you will never be disloyal to god and lose faith in it, so you will always think this is the thing to do to win the game, and it will never fail.

Every time you knock out some ice blocks and the penguin is still alive, you would feel happy and react like screaming “YES!” or something like that! You are expressing and giving feedback to the hammer god and the Yuen Sun! They know this is the right thing you want and will keep helping you because you have given them feedback!

Once a player lost and the penguin dropped, the winner would always scream in joy, and the loser would say something like, “OH NO!” They both give feedback and conclude to the gods that the game has ended and how the god does for this game. Once their heart all agrees that the game has ended, the hammer god will die because its mission has been completed. Immediately, the hammer god would return to the Yuen Sun and reunite with the Yuen Sun as a god who stays there to help with the same things. It has become a Tin Juen 天尊, as we have explained in “Investiture of Gods.” You decided to keep playing this game for a while, so you named this god your Ice Breaking Tin Juen (God in the Yuen Sun). Whenever you play again, your new spiritual embryo or hammer god will connect to the Yuen Sun and find this Tin Juen again for guidance!

As you play the game more and more, there are things you might have learned on the way, such as techniques of how to strike better or whatever you have observed and learned that might be useful for winning. The hammer god will learn these, and when the game is over, the hammer gods will all return to the Yuen Sun and combine with the Ice Breaking Tin Juen as one god. The Tin Juen above gets stronger and stronger because of the faith, knowledge from experience taught to it during the gameplay and the new hammer gods that went up to combine with it, giving it more energy.

Both players are cultivating their Tin Juen for the Ice Breaker Tin Juen game! This is awesome because they are both cultivating a god through this game. However, what happens to the loser? Will they lose anything? Why do kids cry and don’t like it when they lose the game? We say to them, “it’s just a game!”

When they are “serious” about the game, real faith is deployed into it, which means it is a real magic battle between the two players. When one player loses, the hammer god of the loser will be consumed by the winner, and the winner then gets the “prize.” When the hammer god of the winner goes to the Yuen Sun, it brings the loser’s hammer god with it, which is why the winner is happy because of the “income” to the Yuen Sun! You are winning, and wealth is coming to you while the other side lost their god and preheaven wealth!

When we say “it’s just a game” to the kid, and if the kid believes you, his faith would be gone because he now thinks “it is not real.” What happens when the faith is gone? God dies. If the kid loses faith fast enough, then they won’t feel as bad because the god might die halfway on the trip to the winner’s Yuen Sun. It’s like you are gambling with a friend; whoever wins will get a fish from the loser. You lose, and the winner takes your fish, but you destroy the fish in their hand, so they cannot have it. Parents, listen, this is not right!  Your kid needs to learn to accept failure in life and not to do this kind of thing to break their promise. They made a god and promised to have this consequence if they lost. However, they broke the promise, resulting in the god dying because of what the parents said.  They are then teaching their heart to act the same to them. Next time you want help from the heart again, the heart will also not keep its promise just like you did.

Instead of saying it is just a game, we should teach the kid that they lost, and they should accept it, but they can get better at it and win it back later! Have faith in yourself (the gods) and try again! Do better next time!  You can win it back!  That’s the proper way to teach your kid!

Playing the game yourself will improve your skills, but how does it work with the gods now?

You are doing the same thing, but you are fighting with yourself, and so you have already brewed up two god embryos in the first place. One side must win, and one might lose, and you are witnessing their battles and being their hands. You can role-play and shift your mindset too. I am myself, and later I am Johnny, the kid who won me last time. Then you can play against yourself with two different hammers. One is yours, and one is Johnny’s. Like cheese and Chinese chess, they have two sets of chess pieces; you can role-play black vs red and fight yourself too!  Two gods are being made each time, and you must put yourself into the role to “win” the other side. It’s a way to cultivate the gods in your Yuen Sun without losing anything. You won’t have any loss because it is just yourself fighting against yourself; the result will be an even in the Yuen Sun. The Tin Juen will get smarter and better every time you play the game yourself as you cultivate them by injecting more experience and feedback to the gods. However, during the game, you must be serious, put yourself into the role, and have faith for each god to win, or else it won’t work.

Kids are always doing magic battles; bad parents are ruining their cultivation by saying the wrong things and teaching their kids the wrong mindset. As adults, we should pick up a game like this, try it out ourselves, and then play against others!

The Tin Juen God

The Tin Juen God you created for the game will stay in the Yuen Sun; it will be a lifetime investment! Maybe you won’t play the same game anymore because it’s getting boring or you have “grown up,” it’s okay because you will have other games that you would want to play and the Tin Juen there would also help you with similar things that require his talent and powers.

For example, you are playing a game on a smartphone which has something similar to this game. Something about not letting your little character die while bad guys are showing up on the way as he walks forward. It is not the same game as the icebreaker game, but it has similarities, and your Tin Juen will start to help you when you start playing. Whenever you have faith in yourself and believe you will win, the spiritual embryo is born, and then the god for that round is born.

When you do business, buy groceries, drive or even talk to people during a business dinner, you might need this Tin Juen to help you too because a similar pattern will appear. You will use his power to help you solve problems and improve your life. You are done with grocery shopping, and you have to play “Tetris” with the grocery in your car’s trunk; there goes a similar situation in the game, and your Tin Juen shines a light for you to teach you how to “Tetris” the bags and boxes to make them fit.

You might have many different Tin Juen from different games, but they are also “grouped” into categories in the Yuen Sun, like a Celestial Court! A big group for gaming, a big group for this and that. When you need help, the celestial court in your Yuen Sun will know what to do and send you help according to what you have cultivated.

We have also discussed how to deal with the different problems in the Yuen Sun, such as gaming and watching movies in the “Yuen Sun Secret” article, which you can read next!

Magic Battle Between Sects

In many Taoist sects, they do things to “compete” with other people or sects. For example, they would set a game and say they will chop their body with a knife to show that god is helping and they are not getting hurt. The trick is simple and involves dulling the knife with something like a sharpening stone. Run the knife through the stone and make it dull so it won’t cut your flesh, but it could cut paper or cucumber. When they begin the game, they would have to show how sharp the knife is by cutting something, then perform a series of chopping and slicing on the body to show they are fine afterward. Everyone then cheers for them and boosts their heart. You can do it, too; just be careful!

After a while, the second “player” shows their power and puts on their show. They would cut something to show that they can do it too, but they might increase the difficulties by showing you that their knife is sharper. If player one can cut cucumber, they will try cutting paper, which is harder to do with a dull knife. We all know who won until one side fails, and the knife goes in white and out in red. By then, the gods of that altar would be sucked away into the winner’s side, and everyone would be so happy.

Why must they make it so dangerous and not just hammer iceblocks? Because the more dangerous it is, the more serious it is, and the more faith they would put into the game. Same with gambling like poker, Mahjong or anything that involves money. If you put down $5000 for a round, you would have more faith than $1 a round. Money makes you nervous and forces your heart to push out more power. A lot of preheaven energies will be yours if you can win a big gambling game because everyone is outputting much power from their heart to create their god!

Imagine everyone in the casino doing the same thing, and you are going there to battle with everyone. Would you win or lose more? Professional players would learn to gamble and play independently without the money, gain more knowledge and experience, and cultivate their god before “doing it for real.” That is also why a newbie player will always lose because their god cannot win against these cultivated ones with more experience, knowledge, and powers. With the gaming cultivating, you might already have a big god in the Yuen Sun, like a God of Gambling.

*Note: Casino often has magic done in their setup to overpower their players. If you have heard of it, the famous ones like Vegas, Macao all have sorcerers at the back. You go in there and think you can "win" anything? Have fun being cursed and bullied. You might win some money, but you lose a lot more from the curse that makes you get addicted or give your luck and Yuen Sun essence as a "tax" for entering their place.

There are other “games’ that the ancient Taoists play to battle against each other, such as chess, “GO” the game, and maybe martial art competition, sports like running and ball games, or maybe other things like magic tricks, balancing tricks, calligraphy tricks and many more. Just because the game doesn’t involve playing cards and dice doesn’t mean it cannot be used as a gambling method. You can gamble with a coin or rock or guess which elevator opens first. However, your mindset will make the cultivation work or fail. If you tell yourself to forget it and it is not serious, it won’t work because faith is needed for god to be born. If you don’t have faith (not serious), then no god is involved. Hence you are wasting your time.

I have once debunked many scam sects in Taoism who claim they can do the blade-chopping trick and that their “magic power” made it happen. I openly debunked the trick and told people it was all a science trick, like a balancing trick, and everyone could do it too. As long as you know the trick, dull the knife properly, and you can also do it; it’s nothing about real magic power that is protecting you and making you invincible. Many people threaten me and want to kill me or knock me off the internet because I ruined their business which was doing great in Asia for a long time. However, everyone who reacted and lost their faith is just people who don’t know what is going on at the back and are legitimate scammers because they are truly doing it to fool people with an illusion and make them believe their “magic power.”

It could work, as I have explained, but there is a huge difference between being taught what the “game” is about and fooling people into believing in illusions.  We also have this blade-chopping game in our lineage; it’s just one of the many games we could play. You can play other games too. Just like in our article on “Woh Sing Deity,” you can learn about how we used Clash of Clans as a Tao Game, and we made the disciples output real money to play the game every weekend, which forced them to output their faith and create the god for that round. If they care and have strong faith in the god, they would win a BIG god power at the end when the whole clan wins together.

Some people asked me why we could not just play the game and not use money. We could, but the result is that no one is serious and outputting more heart power to create that god or no god would be created since they don’t even care. The more money you output, the more you care about not losing, and the more you want to win; this is the power from the heart, which is being FORCED to output. If we worked as a team and won together, we got all the gods from the other side, and everyone would upgrade their magic power together. You might have guessed who would be the Tin Juen for this game, our gaming god – Woh Sing Deity!

However, Woh Sing is called a Sun Juen because this god was created in Sun Ting and sent to the celestial court to help us as Tin Juen. That’s why the name is Woh Sing Sun Juen 和聖神尊. Woh Sing was born from “War for Woh 和,” and winning in Chinese is 勝, which sounds like Sing, as in 聖 Saint. This god will help us with anything related to competition and battle against other gods, so we call him the god of war!  There is also a scripture for him!

Read up on the nine main god’s posts to understand more about the details of the complex things we talked about in this post and know how we came to know all these amazing secrets of nature!

Our 9 main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.

Ordain today to learn more about these fun ways of doing magic, and what’s even better is that you can learn how to do the same game to cultivate the gods you have at your altar to grow your magic army at home! Not to forget that you should embrace the power of our God of War so that you can use it to protect you against any competition in life, including business competitions!