Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun 元神 Taoism Knowledge

The Spiritual Planetary Body, Yuen Sun or Yuan Shen 元神 (Saamlawnese: Xuan Sin), is important to understanding Taoism and how your life and luck work. Why are we different from each other? Why are some people born talented in something? Is there a past life or life? All these questions go back to Yuen Sun, which you will learn about in this article.

Even if you don’t belong to any religion, you will still have a “god” in your life, your spiritual planetary body, the Yuen Sun. The word Yuen Sun 元神 translates to the god of time. It provides you with PreHeaven energies called Yuen Hei 元氣, which fuels you for another day of life in reality.  Have you ever wondered why you had the whole day and could only do so little?  Sometimes only got two hours, and you can get so much done!  It’s hard to understand where that sudden boost in productivity and efficiency came from. Now that you know about Yuen Sun, all the dots are connected. When the quality of time is bad, it means that the Yuen Sun didn’t help or send you some low-quality energy. When the quality of time is awesome, you might have an awesome gift from the Yuen Sun.

Origin of the Yuen Sun

As I have explained in the Tin Law Jo Si article, we all got our Yuen Sun from the beginning from the same place in nature, the Tin Law system. You can read more about it by going to that article.

We have many lives before this one, reincarnating in different worlds and living in different societies. However, from the very beginning of us, we were once a complete-being in the same place, which we call the original world, Yuen Chi Daai Law 元始大羅 (Xuan Chia Daai Noh).  Many people believe that everything starts from nothing and that the world gets bigger and more complex over time. That is not what my teacher taught me.

My teacher said, “Everything started at the complete stage like everything was already there from the beginning; no one is creating anything; it was just there because it is there. As time passes, things break up and fall apart; then the new things are created because of the breaking downs of elements.”

Imagine a drumstick entering your mouth and the body’s digestive system. The drumstick was there from the beginning; nothing in the body made a drumstick from scratch. It was there and broken down into different forms as it went down the system. We are all like that too.

Therefore, the Yuen Sun was part of us from the beginning, and it follows us to reincarnate into different worlds and serves as our “hard drive,” which keeps the fruit we collected through our different lives and kept accumulating until the end of our journey in the Dei Law zone.

The Yuen Sun World

The Yuen Sun is your spiritual planetary body, with a world inside like the one you see here. Anything created in nature always has two copies that are opposite of each other, just like light and darkness.

Here, you are a living being living inside a world on a planet. The planet feeds you and provides you with all the things you need. On the other side, you are the planet with a world inside you; there are many living beings inside the planet being fed by you. It’s the exact opposite in roles. Some wonder if there is a parallel universe, like another copy of yourself on the other side. From what we have known and discovered, it is close, just that you are playing the role of a planet instead of being another human being.

The world inside the Yuen Sun planet is just like the world here, but it is a PreHeaven world, meaning things work differently from here. The Yuen Sun world has no sun, and the world there is much like the spiritual realm in which ghosts live. Everything glows and self-illuminates. As long as there is life force energy, there will be light, and things will “appear” as they exist. The world is like a fantasy world because things can appear quickly, and you don’t need to “make” it from the beginning. Living in that world makes you feel like a “god,” too. You want flowers to be there, and there will be flowers. If you want a car, then there will be a car. However, your soul's essence is the cost of making things out of your imagination. The more you make, the weaker you get, and you will turn into a paler or faint-looking state because your “health” has gone down. Every creature or “human” on that planet will live the same way; therefore, their mindset of value and life is very different from what we have here.

There are climates and geographies, also natural disasters like blizzards, hail, snow, fire tornado and all sorts of crazy things that you might not even hear of. However, they can change in seconds, so it is very unpredictable why climate change is not because of reasons we know from science here but because the planet is giving off its emotions and expressions. For example, if the planet is very angry, it would rain fire and destroy things to vent its anger. In ancient times, people would say that the sky was sad and depressing, so the sky started to cry, so we had rain. It sounds stupid to modern people because we all know how rain is made. Yet, that mindset is exactly what works in the Yuen Sun world. When we are less educated in science, our senses of the PreHeaven are stronger, and that is why humans often say things that reflect how their Yuen Sun works and not how reality here works. The more you think you know in this world, the less you know about the PreHeaven world.

What would the living beings do when the Yuen Sun is angry? They would have to make the Yuen Sun happy again and try to talk to it to calm it down. They might have things they created, like crops or the fruits that they harvested. There go the sacrificing ceremonies!  Toss it into the ocean or fire, and let the Yuen Sun have it. As the Yuen Sun consumes the energies, it gets happy again and calms down. It sounds like those shamans and human sacrificing rituals era, but that’s how it works in the Yuen Sun world. Many living civilizations in the Yuen Sun are religious and always do rituals to talk to the world. That is why the ancient civilizations here were like that before they entered the science era. They were doing what they “used to” know (which is what happened in the Yuen Sun), and no one told them that this world doesn’t work the same way.

The Yuen Sun is like a planet, and the center of that planet is what we call the Yuen Sun central, the core. This place is the heart of the Yuen Sun and has many “roots” looking things climbing all over the place, which we call the luck roots. Some roots will have a glowing “organ” growing on them with some “juice” pumping through the roots. These roots create a network that connects to the living things on the surface level and fuels them with the Yuen Sun’s core energy. This place could be like a cave, sometimes dry and sometimes flooded, sometimes in the fire; it depends on the status of the Yuen Sun, and the place would change. There are sometimes invasions in this area, with creatures going into this area to damage or steal the “organs” on the roots, which would cause much damage to the luck of the person linked to the Yuen Sun.

Now that you know what the Yuen Sun’s heart is like (the Yuen Sun Central), then how did the Yuen Sun have feelings and emotions? Well, the heart of yours in the local world here and Yuen Sun’s heart are connected and entangled between two worlds. How you feel will be how the Yuen Sun feels, too, while the Yuen Sun can also affect how you feel. If you suddenly got sad and started to cry, your Yuen Sun would immediately sense it and start to rain as your tears drop. Why would humans want their children to stop crying when they start to drop tears? Because we know in the subconscious that if the crying doesn’t stop, then the Yuen Sun will be flooded, and it would kill many things just like a flood here, which will be the same as damaging the future potential for the children (since their potentials come from the Yuen Sun). The adults will try to make the children laugh when they cry, then the baby’s Yuen Sun will be bright, and the sunshine will come out again.  That is also why we can relate sunshine to smile and dark clouds to sadness because that is how our Yuen Sun works. It’s the metaphysics and language of nature!

When “zoom-out” from the Yuen Sun, there is a cloud layer for the sky and a “space” area around it. Yet, the space is not black but white or bright colour. There are some other Yuen Sun(s) around too, and they could be Yuen Sun related to the person like their parents and siblings or other people who are close to them. As I have said, there is no Sun, but everything glows on its own, so the place is pretty bright and not like our “space” at all. Things could be linking up the Yuen Sun(s), like some roots and lines of energies connecting up different Yuen Sun(s). When luck stealing is being done in this world, it would also appear in the Yuen Sun world. A swirl could open around the victim’s Yuen Sun and constantly suck away energies from it, or the sorcerer could park a Yuen Sun around it and keep looting from the Yuen Sun’s world by sending in their evil spirits army, kind of like an alien invasion. Because of all these interactions with external sources, the creatures and things appearing in the Yuen Sun world can be mind-blowing and weird, like monsters and creatures you might only see in video games and sci-fi movies.

Your Heaven or Hell

When you are dead, the usual route is to return to your Yuen Sun to continue your “life” in another form. If you have been doing well this life and building a good Yuen Sun, you will have a “heaven” to enjoy. If you have not cared for the Yuen Sun, you must enjoy your “hell.” Have you heard of the ancient saying that when people die, they will return to the sky and become a star? The Yuen Sun is the star, and they are right.

When you are in the Yuen Sun, you can also observe and know what is happening in the world you used to live in, the human world. When you are living in the Yuen Sun world, you are no longer a ghost, but we call that a ghost-immortal 鬼仙. You can sometimes hear your relative talking about you behind your back, your enemies still trying to hurt your kids while you are gone, or your grandchildren trying to take over your business and steal all your money! By then, you might be mad and want revenge, then what would you do after figuring out how that world works? You could bomb their Yuen Sun and attack them! This is one of the common things that can happen when ancestors attack people still alive. It’s a scary war. If you don’t want the grandchildren to have a happy life moving onward, you could pin them down for generations, like a curse that is never lifted.

After living in the Yuen Sun, you will realize you never die until you run out of those soul energies. If you happen to be killed or died, you will reincarnate in another world to be reborn again as another living being. The cycle repeats until you have reincarnated enough to reach the bottom of Dei Law, to be destroyed and cycle back to the most PreHeaven world and return to nature.

Building the Yuen Sun

We exchange with the Yuen Sun every day when we sleep. The Yuen Sun will give us its energy while we dump our energies for the Yuen Sun. When we wake up, the Yuen Sun’s energy manifests to become our soul energies and fuel us for a day of life. The Yuen Sun got our energies which will influence the next day of life in its world.

What is being given to the Yuen Sun from us is the energies that our bodies don’t need. Things we see, hear, sense, and feel all turn into energies, and some will be dumped into the Yuen Sun. Especially when we feel stressed, fearful, and sad, we will realize that our feelings are lighter after a good sleep because the energies have been pushed to the Yuen Sun, so we are feeling “lighter.” It’s not that those negative energies are gone; they just went to another place!

If you are having a super bad day and you have been very depressed and angry, it is a good thing to deal with it at night and ensure that you neutralize the emotions and feelings before you sleep. Don’t sleep until the energies are “fixed.” This is how we naturally deal with these problems without the use of any magic.

Also, you should avoid emotional things that can bomb you before you sleep. For example, I used to have annoying disciples who would cause chaos before I slept and give me many problems. They would argue and bring up internal fights, so I had to fix them before I slept. All they gave me was worry, frustration and stress. When I slept, that package for the Yuen Sun was so bad, and my next day was ruined too. Later on, I decided to ignore them even if they went crazy. As long as it is after 8 pm, I would not respond to them and let them be. At least my evening is less chaotic, and I can deal with them in the morning, leaving me room to neutralize my energies at night.

Neutralizing your energies at night without using magic is not that hard, and you can try watching movies or TV shows. If you are angry, pick something with violence. If you are sad, pick something happy and funny. If you are stressed, pick something motivating that pumps your blood up. If you like video games, you can also play games too. These things will help to balance your emotions and help you neutralize the energies before they get shoved to the Yuen Sun.

How Did I Learn About These

I suggest you read the posts on our nine main gods in order. That way, you can read about our history and how I came to this point today. In short, I have learned about all these through my experience in magic battles, soul travelling and witnessing while interacting with the different worlds beyond this one.

Nine main gods posts in order: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.

This Yuen Sun knowledge is not in books, or it might be hidden in some places with another way of describing them because people wrote differently in ancient times. However, one common misunderstanding I have heard about Yuen Sun is that some people think it is a big world from which everyone gets their life potential. Like a world that is shared among everyone here, and that is very wrong. I forgot where I heard of this, but it came from an English Taoism book a believer showed me, written by some Ph.D. I don’t know why you need a Ph.D. to sound more legit for teaching Taoism! I don’t have a PH.D., and my English is low level; I rely on Grammarly to help me type, but I can assure you that my knowledge in this field is one of the best you can find in this world. I teach what I believe and believe what I discovered and witnessed while proving them true. Many things in the books from the past are wrong, yet the later generations would not dare to make any changes even if they found the flaws. That’s the problem with stubborn people and their unwillingness to accept that their ancestors were wrong.

I stepped onto the journey of finding and discovering the truth, finding out what’s real and what’s not, and that is why I had all these experiences throughout my years of explorations. After I got ordained to become a Saam Law Taoist, my teachers in Daai Law Tin further educated me and polished my understanding of nature. It has been eye-opening and mind-blowing for me. I believe that is why you are glued to this blog or my content, too, because you are also a truth-seeker and want to know what’s out there without just believing in books from ancient times that could be flawed. Some people like to study the history of Taoism; they learn from books and memorize information on the pages. It doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong. However, I am the type that learns from experience and witnessing real interactions. I removed what was wrong and kept what was proven right.

You might say, what if after five years, you find out everything you have said was wrong “again”?

I can guarantee that by then, I will do whatever it takes to update my disciples and readers with the latest discovery and knowledge that are “right” by then. I do not run away and escape, as you can see from my history on the internet. I picked up from where I fell and stood up again. I am not a coward, and I am a responsible Taoist master. Anything that got updated in the lineage would also be updated in the blog, books, or even words for my disciples. Rest assured, if you are my disciple, you will get the most updated information when I get them!

If you want to know more about this subject, welcome to read the next article on Yuen Sun Secrets!

Ordain to learn more and, most importantly, to get the connection with the Tao to protect and empower your Yuen Sun! You can be better than what you are, but trying harder isn’t the way to do it. You need a Tao to protect you and provide you with the wealth that you don’t have yet.