Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師

In our Saam Law Taoism, we hold in high regard Baak Hork Sin Si (白鶴仙師), or Bye Hwall Cian Cia in Saamlawnese. Mark your calendars for lunar December 9th, because that's when we celebrate this goddess of communication and virtue. She's our go-to for getting in touch with the higher-ups.

Who Needs This Goddess

Need to send a message upstairs or have a request? Baak Hork Sin Si is your divine postal service. We're constantly sending up letters to the celestial court, and she's the one making sure our mail gets delivered. When it's time to open a case with the gods, she's on it, ensuring our updates and progress reports reach the right divine desks. Plus, she's keeping an eye on our moral compass and discipline. So, if you're looking to polish up on virtues, she's the one to call for guidance and support.

The Goddess’s Power

Baak Hork Sin Si isn't just about sending signals; she's teaching us the ropes on virtue and how to chat with the divine crew properly. She makes sure our prayers don't just echo into the void. And for the disciples? She's all about instilling discipline and dishing out tips on upping our communication game, pushing us to level up on our virtues. The magic metaphor with her is all about the crane (that's her) flying up, taking our messages to preheaven, contrasting with dragons that bring power down. She symbolizes our link back up, ensuring our words and deeds align with celestial expectations.

A True Story

Once, we faced a real challenge with a group of disciples who were... let's say, less than cooperative. Beyond just attitude problems, their rebellion was testing our limits. Calling on Baak Hork Sin Si, we were showered with wisdom on virtue and discipline. Despite our efforts to steer them right, some just wouldn't budge. That's when our goddess flipped the switch, teaching them hard-earned lessons on consequences and self-reflection. Although some didn't make the cut, the ordeal left us rich in teachings on virtue. This treasure trove now serves as early guidance for newcomers, proving the essential need for virtue education from the get-go. The improvement in new disciples was night and day, affirming the critical role of virtue lessons early in their journey.

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