Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師

Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師 (Saamlawnese: Bye Hwall Cian Cia) is one of the main gods in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar Dec 9th. This is an exclusive god of our lineage and is one of the nine main gods, which we call the Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真 (Yioh Fong Gew Jin). The energy colour of this god is white. This god is born after the celestial court, and so it is called a Sin Si and not Jo Si. He is closely related to the other five main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si (also called the five ancestor gods, 五祖 Ng Jo).  After the five Jo Si(s) were born, the celestial court opened a new chapter for the lineage, and there goes the Sin Si being born. You should read up on these gods to better understand the background. Read them in the order above so that the story will make sense to you.

Jo Si starts and creates something new; Sin Si helps when something has started, and they are there to give help. Baak Hork Sin Si is the god that helps out in the celestial court and is specialized in communication, bringing messages from the human world to the god’s world, which we call the preheaven world. It is also a great teacher of virtue, which helps us understand and learn how to do better with virtue to flow with nature’s alignment.

The Most Explosive God

I have to say that this is shocking for everyone and myself because who would have thought the white crane could be related to the word “explosive”? Isn’t the white crane supposed to be cute, fluffy, soft, agile, or even “cute”? Well, maybe the real one is, but not this one!

How explosive is it? Well, this god has bombed away the most disciples in our lineage so far, and it’s well done because it has led us to a better and better state in each “wipe-out” era we went through. After each era, we also learned a lot, and our content on virtue and communication greatly blossomed. One of the three masters who have direct communication with Sun Ting, Yee Sifu, has a great connection with this god and has helped it carry out its duty all the time: teaching virtue and communication while being strict and not giving in to the corrupted ones. Baak Hork Sin Si said, “There will always be people who don’t want to play your rule and corrupt the system; however, if you tolerate them and keep them around, the system will be corrupted, and the others who follow the rule will also be affected. Therefore, you must be strict with the teachings and wipe out the corruptions if needed.” Yee Sifu has this magical touch of leading those corrupted to expose their flaws and enter an “EW” state before withdrawing or escaping from the lineage.

EW stands for the emotional wreck, like someone acting up and throwing a tantrum or putting up some attitude to protest and rebel against the rules and uppers. For example, a worker might EW and start to show faces at work to make everyone feel weird; they might even cause chaos in the office and disturb the company’s operation. EW-ing in nature is like some people who decided to go against nature and play the “bad guy” role, being evil, negative and corrupted. They knew the rule of nature but decided to go against it, challenge it, and see what nature could do to them. EW all starts from the heart and manifests into physical actions and expressions.

Baak Hork Sin Si emphasizes communication skills and virtues, so etiquettes and rules are born. Over the past years, many teachings on these subjects were released and heavily implemented, especially to the senior disciples with more access to the higher powers. With greater power, you shall have greater responsibility and greater virtue. Imagine some bad-tempered police officer with a gun; many bad things can happen when they abuse their powers on civilians. The gods also did not want that to happen with our disciples, so they were very strict with virtues instead of tolerating them and letting the lineage intoxicate.

Communication skills are very important, especially when things get serious. The more details you record and update on the record, the better it is for the people following up on the case. Baak Hork Sin Si has guided us to create and implement the lineage’s reporting system, which is also built with the alignment rules integrated into the system. As the senior disciples learn and apply these reporting methods, they will build a better habit of reporting and record-keeping, learn to communicate in detail and be more observant of the alignment with nature. Once their reporting is off, it is obvious that something went wrong with their energy too.

Many bad-quality disciples have left the lineage and EW about this kind of teaching, complaining that it is too sophisticated and unnecessary. Yet, if you look at how real professionals work, they go way beyond our standards. These disciples, unwilling to learn and change, will only become irresponsible and bad “masters” later. As god said, they are not meant to continue if they don’t want to be taught.

With the virtues and communication teachings, many disciples have been pushed to EW and withdrawn from the lineage. This is an unexpected and explosive effect from this god, but we are happy because whoever is left is the better one that fits the quality requirements by the god’s standard.

Communicating with the Celestial

A crane flies upward into the sky; this is a metaphor. The Baak Hork Sin Si (white crane deity) is a messenger who helps us bring our messages back to the celestial court (Tin Ting) or even the higher court, Sun Ting. This god has passed down much knowledge and content on etiquettes, such as how to bow, greet, hold incense, etc. It’s amazing how every little detail of these actions and gestures is done with the alignment of the Tao into the system.

For example, we would hold the incense and place it at the forehead level to talk, heart level for connecting to the gods, and belly level for requesting or waiting for answers etc. This has to do with our energy body and how the three systems of our energy body work. The top system on the head has the energy that outputs, the bottom has the energy that intakes, and the heart has the energy that connects; just like the Saam Law system, it’s all aligned and connected.

Details can be very sophisticated to the point that every block on the finger can be decoded for what they correspond to and why we touch here and there for a certain handsign. Because of this knowledge, we can know what we have done wrong and how to correct them based on these metaphysics rules. How to know if we are holding the incense too high or too low? What makes it “too high”? These are the rulers that allow us to measure and know what is the correct alignment of things.

There are many “versions” of how people greet and bow to gods in the Asian culture, and no one knows what the right method is, but they do whatever they feel like or what other people do. For our lineage, we have a standard way of bowing and greeting, and it is all specifically listed in the teachings of god. What is right? The alignment with god’s method with nature is the absolute right.

We also have teachings on how to write letters and submit them to the celestial court for record-keeping. It is amazing to witness how everything is explained and broken down in detail when the gods gave us the teachings. The best way for the disciples to learn them is to use them in real life when we work with cases and talk within the lineage.

Virtue on the Record

The power of Baak Hork Sin Si goes beyond just teaching us virtues but also keeping a record of all the disciples, like the person who tags around the disciples and gives them a mark with a detailed report. From time to time, the record in the celestial court will be updated with this observation.  Based on your record, the court will then reconsider how much to give and help you. Some bad disciples might suddenly realize all their magic is not working but bouncing instead. Well, what did you do at the back? God is watching all the time.

Building a good record in the god’s book is good; it makes you look worthy and positive to the lineage, and the gods will return the same to you and give you much more help when needed.

With the Baak Hork Sin Si and all the other eight main gods of the lineage, the lineage has matured up to a certain stage, leading to another era’s beginning. This era is when we have a civil and civic mindset.

Civil vs Civic

Civil mindset is like the disciple is a civilian, and the lineage is the country. We live inside the country and are protected by it. We live happily inside it and must obey the rules and be good civilians, supporting the country’s operations, just like we pay taxes and contribute to the country.

Civic mindset is like we are now working for the country, like working for the government, and so we must do our best to serve the civilians. Working for the country allows us to hold onto greater powers and utilize the country’s resources and army to do things, just like the police can have guns while civilians don’t.

Upon teaching civil and civic mindset, the celestial court has evolved into a more complex system with more departments and positions. The lineage has also evolved with more levels and sub-levels, categorizing disciples into more groups that fit their roles. The more senior disciples at the higher level would have more responsibilities and qualification exams. This also makes it harder for newbies to “climb” to the higher level of the lineage before they have the right mindset and are qualified to take on the roles. You can check out the eBook on our lineage system!

The more one contributes and works for the lineage; the more credit one will earn. At the end of their journey in this world, they will die and be judged to be brought to the Daai Law world or not based on their credit record. Prepare to “ride the crane and ascend” when you die because Baak Hork Sin Si will bring you to the celestial court!

Baak Hork Sin Si is a powerful god who can help you learn better in communication and virtue and push things back to preheaven. Whenever it is time to submit a letter to the celestial court, he is here to help us deliver the message to the court. There is also a scripture from this god for dissolving disasters which you can read!  You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this god in the Magic Foundation E-book!  If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!