Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師


Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師 (Saamlawnese: Bye Hwall Cian Cia) holds a prominent position among the main gods in our lineage. His anniversary is observed on the lunar Dec 9th. This god is exclusive to our lineage and is part of the esteemed Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真 (Yioh Fong Gew Jin). Represented by the energy color white, Baak Hork Sin Si is born after the celestial court and thus referred to as a Sin Si rather than a Jo Si. He shares a close connection with the other five main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si (also known as the five ancestor gods, 五祖 Ng Jo). The emergence of the Sin Si marks a new chapter in the lineage following the birth of the five Jo Si(s). I recommend studying these gods in the aforementioned order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the lineage's background.

Unveiling the Divine Messenger

Baak Hork Sin Si plays a transformative role within our lineage, initiating significant changes that have affected numerous disciples. While Jo Si initiates and creates, Sin Si provides support once something has been set in motion. Fulfilling a vital role in the celestial court, Baak Hork Sin Si specializes in communication, facilitating the transmission of messages from the human world to the divine realm known as the preheaven world. This god also serves as an exceptional teacher of virtue, guiding us to comprehend and improve our alignment with nature's harmonious flow.

I must clarify that the association between the white crane and the term "explosive" may seem unexpected and contrary to the perceived qualities typically attributed to this graceful bird, such as cuteness, agility, and softness. However, in the context of Baak Hork Sin Si, the term "explosive" signifies a profound impact rather than a literal interpretation.

Baak Hork Sin Si and the Five Ancestor Gods

Baak Hork Sin Si shares a close connection with the other five main gods, known as the five ancestor gods or 五祖 Ng Jo. These gods, namely Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si, represent significant milestones in the lineage's history. The birth of the Sin Si marks a new chapter and enhances our understanding of virtue, communication, and the lineage's background. Studying these gods in the recommended order provides disciples with a comprehensive view of the lineage's evolution.

The Role of Baak Hork Sin Si in Cultivating Virtues

Baak Hork Sin Si places a strong emphasis on the development of communication skills and virtues within our lineage. In recent years, numerous teachings in these areas have been released and extensively implemented, particularly among senior disciples who have greater access to higher powers. The principle behind this is that with increased power comes greater responsibility and a need for enhanced virtue. Just like an ill-tempered police officer with a firearm can potentially cause harm to civilians through the abuse of power, the gods are adamant about preventing such occurrences within our lineage. Thus, they maintain strict standards of virtue rather than tolerating misconduct and allowing the lineage to be tainted.

Effective communication skills are of utmost importance, particularly when dealing with serious matters. The meticulous recording and updating of details in the records greatly benefit those involved in following up on cases. Baak Hork Sin Si has guided us in creating and implementing a reporting system within the lineage, integrating alignment rules into its framework. As senior disciples learn and apply these reporting methods, they develop a better habit of reporting and record-keeping. They also learn to communicate in detail and become more observant of their alignment with nature. If their reporting becomes flawed or inaccurate, it becomes apparent that there is an issue with their energy as well.

The "EW" State and Purification

According to Baak Hork Sin Si, there will always be individuals who resist adhering to the established rules and seek to corrupt the system. It is essential to maintain strict adherence to teachings and, if necessary, eliminate these corruptions. The term "EW" stands for emotional wreck, which refers to individuals who exhibit disruptive behavior, throw tantrums, or display rebellious attitudes as a form of protest against rules and authority. In nature, "EW" represents individuals who choose to defy the natural order and adopt negative, corrupted, and antagonistic roles. Baak Hork Sin Si guides the lineage in identifying and purifying these individuals, allowing the lineage to maintain its integrity and continue its growth.

Baak Hork Sin Si: A Divine Teacher and Observer

Baak Hork Sin Si not only serves as a guide for communication and virtue but also maintains a record of all disciples, meticulously noting their actions and providing detailed reports. This observant nature extends to the celestial court, where the records are periodically updated based on these observations. Consequently, the court reevaluates how much assistance and support to provide each individual. Those who have demonstrated poor behavior may find their magical abilities backfiring instead of producing the desired effects. Baak Hork Sin Si's keen observation ensures that the lineage rewards positive actions and contributes to the growth and development of deserving disciples.


Baak Hork Sin Si, the powerful divine messenger, plays a crucial role in our lineage by guiding communication skills, fostering virtue, and maintaining the integrity of the lineage. Through his teachings, disciples gain a deeper understanding of the importance of effective communication, alignment with nature, and the cultivation of virtues. While the lineage encounters challenges from individuals who resist the teachings and attempt to corrupt the system, Baak Hork Sin Si and the other gods work tirelessly to purify and preserve the lineage's integrity. By following the teachings and embodying the virtues, disciples can harness the magical powers of Baak Hork Sin Si and embark on a transformative journey as Taoists.

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