Secrets and Cultivation of the Yuen Sun 元神

The Spiritual Planetary Body, Yuen Sun or Yuan Shen 元神 (Saamlawnese: Xuan Sin), is important to understanding Taoism and how your life and luck work. We have a long introductory article on Yuen Sun that you can read before digging into. In this article, we will go into advanced knowledge and discuss the relationship between the Yuen Sun and us. I will assume you already know all the foundation knowledge from the previous article and continue from there.

Both our energy body’s heart and the Yuen Sun’s heart are entangled, and they influence each other simultaneously. We are all sensing the Yuen Sun every day without realizing it. This entanglement is called Tin Yunn Sheung Ying 天人相應, meaning that the human and sky elements are entangled and influencing each other simultaneously. It’s naturally done, but not many people will understand what is happening, yet we live life and “act” because of the Yuen Sun's influence. For example, you want to cry if the Yuen Sun is raining. When we do ceremonies and chant, sometimes these feelings will come to us to tell us what is happening in the preheaven. The last time I did a funeral ceremony for someone, I started to drop tears out of the blue like I was about to cry. It was because the Yuen Sun was raining, and the rain symbolizes the sky clearing, which is a good sign related to the ghost I was working on. With a lot of experience and teachings from my teacher in Daai Law Tin, I have understood more about these relationships and “codes” of nature, allowing me to decode all the relationships between the PreHeaven and PostHeaven worlds.

Self Destruction Without Realizing

Many people don’t care about virtues and the cultivation of the heart in the modern days because we are brought up to be materialistic, money-minded and focused on benefits only. What does that do to our Yuen Sun? You would be shocked after learning about it.

Remember that your energy heart is entangled with the Yuen Sun’s heart? The two hearts will influence and “teach” each other to generate feelings and emotions. They are like two people who are friends who influence each other all the time. One person starts to like sweating; the friend would copy and learn to swear too. One person started loving and caring; the other would also be like that soon.

In the article on the God of Wealth for Spending, we discussed two types of loyalty, Jung 忠 and Yee 義. Think about how it works if applied to the Yuen Sun situation.

Jung is to be loyal to the lord or master; you will serve your one and only lord, not another one. A very Jung worker will only have one job and be loyal to one boss; he won’t work at a few companies simultaneously, sharing his heart with more than one boss.

If you are a loyal person, the living beings on the Yuen Sun will also be loyal to the planet, and so they will all work hard to upkeep the world like they are serving the planet. If you are not Jung, the people there will also be disloyal to the planet, and so they might always be trying to reach out to the other Yuen Sun(s) or worlds outside of their own and try to put their time and effort into “space exploration” instead. That way, the planet itself will fail and have a lack of care. Our “earth” today is a very nice demonstration of that, and that is why our world is full of pollution and environmental problems caused by human beings. If this place was a Yuen Sun of someone, the owner of this Yuen Sun must be a very disloyal person.

Yee is loyalty to your peers. If the Yuen Sun and you are peers because the two hearts are connected and entangled, then a good relationship with Yee would make the Yuen Sun want to give you help and share its goods with you. When you need help, the Yuen Sun will push you to the energies that can solve your problems. However, if you have no Yee in the heart, even if you sleep for hours, the Yuen Sun won’t want to help you and will make you waste your time. The Yuen Sun is like saying, “You can keep calling me, but I am not going to give you my resources!”

Good virtue and a good heart make your Yuen Sun a good planet that can help you whenever needed. Bad virtues will destroy your Yuen Sun world, destroying your life here.

This is why cultivating the heart is so important and why our teachers from Daai Law Tin heavily emphasize virtues when they give us all the commandments and doctrines to study and follow. If you understand how much this can change your life and Yuen Sun’s world, you will cherish every word of those teachings. Some disciples asked me how they could cultivate their Yuen Sun and fix the problems in that world. How funny is it that the answers are all there when ordained? The five virtues, ten commandments, and all the blog posts on virtues are your remedies and medicine! However, the more obvious and simpler the answer is, the harder it is for people to see and realize, so most people don’t cherish those teachings and think they are just rules set to restrict or control them. A disciple even went wild on me and said those rules were like putting him in prison! How ridiculous.

The Organs Energy and Yuen Sun

We have talked about the “heart” entangled with the Yuen Sun, but that is not the “organ” heart that pumps blood for the body. It’s the energy heart in the energy body.

However, the words for liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney are also related to the metaphysics relationship between the energy body and the Yuen Sun. As a result, your organ here will show the corresponding signs and symptoms, demonstrating what’s going on with the Yuen Sun.

The lungs control the breathing system and help you get “air” from the outside. In the five elements, it is gold because it doesn’t move but attracts or sucks in energy (air), which fuels the system. In the Yuen Sun, this will be related to how the planet “breathes” and circulate its energy within the system and detoxes to the outside of the planet. If this is obstructed or damaged, the planet might have issues with the ecosystem because the energy flow is stuck or obstructed. That also means that living beings on the planet would suffer too. Imagine our system here suddenly cannot cycle properly; then we would see draughts, flooding, etc.

The kidney helps pull down the water, and we all know kidney failure leads to peeing your pants in sleep. In the five elements, this belongs to water, which translates to commitment and investment into things. If this is damaged, then the Yuen Sun might have problems raining or giving help to living beings. Imagine the place is always damp yet not raining; things can go rotten and bad.

The liver helps detox the blood and uses it to make energy, and it relates to the wood element energy, which pumps energy upward to motivate the system. If the Yuen Sun is having a problem with this energy, it would be like rain is stuck in the soil and not evaporating, which turns the soil into a puddle, and it would kill all the plants and crops because of too much water. The soil is sloppy; your mood might also become sloppy too. That is why we call people who are useless and not doing anything “a puddle of the soil.”

The heart uses energy and burns, relating to the fire element. If this is not doing well, then the Yuen Sun world will have a lot of weird mutated plants that turn into monsters. Living beings there would also act weird and have violent or destructive habits. The world would be in chaos and destruction.

The stomach contains the food you eat and slowly absorbs it; the spleen is related to this, and they are related to the earth energy in the five elements. If this is a problem in the Yuen Sun, people would have problems harvesting their fruits and crops. For example, pests invasion and destroy all the crops. Like those insects eating all the crops in one night, all hard work is wasted. What’s even worse is that the people would be sad and lose trust in the world, and because of that, the Yuen Sun would have less income from them, leading to your life going downhill.

The Yuen Sun and your life in reality are closely related, and if you can imagine how their world changes, you can predict the outcome and what kind of problems they can bring for you in the future.  You can work by cultivating the heart using the virtues in our teachings to fix the five elements issues.

Gold energy can be fixed by being loyal and focused. Water energy can be fixed by being humble and low down your ego. Wood energy can be fixed by being faithful and trusting. Fire energy can be fixed by doing what you say and being honest with yourself. Earth energy can be fixed by being appreciative and grateful for what you have been given. This is simple but not easy because many people would not know how to do it and don’t realize they are doing it wrong.

You destroy your Yuen Sun daily when you do badly with your virtues. When I see bad disciples go into the rotten stage, their virtues corrupt, and I can already foresee their life going downhill even if I don’t do anything because it’s all done by themselves. As we say, nature will bring you to justice.

By being a Taoist, you are given the teachings and guidance to learn and stay on the right track. At the same time, Taoist magic can help you fix things much quicker because you will have the powers from the Tao. The gods can also travel to your Yuen Sun and fix the Yuen Sun for you, like what we have mentioned in the Three Officials Scripture.

At last, let’s talk about what the Yin and Yang would have to do with these virtue-related impacts. Remember how I taught about the Tai Chi diagram and Yin Yang theory?

The theory is about communication with the two parties set, with one being the higher giver and the lower that takes. For example, I am higher as the master, and you are lower as the disciple. When I am at the Yang stage, I am white and teaching. At the same time, you should be learning, absorbing, and not talking back or resisting. When I finish my teachings, we exchange roles; you must talk and give feedback while I listen. Many disciples understand this but still fail it. For example, they have learned from a super long lesson, and all they said was, “thanks, noted.” Or “wow, I have nothing to ask.” Don’t you see that the two parts of tai chi are equal in size? For the cycle to not be broken, the number of white must be the same as black. If I have given you such a lengthy lesson, should you at least return something about the same value? Sometimes the disciple doesn’t even continue the cycle and drops dead air into the conversation. That is a broken cycle of Yin and Yang.

The virtue of yin and yang teaches your heart the two energies, to output and intake. If Yuen Sun learned from you and went bad with the yin and yang, guess what could happen?

The Yuen Sun goes bad with Yang because you always talk back and resist teachings, then the Yuen Sun will also be over-Yang, and give you too much energy all the time when you don’t need them. It makes you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, like you have so many things to do but not enough time to do them.

If your Yuen Sun is doing badly with the Yin, like you are not listening and learning, then the Yuen Sun will want to avoid taking or absorbing the bad stuff for you when you sleep. That means the bad energies would have to stay in your body and cannot be absorbed by the planet, leading to your physical body feeling stressed and hot-tempered; you might go violent to vent your anger all the time and become a hot-headed person.

Ordain to learn more and, most importantly, to get the connection with the Tao to protect and empower your Yuen Sun! You can be better than what you are, but trying harder isn’t the way to do it. You need a Tao to protect you and provide you with the wealth that you don’t have yet.