Super-Eyes and Super-Ears in Taoist Magic

Super-Eyes and Super-Ears in Taoist Magic

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Here we will introduce a new statue or a pair of statues that we use in our lineage, which are called the Chin Lay Ngaan 千里眼 and Shun Fung Yee 順風耳.  It roughly translates to the super-eyes and super-ears, which is a shortcut way to remember what they are for. It’s like the eyes that can project their vision to see things far away, and also the ears that can receive and hear the sound that is super far away. However, that’s not the real meaning and purpose of the statues. By the way, the lady in the middle is Mazu, you can read up on her in our “Mazu Article” too!

In our lineage, we always talk about the three essential things that make things happen, the three essential pre-heaven elements. Referring to the “nine-star article”, these are the d1-white, d2-black and d5-yellow energy.

D1-white is the “light”, and the D2-black is the “wind”. Light contains all the stuff, it’s a completed form of things, which is “done” and “completed, and so it will burn itself and give off the power to the surrounding area.  Just like when humans are born, they start moving and spending their energy.  However, the d2-black is the exact opposite. The black is like wind, it doesn’t have anything, and so it keeps on sucking in things and consuming them. Black absorbs light, or to put it another way, white.  

Here you can see the pattern, light projects and outputs, wind absorbs and intakes. Our eyes and ears are good corresponding devices which you can look at how our body functions In this world. Our eyes output the light because we have to “open” the eyes to project our vision to see things. Therefore, the projection of your “light” or power, can be represented by the power of the eyes.  The light will project the (d1 white) light.

On the other side, our ears absorb the wind and hear sounds, and so it must be able to suck in or sense the wind in order for sound to be heard.  This will get us the d2 (black) energy.

The super-eyes statue is a statue that accumulates the pre-heaven energy at your altar for building a power bank that helps you output your light to the outside world, projecting your powers and such. You can see it’s left hand is hooding over the eyes, like he is trying to “look far away”.  What this statue brings in (left hand) is the power of vision, projecting the light outward. The right hand holds a ring (power that he will output) which represents “gathering”.  Ring, circle, is the shape of the “gold element”, which means to gather up.   Therefore, this statue with the super-vision helps your altar to gather the light projection power into your altar.  In short, it helps you channel in the power from the source your altar is connected to, and lets the light (power) of the Tao come into your altar and be gathered up.

The super-ear statue uses the right hand to help the ear collect wind, while the left hand is holding a ring. In this case, it means that he is bringing in the gathered energy to help itself output the power of sucking in wind, to collect energy from the outside.

This statue with the super-ear can help your altar to gather up energy and be able to absorb things from far away (from the Tao). Therefore, it helps you to connect and suck in the energy from the Tao, while the super-eyes lets you connect with the Tao better. One helps you accumulate light and power, one help you accumulate wind and energy. As you can see, they are like a pair of statues that work to boost your d1 and d2 power (white and black) or you can say the yin and yang power of your altar.

Having the statue for the super-eyes and super-ears is a plus for your magic altar, strengthening your connections and power for your magic work. At the same time, you can also just simply look at it as the booster for your "vision" and “hearing”, such as the vision in business, the vision in choosing a good wife, etc.  Then the hearing is like the being able to “hear” or “sense” things far away, such as rumors being sensed, or even sensing some natural disasters that might come up, and so you can do your planning in advance. Being able to “hear” and sense things is very important. Sometimes being able to sense a car accident in advance can really save your life!

These 2 statues are considered like the guardian-statue type of statue, they help and assist us, and also help our altar to stay strong and protected.

If you want to learn more and get hands-on experience with the magic learning here, feel free to get ordain today and start your journey of Taoism!