Super-Eyes and Super-Ears 千里眼, 順風耳

Super-Eyes, known as 千里眼 (Chin Lei Ngaan/Cian Li Yien), and Super-Ears, known as 順風耳 (Shun Fung Yi/Sin Fong Yi), are revered as guardians in the celestial court. Their anniversary falls on the lunar April 7th. You may encounter their names on FUs, which are talismans used in rituals, and they are also depicted on the Sun Paai, the God's Signage.

The role of the Super-Eyes guardian is to observe and gather information about the happenings in our world, relaying it back to the celestial court. When you wish to present something before the court, this deity assists in conveying visual representations to the higher gods. They enable the court to witness and record events occurring in our realm, serving as a means to gather evidence.

On the other hand, the Super-Ears guardian is responsible for listening and attuning to the calls of disciples and altars in our world. Whether it be through spells or calls for assistance, this deity ensures that your messages reach the celestial court.

In our lineage, these two gods serve in the celestial court, closely monitoring the affairs of our world. They act as the eyes and ears of the higher court, ensuring the smooth functioning of the human realm.

Their most crucial role lies in capturing evidence and information from disciples and their altars. If any disciples engage in rebellious or malevolent actions, these guardians relay the message to the higher gods, prompting an investigation into the disciple's behavior. They will take any necessary measures to guide the disciple back onto the right path. With these higher gods overseeing matters, no one can escape their vigilant gaze. If humans fail to uncover wrongdoings, the gods will fulfill their duty and deliver appropriate consequences to the guilty party. All altars and disciples are monitored to ensure their safety, protection, and to prevent any followers from straying towards evil or engaging in malicious deeds.

During their anniversary, it is customary to express gratitude to these guardians for safeguarding our lineage and homes. The importance of these gods cannot be overstated, as they serve as a security department, diligently watching over our realm like CCTV cameras, ensuring peace and harmony.

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