Three Great Emperor Officials 三官大帝

In our Saam Law Taoism, we show respect to the Three Great Emperor Officials (三官大帝), or Saam Guan Daai Di in Saamlawnese. These big guys are key deities up in the Celestial Court. We're talking about the 上元一品賜福天官 Upper Emperor Official of the Sky, 中元二品赦罪地官 Middle Emperor Official of the Earth, and 下元三品河厄水官 Lower Emperor Official of the Water.

Their big days are on:

  • Upper Emperor Official of the Sky - Lunar January 15th
  • Middle Emperor Official of the Earth - Lunar July 15th
  • Lower Emperor Official of the Water - Lunar October 15th

Who Needs This God?

Our disciples gotta keep these three in mind, especially if you're aiming to be a top-notch Taoist reaching your ultimate goal after this lifetime. Sure, we all dig blessings and good fortune from the Tao, but it's crucial to realize when we're slipping up or messing around without even noticing. These officials are like our cosmic wake-up call, pointing out our mistakes and giving us a chance to straighten up. The Tao looks out for us, doling out tough love so we know when we've veered off path, offering us a shot to make things right. Every one of us, including mine as the lineage holder, needs to pay special attention to these officials and their important dates. Don’t miss out on getting those blessings or the chance to say sorry and ask for a bit of leniency.

The God’s Power

Upper Emperor Official of the Sky – He's the boss when it comes to deciding our share of fortune and wealth from the Tao. His verdict affects how much magic power and blessings we'll receive in our Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) for the year.

Middle Emperor Official of the Earth – He's like the strict teacher grading us on our conduct and quality, letting us know halfway through the year where we stand. It's a heads-up to correct our course before the year wraps up.

Lower Emperor Official of the Water – This official hands out the final grades and decides if anyone needs a bit of disciplinary action. Bad behavior could mean bad luck, illness, or even getting booted from the sect. It might seem like leaving was their own idea, but it's really a nudge from this official. At year's end, disciples can plead their case, asking for mercy to avoid punishment and get a chance to make things right.

A True Story

Over the years, I've seen firsthand how real the influence of these officials is. I've had disciples who strayed or even betrayed the Tao, pretending all was well in front of me while their hearts were turning to stone. They can't fool the gods, though. The officials hand down their verdicts, and while these disciples might ignore the warning signs, eventually, they're shown the door, disappearing from our circle. But if they'd paid attention to the signs, they could've saved themselves a lot of trouble.

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