Three Great Emperor Officials 三官大帝

There are three gods in a group like the Saam Ching, and that is the “Three Great Emperor Officials” Saam Goon Daai Dai 三官大帝. These anniversaries are:

  • Upper Emperor Official of the Sky Lunar Jan 15th
  • Middle Emperor Official of the Ground - Lunar July 15th
  • Lower Emperor Official of the Water - Lunar Oct 15th

In the traditional culture, people believe in these gods for giving human fortune, helping people to reduce their suffering and dissolving disasters and problems coming to this world. However, just like the Saam Ching, every lineage/sect has a system that might be a bit different from the others, yet the main concept doesn’t change, just like how every company has a boss, manager, etc. In this article, we will introduce these gods in our lineage to you.

Before you get too confused, I suggest you read the “preheaven wealth” article preheaven wealth” to get some extra knowledge. Then you will be much clearer in this article.

Upper Emperor Official of the Sky

His full title and name are 上元一品賜福天官, meaning the upper level, rank 1, the official that gives fortune. He is responsible for judging and giving the “wealth” down from the celestial court to the people in the lineage.  This judge works with Munn Choy Sun (God of Wealth for Income) and Mo Choy Sun to take out the wealth and give it to the people who deserve their wealth from the court.

Middle Emperor Official of the Ground

His full title and name are 中元二品赦罪地官, meaning the middle level, rank 2, the official that forgives the sins. His responsibility is to judge and determine who did what wrong things in the year according to the rules in the lineage—keeping the record for the final sentence later on.  He is the decision-maker, so if you want to turn yourself in for your crimes and guilt, you better beg for forgiveness on his big day, July 15th.

Lower Emperor Official of the Water

His full title and name are 下元三品河厄水官, meaning the lower level, rank 3, the official that flows down disaster. Many people say this is the god that helps humans dissolve the disaster – sounds great, but not really for our lineage. After rank two judges the people, this one will come to serve you the punishment and sentence, meaning that you will be punished. On lunar Oct 15th, he will serve his workers to track down whoever needs punishments, and there goes the scary moment for people. Read up on “God Punishments.” This big day, Oct 15th is your last chance to beg for forgiveness or show the celestial court that you regret what you have done and want to make changes – and hope the punishments will reduce for you.

Sometimes, you can also beg for the chance to "hold off" your punishment so you can have time to show your will to correct and make up for what you have done wrong, THEN ask for a review again next year. But to get the approval, it all depends on your truthfulness and heart.

As you can see, the three judges help the celestial court do three things – give goodies, judge people, and punish or take things back.

More Wisdom and Magic

There is a special scripture from the Three Officials named the "Three Official Scripture", which our disciples can download and use. There is a lot of wisdom in this scripture, especially highlighting the point that we are facing a lot of hurdles, challenges or even problems in this life is all because of the previous life matters which cannot be traced or backtracked. However, we have this magic to help you dissolve the problems and hurdles to create a better future. Therefore, the three officials are also like the gods to help us dissolve our problems and trouble from the previous life matters. I am sure a lot of you would need this magical help, start chanting and dissolve the hurdles asap!

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