Decoding Eight Immortals in Taoist Magic

Decoding Eight Immortals in Taoist Magic

Explaining Eight Immortals in Taoist Magic
The eight immortals are often seen in Taoist magic and Taoism related art or even magic spells and FU Talismans. While there are tons of stories and novels on these so-called “immortals”, one thing that most people do not understand about Taoist magic is that there is always a version for the outsiders and a version for the real disciples who learn in the lineage. For the outsiders, they can believe in the novels and fictions, but it is just as fake as Harry Potter sometimes, and it’s just hard for a modern person to believe that it is even real at all.

The purpose of these novels is to teach people the theory and morals behind the stories while providing entertainment for the readers. Remember that this is all for the outsiders, the fans, and believers of Taoism.

The real usage of eight immortals in Taoism and Taoist magic is a metaphor of nature’s principle, which is related to the theory of Bagwa and how things are done inside a system, making something happen. Basically, you can see it as the eight stages of processing something and storing it into the system.

The theory of eight immortals is strongly related to Bagwa, the 8 stages of how things are created in this world, which you can see how it is done by even observing how your body intake food and digest food.

There are 8 different powers or “magic tools” for the eight stages, which is a metaphor to their property and how this process works in the system. Actually, they are almost identical to the 8 doors of Qimendunjia theory too.

Eight Immortals Magic Tools

Here we will go in order and explain each of the eight immortals theory and how they are symbolizing the 8 stages of happening. These are also corresponding to the Qimendunjia 8 doors theory too.

Fan – Create the wind and start to bring in elements. The Wind will attract things over, and start something in the air. This is like the “open door” in qimendunjia, to start something up, the initial step is to have a motivation, moving force, energy creation. This is like the stage of yourself moving around and summoning food over for your meal.

Fish-drum – Thunder up the yin and yang channels and activates energy inside an enclosed system to awaken the system up. This is like the “close door” in qimendunjia. Now you will thunder up the internal energy and prepare yourself to get into action, building up internal energy. This stage is like when you close your eyes and the throat swallows, getting ready to eat.

Flower basket – Accumulate the light and energy. Flowers are a symbol of anything that is growing, blossoming and ready to be taken. These “things” (flowers) all have enough light and energy in them already and so you want to take it and collect it. This is like the “live door” in qimendunjia, just like when we open the mouth and start putting food into the mouth.

Sword – Pierce through the yin and yang, into another world. This is the easiest one, just like when food enters your throat and went “into another world” which is your body’s internal world. This is like the “harm door” of qimendunjia, which is to passes things down and things will also be pushed into a system while being broken down.

Lotus – Birth of happening in transmission route (water). While the food got swallowed down and transferring down the route, something started, a new happening is fired up, which is your digestive system starting to work. This is like the “process door” in qimendunjia, some kind of process being fired up or triggered up internally.

Horizontal Flute (Dizi) – Wind (energy) passes by and cause effect or give power. This is like the stage when the elements start to go through the intestine and giving you energy. In the qimendunjia theory, this is the “wait door”, meaning that things sits and gets absorb while providing power when energy is absorbed internally.

Clappers – Cause effect when yin and yang meets. This is the “shit door” or “death door” in qimendunjia, meaning the yin and yang exit is there, the hole for passing out the unwanted stuff is here again. After food processes, it is now about to come out.

Gourd – Store in elements or essences. This is the last stage, which is to put the most important essence that got absorbed in the process back to the headquarter of you, or back to your storage, which is the “gourd” in this case. For our body, things go back to our pre-heaven body or the Yuen Sun as the gourd. In the qimendunjia theory, this is the “capital door”, going back to our capital or headquarter, which is the Yuen Sun of ourselves (if related to food).

As you can see, the eight immortal is really not about any human being, but about the 8 stages of happenings and it’s all a metaphor device to symbolize the different stages of work in a full cycle of consuming and digesting of elements, which is what the post-heaven Bagwa is all about.

The names of the eight immortals are for building up the character and property of what the different processes do, which all goes back to the theory of Bagwa and such. 

In our lineage, we also have a small incense pot which we call it the Eight Immortals Pot, and it is a small brass pot that we will use it for doing things to the local dimension with magic work. Eight immortal, Baat Sin 八仙 in general means the eight stages of internal workings, and everything after 8 stages will be completed and essence is created in the pre-heaven. Therefore, this special incense pot is for us to do work that relates to this dimension and building up essence for the pre-heaven dimension. We will mostly use this small pot for local magic work, space cleansing, empowering things, or doing some work that deals with the local dimension and things in the area.

eight immotrals symbols

There are many hidden messages in Taoism and Taoist magic that is only taught to real disciples and often kept away from outsiders, and so there are tons of disguises and hidden secrets here and there which a normal person does not understand. For example, why do we have these eight immortal tools on our Taoist robe? Why do we have these on our stepping magic mat?  It is not there for the sake of decoration, it is there because they are used to program the magic tools. With the special spells and FU Talismans, we can activate the magic tools with these features embedded into the tool, making the tool work as it should, and it is definitely not just there because it looks pretty. 

If you want to learn more about Taoist magic and really get your hands on it for real, you can now get ordained by distance and start learning Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung right away. We love to teach our disciples the real deal, decoding all the bits and pieces of the magic! Be a smart Tao seeker, seek for the good master who can bring you true wisdom, and not just “history” and “beliefs”.