Eight Immortals and Magical Tools 八仙

Everyone has their own “eight immortals,” eight phases of your life that can change your future if you know what they are and how to utilize them!  In this article, we will be talking about the “eight immortals” in magic and what it is all about. To let you fully understand how this works, let’s start by talking about the “eight immortals” that we all have!

By the way, the Eight Immortal Anniversary falls on lunar August 8th!

(It is just like the metaphor of Fuk Luk Sau! Read up on that article too!)

The eight phases of life:

  1. You see and absorb the “light.”
  2. You hear and absorb the “energy.”
  3. You eat and consume the life essence
  4. You swallow and contain the goods
  5. Inner energy is born
  6. You use up the energy to do things
  7. You rest and sleep
  8. The post-heaven energies go to the Yuen Sun (spiritual planet)

This order is what we call “eight immortals celebrating the birthday” 八仙賀壽; it means that the 8 phases go from postheaven to preheaven and give birth to a cycle. It’s about how your day goes by in reality, and then the memory goes into your heart and back to preheaven, into your yuen sun.

There is another cycle called 八仙過海, eight immortals crossing over the ocean. That is about how the Yuen Sun gives the preheaven energy to your soul, and the soul gets charged up to energize you for a day to begin. This cycle happens when you are sleeping!

How Does it Benefit You?

The eight immortals are just like the “Fuk Luk Sau,” which we have introduced in another post. We are not perfect, and we might have hiccups in energy flow, leading to one or more of the eight phases being stuck or not doing well. Using the power of the eight immortals, you can patch up the holes and even out the bumps, making your life flow smooth and happy again.

I want to make it easier for the non-Chinese to learn this, so I will use a code name for the eight immortals so you can memorize them easily. We will use the code name “C1” to “C8”. C is for the word Cian 仙, meaning immortal (Saamlawnese).

Here are the eight immortals and what they could help you with in life.

  1. C1 can help you clear up bad things you have seen, which could later become a heart devil or mental hurdle in your life. Seeing bad things for a kid can make the kid pick up bad habits or mindsets later; how can that not affect adults?
  2. C2 can help you clear up the bad energies you get from hearing bad things. Sometimes people say things, and it gets stuck in the heart for a long time, like a little devil bugging you all the time! This power can help you clear it up!
  3. C3 can help you process the food you eat so that you are not consuming the bad energies in the food and only taking in the good life essence. Some people don’t eat well; this immortal power can also help you get a better diet!
  4. C4 can help those with issues digest anything, including learning! If you have a learning disability, this will be a great help for sure.
  5. C5 can help you build your inner energy to build motivation and energize you for everyday life matters.
  6. C6 empowers you to take action and make things happen. If you are a slow person who hesitates all the time, this will be a great help!
  7. C7 gives you the power to be able to sleep properly, especially useful for those who have insomnia!
  8. C8 is the most important because it helps you bring the postheaven unwanted energies to the Yuen Sun. Many people have issues getting proper sleep, which results in the sleep being too shallow, and the energies cannot be pushed to the Yuen Sun then they get up. That results in a restless sleep and getting up feeling you are not refreshed or even feeling some burden in the heart all morning. This C8 power can help you deal with this issue.

To get help from the eight immortals, one can get the statues consecrated and then worship them on the altar. Request them for specific help; then, you will see their power kick in!  Now you think this is cool, what about the more advanced version Taoist disciples use at the altar?

Let’s take a deep dive into this.

Eight Immortals Magic at the Altar

The eight immortals (C1-C8) all have a magical tool symbolizing their powers.

C1 – Fan

C2 – Fish drum

C3 – Flower basket

C4 – Sword

C5 – Lotus

C6 – Dizi (Flute)

C7 – Tablet (Chiu Garn)

C8 – Gourd

You should understand that for an ordinary person, their eight-immortal deal with their cycle from their daily life postheaven elements to the preheaven Yuen Sun. However, it's a different perspective when we talk about the eight immortals at the altar.

The altar’s eight immortals are guardians and help empower the altar’s operation flow. The altar gets power from the celestial court above. You can say that the gods locally at the altar are like you in this world; their Yuen Sun would be the celestial court, where all the powers are for the lineage.

C1 – Fan. The local god’s power to “see” this world

C2 – Fish drum. The local god’s power to “hear” this world

C3 – Flower basket. The local god’s power to consume the intentions from this world.

C4 – Sword. The local god’s power to swallow and digest your thoughts.

C5 – Lotus. The local god’s power to ignite its inner powers.

C6 – Dizi (Flute). The local god’s power to take action.

C7 – Tablet (Chiu Garn). The local god’s ability to report back to the celestial court after the job is done.

C8 – Gourd, the celestial court, contains and records the information or things sent by the local altar. The gourd is a “storage” of goods.

The eight immortal powers are very important for a Taoist altar. There could always be times when we face attacks or magic battles when the enemy tries to break our altar’s operation flow. Having the eight immortal guardians on the altar helps the altar be aligned and operate smoothly. At the same time, we can also use these immortals’ power for other people to empower them for the eight phases of the normal life cycle.