CNY Taoist Must Do

CNY is the best time to stamp the best and strongest impression in the god’s heart. This is the first and most special month of the year, all the gods are also feeling like it is a fresh year, fresh start, and now let’s see who have the most heart! This article layout the important things you must do in CNY to make use of this special time period.

Imagine you are the gods, and later in August, someone came for help and requested a FU. You looked at his profile and remembered him, because he was here to celebrate and give offerings in the new year! You would immediately want to give him more help. Whereas if the person only come for “help” when needed, and not show up any other day, you would not want to help them as much too.

  1. Burn Incense and Give Offerings

On the first day of the new year, you must be there to burn incense, which now could be done by online order. That tells the gods that you have the heart to “be there to welcome” their arrival and connection. It means a lot, and no other day can make up for this in the whole year. Giving offerings, shows support, and the god knows you are supporting the lineage, which shows your heart for the Tao. What is the god without a lineage and temple? They cannot even exist or be heard.  Supporting the temple is like supporting and contributing to their home too.

  1. Request for FUs

A FU is a ticket of request, you are telling the gods what you want to improve on or what you need help with – THE MOST, for this year. These Fus you get are not ordinary Fus, they are not like your NORMAL Fus, they are your “annual” requests. You don’t USE the FU like how you normally would. You keep them on your altar at home or keep them in your bedroom in a safe and clean place. Then let them sit for the whole year. They will serve as a “tracking” device for the gods to know where you are and where to deliver the help to you at times. You should not carry, drink, or even burn these FU to use them. Just keep them at the same spot everyday. You can go and pray them to them too, because your message will be heard by the gods as well. Whatever request you have, get a FU for that, and stack it up, put it at home. More is not a problem, as long as you have the intention for such request, it is good to do. What’s even better, list the request on paper and so you got a record of all the request in your hand.

During the year-end, you burn these Fus off and thank the god for their help for the whole year of help. That is call “concluding”. You will do that later to make sure the cycle is completed.

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  1. Do Ceremonies

There will be CNY ceremony and such going on during the CNY period, join them and participate, they are to put your name on and tell the gods that you also want to get the blessings for such and such this year. Again, they are big annual requests, which means the help raining down will be coming throughout the year too.

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Make good impression to let the gods know and love you more. Get your friends or relatives ordained. Help to spread the Tao. All are good to do. Anything that makes the god happy, do it, and make your new year a good one.