White Crane Deity/ Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師

Baak Hork Sin Si (Bye Hwall Cian Cia) 白鶴仙師, the White Crane Deity, is one of our nine main gods of the lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar on Dec 9th!  The main power of this deity is that it helps us connect back to preheaven and bring things back to the gods.

Dragon and crane are used as a metaphor in Taoism and Taoist magic. Dragon goes from the sky and down into the ground and ocean. The crane goes opposite the ground and flies up to the sky. It’s like one goes downward, and one goes upward. This symbolizes the two ways of transmission. Dragon is about bringing the powers from the preheaven down to the world here (postheaven), while the crane is the reverse!

The special power of the white crane deity is that it helps us beam the signal up to the preheaven so we can connect upward to the gods. At the same time, it helps us to push anything from here to the preheaven worlds, such as our Yuen Sun. If our Yuen Sun (the spiritual planetary body) is not doing well, we will encounter many hurdles and hiccups here. In that case, we can prepare some sacrifice like our used clothing, used kitchenware or anything we don’t need anymore and ask the white crane deity to turn their energies into sacrifice and push them back to the Yuen Sun to help our Yuen Sun patch up the holes!

The white crane deity is also good at helping us “absorb” the bad stuff and push them back to the preheaven to recycle and neutralize. Therefore, if one is seriously sick or going through bad luck, they can use the magic from this deity to help them dissolve the hurdle and suck away the bad energies to speed up recovery.

This deity also deals with any after-death matter, such as helping the dead soul to move on and helping the dead ones to transition to their next journey etc. If you have ever seen road kill or dead bodies, there are a bunch of negative energies around because the soul has not yet transitioned to the next dimension. You can use this deity’s power to help the dead soul move on and release them from the obstruction. While “cleansing” yourself, you are also helping out the dead ones to move on and not be stuck in this dimension.

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There is also a scripture/rite from this deity which is very useful for dissolving sickness, disaster, and hurdles in life!

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