White crane deity - Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師

The White Crane Deity -Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師 - is responsible for bringing things from post-heaven world back to the pre-heaven. Therefore, the opposite of the dragon metaphor.

In Taoism, the dragon represents the route from the sky down to the ground: like lightning and rain, it brings resources from the Tao to the human world. 

The white crane is the opposite, bringing things from here back up to the sky.

Offerings, sacrifices, or even letters and forms, all need this Deity’s power to be brought from our human world to the Tao.

The crane symbol is also frequently used on Taoist robes: when we wear crane robes, we are bringing the resources from the ground (altar) to the post-heaven world in the form of blessings. 

Also, if anyone is on their way toDai Law Tin after death, or if anyone needs to assist the dead souls to move on to their next stage, this is also the specialist for the job. 

It's anniversary is on the Lunar December 9th, and it is closely related to the deitySaam Law Tai Yuet Gau Foo Tin Juen 三羅太乙救苦天尊.

Like a messenger, this deity helps us deliver our prayers to the Gods, and it is a symbol of TE - as in giving back to where things come from.

When you need help, you can always ask the Tao. But what about after we received the help, how do we give feedback?  

Help given sometimes can be good, but other times it might miss the mark. For example, if someone treats you for dinner, you might find it tasty or not so much.  

The Tao is great, the Gods and Deities are powerful, but if you just started to cultivate the Tao, they still don’t know you well. So every time after you've used the magic and received the help, it's a great idea to give feedback and let the Gods and Deities know about your preferences so they can fine tune the next help-package for you.  

And to do so, you will need to relay your message to theBaak Hork Sin Si.    

Another time to use this deity's power is when you're doing a cleanup around the house.

Instead of just tossing old things or stuff that you have no more use for, you can askBaak Hork Sin Si for help to bring the energy inside them back to the pre-heaven, back to yourYuen Sun - your spiritual body.

In doing so, their energy can detach from their physical form first, speeding up their cycle.  

Now you're not just making room for a physical upgrade, but also welcoming in good luck!  

Speaking of stuck energies and life cycles: what about when you're driving and suddenly see a road kill... or when you run over a squirrel yourself - ouch!   

Feels bad, doesn’t it?  

Well, don’t just feel bad and let them hang in the middle of nowhere, waiting for things to happen. Do something for real, and help them transition and move on to their next life cycle.  

Put your hands together, stomp yourheart spells, and then draw theBaak Hork Sin Si FU head to invoke the Deity. Then,recite its spell to radiate the power to the dead animal.

As you chant and recite the spell, the soul of the dead will be eased up, released, and sent on its way to the transition route.  

Same goes to any small bugs or animals that you might find dead around your house: do the same for them and cycle their soul to the next life - then their soul’s dead energy won’t be stuck at your location, creating negative impacts in your daily life.  

The Baak Hork Sin Si is also a fortune and luck-provider, sprinkling its magical dust on top of people or things to help them learn and grow.  

When someone is celebrating their birthday, you could draw theBaak Hork Sin Si FU Head on the cake and gifts as a blessing of good luck and fortune.  

Another awesome power of the Baak Hork Sin Si is healing and curing sickness. 

Removing things from post-heaven also includes removing the sick energy,  diseases and viruses from the body, then pushing it back to nature.  

TheBaak Hork Sin Si power can be applied to the medicine, and even congee or water to help the person heal faster. Or, when doing Chi kung for healing, this Deity’s power can be invoked to be injected into the sick person. 

Fighting against the coronavirus these days, it's a good idea to use theBaak Hork Sin Si FU Head on a bunch of incense and smoke the house with the incense smoke to kill off the unwanted energy - using the fire purifying magic! 

When one is stuck withYeep- aka suppressed energy - they can also go the altar and pray toBaak Hork Sin Si for help.

Let the Deity consume away yourYeep, such as suppression from the heart, the mouth, or the body, and you will be freed up from these mental burdens.

As a Saam Law Taoist, one of the best practices is to connect and channel in theBaak Hork Sin Si every evening, to give feedback of your day to the Gods.

By telling them how your day went, you're cultivating the TE by acknowledging the Gods and Deities help, while letting them know about yourself. This way they can provide you even better help the next day! 

Celebrate theBaak Hork Sin Si Anniversary 2022 - January 11th!

Submit your sacred letter, along withofferings to the White Crane deity.

On this special day, we also have acustomized Baak Hork Sin Si Fu for extra protection against the coronavirus!

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You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book and here is a demo in video.



There is also a whole list of prayers for all the different gods in our e-book too. Here is the prayer for Baak Hork Sin Si. There is also a special channel spell in our e-book for this god.


Baak Hork Sin Si Prayer

Jia Seem Gwei Miong Li
Yeen Gaan Seen Su,
Gip Su Gip Naan,
Gip Haam Gip Yieong,
Fi Tian Dun Di,
Whua Seen Chong Xieong,
Chiaan Bien Waan Whua,
Joh Yeen Daai Seen,
Cieong Jiao Tien Tieng,
Yeen Gaan Soh Si,
Yim Gaan Soh Cieong,
Chuan Soh Yim Yang,
Bwa Miong Whuoo Win,
Bu Pa Seen Xia,
Sui Whuall Bu Cheem,
Chuan Nieng Gew Tian,
Bye Hwall Cian Cia.
Determined to trust and believe for the rest of my life.
The messenger for the human world, whenever is needed, just scream and call its name, it can fly above or go under the ground, it can hide and transform into all sorts of forms, it can shapeshift, it can help us to deliver the message to the celestial court. Anything dies from the human world above, going to the underworld below, or through the dimensions, it can save lives and protect the soul, it doesn’t fear any evils and obstacles that stops it, fire and water cannot harm it, it connects and fly up to the highest sky, White Crane Deity, Bye Hwall Cian Cia.