Door Guardian Deity 門神戶衛

This is one of your most important local deity in the house, the Door Guardian Deity, Moon Sun Woo Wai 門神戶衛. Even better, they come in a pair and not just one! Even you have a single door, you still get 2 guards!  The anniversary of the two guardian is on the lunar Jan 15-16th, right after the Chinese New Year ends! In this article we will talk about their powers and how you can utilize them!

Wisdom and Power

These guardians come in a pair because you have one guard to guard what comes in and one guard for dealing with what goes out. Even you have the single door setup, the 2 guardian is still there looking out for you. Think about them as human, and you have 2 security guards doing the job together. One is more of a guy with the pens and walkie-talkie. One of the guy is more like a fighter type with a weapon.

For example, there are evils coming in, the left guardian will spot it right away. The left guard then inform the right guard, then it is now the right guard’s job to get into fighting mode. The left guard then goes inside and inform the people about threat and get things prepared in case of anything.

The left guard is responsible for looking out mostly, recording information, logging the everyday events, and making sure everything is working, doors are locked, and so on. Usually we can have the left guard help us send out reminders, just in case we are missing something before we go out. You can tell your left guard that you need to bring this pile of paper to work tomorrow, leave the paper around the area. Then next day he will help to make sure you remember to bring them. It works all the time!  I have tried to ask the left guard to help remind me to bring the envelop to my car next week, and by then I really forgot about the envelop already, but the left guard stopped me when I am about to go out, and I just somehow looked at that spot – oh the envelop!  This is just one of the many cases that have etched his power into my heart!

The right guard is the evil buster, the fighter, and the one who help you back off the evils or fight off the monsters. You need him to guard the house, deal with situations, and especially when it is Cheng Sun time, we need him to guard and prevent any evils to sneak in during our important session. If someone is trying to attack you using magic, this guard is the first one to deal with it before the magic get a chance to come in and touch you. I cannot say enough how much he has saved my butt in the past. It’s so important to have him around!

Who Needs Their Help

Everyone with an altar should have door deities!  Just like the landlord deity’s series, you have the washroom and kitchen deity, and of course you will have this as well. It’s something you will have by default once the landlord is setup, and you don’t need to separately open an altar for them. However, you can tape the Door Guardian FU to deploy them to places you think that needs special attention. If you don’t have an altar at your workplace or maybe your car (car also have door), you can write their FU and place it there too. Carrying the FU with you is like bringing 2 body guards with you, it’s very useful if you are always facing attacks!

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