Door Guardian Deity 門神戶衛

In our Saam Law Taoism tradition, we deeply honor the Door Deity (門神戶衞), or Moon Sin Wu Wei in Saamlawnese, as a vital protector of our homes' sanctity. The celebration of this deity takes place on the lunar January 16th.

Who Needs This God?

Every home of our disciples should welcome the Door Deity! Facing evil magic, curses, or any spiritual disturbances, the Door Deity stands as your home's primary shield. Those seeking to attract good luck and positive energies will find these deities indispensable, as they ensure that only beneficial forces cross your threshold. Additionally, for homes frequently hosting guests, these divine guardians serve to sift through the energies, barring any negative influences from entry.

The God’s Power

Operating as a duo, these guardians collaborate to fortify your home's entrance—one oversees incoming energies, while the other manages outgoing ones. They vigilantly ward off threats and ensure that prosperity and auspicious energies are welcomed. In the face of malevolent magic or spirits, they act as a formidable barrier, also deterring physical intruders like thieves and burglars.

A True Story

One of our disciples encountered a severe magical assault manifesting as a menacing black dragon. Experiencing sudden instability and dizziness, he sought immediate assistance via LINE. Responding promptly, I embarked on a soul journey to his residence. There, I witnessed the Door Deities valiantly fending off the evil entity attempting to breach the home. While they engaged the dragon, I intervened, ultimately neutralizing the threat. The disciple's afflictions ceased, restoring peace and normalcy. Without the steadfast protection of the Door Deities, the malevolent force could have overwhelmed the home and targeted the altar directly.

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