Introduction to Woh Hup Sin Si 和合仙師 and Chung Hoi Sin Si 沖開仙師 (God of Harmony and Separation)

In the profound practice of Saam Law Tao, we encounter the wisdom of two pivotal deities: Woh Hup Sin Si 和合仙師 (God of Harmony) and Chung Hoi Sin Si 沖開仙師 (God of Separation). These celestial beings, guided by our Mazu Goddess 媽祖娘娘 and appointed by Yuen Chi Tin Juen 元始天尊, one of the Saam Ching heavenly lords, govern the essential forces of binding and separation. This article aims to unravel their significance in our Taoist magic practice.

Understanding Harmony and Separation

Harmony (Woh Hup) 和合

Harmony or "Woh Hup" comprises two concepts: Woh, the alignment of things, and Hup, their combination. This union doesn't necessarily mean harmony; it's merely a confluence of elements, a meeting point. Hence, a more fitting word might be the God of Binding, although it's not a commonly used term.

Separation (Chung Hoi) 沖開

Chung Hoi, on the other hand, signifies the breaking of connections and the pushing away of elements from each other, like stopping a fight by driving people apart.

Woh Hup in Taoist Magic – Dispelling Misconceptions

The mention of Woh Hup magic often leads to misunderstandings associated with love magic. Let's clear up such misconceptions and understand its more practical applications.

Binding and Separation in Various Elements

These gods control the binding or separation of various elements: sky, ground, human, and yin yang. Their manipulation requires a profound understanding beyond the superficial concepts of clouds and rocks.

Sky Element – Yuen Sun (Spiritual Planetary Body)

The Yuen Sun guides life's direction and sparks ideas. It's the source of inspiration and visions in life. By binding the Yuen Sun, harmony can be achieved between two individuals, allowing them to think and feel alike.

Ground Element – Soul or Ghost Altar

The ground element refers to the soul, controlling logical thinking. Binding the ground elements can align thinking patterns, leading to better understanding and reduced conflicts.

Human Element – Physical Body

Binding the human elements increases the chances of physical encounters or similar life events, creating coincidental happenings.

Yin Yang Element – Communication

The yin yang element governs communication. Binding or separating these elements can foster or hinder conversation and reconciliation.

Binding with the TAO as a Disciple

Being bound with the TAO transforms you into a more proactive, learning, and wise disciple. Magic isn't restricted to binding people; it can also connect people to objects, businesses, or the sect, enhancing their connection and love for them.

Separation Magic for Good Purpose

Separation isn't always negative. If your child falls under bad influences, separation magic can help distance them from harmful companions. Magic is a tool, and its goodness or badness depends on its application.

Conclusion: Embrace the Path of Harmony and Separation

The understanding of Woh Hup Sin Si 和合仙師 and Chung Hoi Sin Si 沖開仙師 is crucial in our Taoist practice. Harmony and separation are two sides of the same coin, guiding us to connect and disconnect as required by the flow of life.

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