Seven Star Sword Sage Deity 七星劍聖

In the realm of Saam Law Taoism, there exists a powerful deity known as the Seven Star Sword Sage, or Chaat Sing Gim Sing (七星劍聖) in Saamlawnese: Chia Xieong Gim Xieong. Celebrated each year on the lunar January 7th, she stands as a formidable goddess of war, specializing in combatting sorcery attacks, deflecting evil magic, and shielding victims from harm.

Who Needs This Goddess?

Imagine being targeted by malevolent forces, akin to a child surrounded by armed bullies, defenseless and overwhelmed. This scenario is a harsh reality for those afflicted by dark magic and sorcery. When sorcerers conspire, identifying the mastermind and countering the assault becomes a daunting challenge. The mental and physical anguish inflicted can be so severe that many feel compelled to surrender, accepting their plight as an inescapable facet of life. Unfortunately, professional sorcery attacks are a prevalent menace, leaving countless individuals feeling powerless and desolate.

The Goddess’s Power

The Seven Star Sword Sage is a compassionate yet fierce warrior deity. She intervenes on behalf of victims, absorbing some of the inflicted harm and converting it into energy for counterattack. Empowering those under her protection, she enables them to repel and reverse the effects of wicked spells and curses. By ensnaring all involved sorcerers and subjecting them to their deserved retribution, she stands as a guardian against dark deities and malevolent humans alike.

A True Story

Consider the experience of a follower beleaguered by the covert hostility of a seemingly benevolent relative. Unbeknownst to her, this "kind" aunt, who regularly bestowed gifts, was the source of years of sorcery-induced turmoil. Only through a ceremonial invocation of the Seven Star Sword Sage's power was the truth unveiled. The malignant forces were neutralized, their orchestrators suffering the consequences of their actions. The aunt fell ill, her daughter encountered misfortune, and the victim's life returned to normalcy, free from unseen obstacles. The stark contrast in their fates served as undeniable proof of the aunt's malevolence, leading to her isolation and the victim's newfound peace.

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