Seven Star Sword Sage Deity 七星劍聖

The Seven Star Sword Sage Deity 七星劍聖 is a unique deity in our lineage that deals with exorcism, magic battle, and handling large scale magic warfare when the enemy comes in large groups. Imagine you are fighting a battle against 200 groups or more, there is no way you can deal with it by using a normal one to one method. This deity’s power can help us handle these cases with ease. The power of this deity is so unbelievable and incredible because it allows us to help more people by handling multiple cases for the believers at once. Instead of treating them one after another, we can deal with them altogether in one go.

The uniqueness of this deity’s power is that the main Sword Sage Deity is one deity, but there are seven “sword immortals” under him. The seven sword immortals each hold one sword to cultivate and gathers the seven kinds of powers, and later they will combine into the main Sword Sage’s sword to become one, and when the power is matured, the main sword will be deployed to penetrate through all the targets one after another just like meatballs being poked through by a super long and sharp metal stick. After the targets are all hooked up, the magic will burst and the power releases, causing every one of the targets to absorb the impact at the same time.

When this deity passed on its power to us, the first thing we learned was a powerful formation magic called the Seven Star Sword Formation. We setup a formation on the table with the 7 swords and incense pot, along with FUs injected into them, invoking the 7 swords immortals to channel down their powers. Throughout a period of time, we do daily channelling and empowerment on the formation, building and gathering the powers for the 7 swords. After the power is matured, we then group them into the main sword in the altar and fire it off to the enemies that were on a long LIST. This magic has taught us a lot of things, and there were many times where enemies tried to stop us and came with surprise attacks to ruin our formation in the middle of the night. Our team had to soul travel into the formation in the spiritual realm and deal with these smaller battles to save our formation too. Many weird and paranormal things happened during these battles, such as incense sticks just got lit up by themselves, things breaking and shifting, or even seeing the spirits invading and such was quite some eye opener for our senior disciples who just joined the battle.

The experience of learning from this deity taught us a lot of things, and the most important gem-wisdom is teamwork spirit and communication strategy. With evils trying to ruin your plan, you cannot be driven by emotions all the time, and when things happen you need code to communicate with the team to not be affected by the evil’s energy that tries to break up the team’s harmony. Nothing is worse than your own teammate screwing you over by doing stupid things and undoing your magic work!  External enemy is not the worse thing, internal issue is the biggest killer all the time!

We are very honoured to release some more magic that were passed onto us by the Seven Star Sword Sage deity for all the disciples to give them the best protection against evils. Anyone tagged by evil spirits, sorcery, or even some enemy that has been after you or your family for decades – this deity is the ultimate medicine to fix the problem up.

Ng Lui Sin Si 五雷仙師 and Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師 are both on top of this deity. The Five Thunder Deity (Ng Lui Sin Si) provides the power for the Sword Sage, and the Sun Lung Jo Si allows the sword to fly and travel to any places it wants to go. When partnered up with the Woh Sing Deity, it is like the perfect god of war combination for any kinds of magic warfare.

We have had people coming to us for help saying that their family was being targeted by evil magic works for generations.  Some people even got pinned down by sorcery by their competitors in business. These all seems like a big war with many huge enemies against one small victim.  The Seven Star Sword Sage Deity is the perfect deity for this kind of situation. Embrace onto his power and your problems shall be resolved!  

There is also a rite with spell and scripture from this deity. Use the spell and channel down his power when you need. Recite the scripture or even the full rite to cultivate the power into your body, or you could even forward the power to others in need. We are so proud of the Seven Star Sword Sage Deity because he had taught us so much and gave us such a great power to save ourselves and others. With his power, we can use less time to deal with more problems. With his power, we fear no magic warfare ahead, because there is no match for this ultimate powerful deity of war!

Here is the link to the eBook for the whole rite!


You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book