Chinese New Year Banner with Magic Guide!

You will see people taping up a lot of red banners with black or golden words during the Chinese New Year. You don’t even need to guess; it’s all the “good luck” and “get rich” kind of words which people just put up for the vibe – yet, how many people care if they “work” or not? Many businesses put up these and still closed their door later on.  It’s like people putting up seasonal decorations just for the vibe, but no one believes in it truly in the heart. However, you are here today, which means you are in luck with the real deal piece of gem you have been missing all these years to revive this “tradition,” or “magic,” I should say. You heard it right; this Chinese New Year banner tradition was initially a Taoist magic carried on by the non-Taoists in the culture; no wonder it doesn’t really “work” anymore – because the people are not even Taoists with the magical powers behind them!

These were called 桃符 (Toe-Fu, not Tofu!), which means the FU talisman done with red paper!  You have always seen the yellow ones, but we also use red, black, white, green and even purple paper! Red FU is for pushing things to happen in reality or giving things a boost so they can come true in this physical world. During the Chinese New Year, who won’t want their good luck to come to reality, and so this was why there was the tradition of putting up RED FU during the new year period.

Suppose you are an ordained disciple or even a newbie who just initiated (free). In that case, you can revive this magical method and use it during the Chinese New Year, creating the magical RED FU BANNERS! 

You can use black or gold ink to write the words on this red paper. Black ink tells the god what you want to happen this year so that the gold can boost you. Gold ink is about using the power to make changes for something to happen or to create a new opportunity which doesn’t exist yet. In general, black is more passive, and gold is more aggressive or forceful. You do not need to use gold ink all the time. Think about it this way: use black ink on things that are already happening and need help, and use gold ink for something that isn’t there yet and you want to happen or be created.

For example, your son is going to school, and you wish to give him a boost for studying – black ink.

For example, if you are about to open a new business this year, you can write one for “wealth will come your way” – gold ink.

Making the Banners

The banners are not an official FU; it’s more flexible and is meant to be a gift from the gods in the celestial court to the disciples for the new year. All you need to do is to plan out what you want to write, cut the paper and write them. After you are done writing them, you can sanctify them and let the celestial court give you the blessings you want. You can also write some for your friends and family too. Remember, it’s a gift from the gods for the people that have faith in them, like an annual gift!

One question you might have is – can it be in English?

You can if you want to make English ones; it’s just not too professional and convincing, but it still works. The main point is the intention and message that you are trying to convey.

After writing them, you can stamp them with the stamp of faith (Doe Ging Si stamp) or use the heart stamp method to stamp them.

If you have an altar, burn incense with all your heart spell and inform the gods above about it, and then take the pile of banners and circle over the incense 3x CW 3x CCW, then place them on the altar until the incense is finished, then you can take it down and use.

If you do not have an altar, then face the window and draw a Saam Law Jo Head in the air facing the sky, use heart incense handsign to tell the gods what you want, then leave the banner on a table for about 10mins and then you can take them down.

If you know more, you can do more to make it better! What is said above is just the easiest method for you to start with; there are many more you can do to these banners to make them stronger.

Once you tape them up, you can leave these banners on the wall for the whole month and then take them down after the 15th,which is the end of the Chinese New Year. If you want to leave them for a longer time, sure, you can do that too, remember to trash them in the next year’s yearend and thank the god for the help all year round.

Tape them higher up, like they are FUs, so let the light shine from high above and cover more area in the room or house!

Remember that these are “once a year” gifts from the gods above; if you missed the gift, that’s that!  Make sure you do them within the new year period!

Learn more after you have ordained, ask on LINE, and you will get more teachings for these things!