Chinese New Year Banner with Magic Guide!

In our previous guide on Chinese New Year, we discussed how magical banners can serve as a medium to communicate with incoming energies. This article will guide you on creating these powerful banners yourself.

While pre-printed banners are readily available, crafting your own allows for a more personalized touch. Remember, the physical banner is merely a vessel; its effectiveness hinges on your intention and clarity about what you wish to achieve with it.

Understanding Intention: Intention is the driving force behind an action, born from the heart and often rooted in emotion. For instance, placing a banner with the hope of boosting business is a clear intention. It's essential to realize that intentions need not be logical or make sense in conventional terms. They are your personal desires and goals.

The Power of Intention: Why is intention so crucial? It's because we're dealing with preheaven energies, which respond to intentions rather than earthly logic. For example, if you place a banner near your computer desk with the intention of increasing business, the preheaven energies will pick up on this desire. The banner itself can be anything that resonates with or symbolizes your intention. A picture with gold nuggets symbolizing fruitful sales? Absolutely, that works perfectly.

Setting Up Your Banners: Choose the right spots for your banners and set them up before the new year. Keep them displayed throughout the entire Chinese New Year period. After CNY, you can take them down and store them in a box for future use, or you can choose to dispose of them. The main goal is to guide the preheaven energies precisely where they're needed to provide the support you seek. Once CNY is over, the banners can be removed as the energies have already received your message.

Creating these banners is more than just a festive activity; it's about aligning your space with your aspirations and inviting the right energies to support your endeavors in the coming year.

Where is the Source of These Energies?

When discussing the significance of banners for Chinese New Year, it's important to consider the source of the energies we're channeling. These energies originate from your own Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) - think of it as your personal celestial body. If you find yourself on the Fan Tai Sui list and haven't addressed the issue, these energies might be disrupted. This means that even with banners in place, the connection and delivery of beneficial energies could be compromised.

For Taoists, there's an alternative: connecting our banners to the power of the lineage, the Tao. Using magical banners that are stamped, sanctified, and consecrated with the power of the gods redirects this divine energy to where it's needed. This not only counters the Fan Tai Sui problem but also brings blessings that exceed ordinary limits, elevating you to a higher level of life experience.

Why Red Papers?

Ever wonder why Chinese banners are predominantly red and gold? Red in Taoist metaphysics is linked to the seventh phase of the nine-star concept, symbolizing the manifestation of intentions into physical reality.

Red FU Talismans, for instance, are used to influence events in the real world or to bolster ongoing activities. They're effective for enhancing business prospects, finalizing deals, or improving household harmony. When it comes to banners, black text on red paper is ideal for supporting and boosting existing situations. If you're aiming to initiate something new, gold text is the way to go. For example, use black text for "Harmony All Year" to enhance existing family dynamics. Conversely, gold text like "New Business Come Here" can help in manifesting new opportunities. The choice of color plays a significant role in the effectiveness of these banners.

Upgrading with FU Talismans

Beyond traditional banners, consider incorporating FU Talismans into your Chinese New Year preparations. These talismans, available on our web store, are specifically designed for fortune, prosperity, and longevity. They offer a more potent alternative to the usual red banners, providing a stronger boost to your luck and aspirations. And don't worry if you miss out during the CNY period; these talismans are effective throughout the year without any time restrictions.