Luk Yum Sin Si 六壬仙師 - The God of Merit

Luk Yum Sin Si 六壬仙師, a significant figure within our sect, may ring familiar to some, as the name is indeed heard in various other contexts. This god, however, has a unique place in our lineage, separate from other interpretations in different sects. Known also as the "God of Merit" (一善仙師), Luk Yum Sin Si's role encompasses more than a mere title. The term luk yam 六壬 translates to holding onto energy and directing it appropriately, akin to controlling our soul and thoughts, preventing them from running wild. This article delves into the nature of this god's power and how one can apply it for personal growth in the path of Saam Law Tao.

The Leading Tao: Understanding Ordinary Tao and Yuen Sun

Every person has a Tao in their life, serving as a guiding force that propels them forward, giving them directions and clarity. This is their ordinary Tao, the Yuen Sun (Spiritual planetary body). Although potent, it remains vulnerable to various negative influences such as curses, harmful energies from friends, or even attacks by evil spirits. Such influences can cause the Yuen Sun to misbehave, leading one's life astray. The ordinary person stands powerless in such situations, witnessing life spiraling downwards.

Elevating Your Tao: Embracing Luk Yum Sin Si's Teachings

To counteract these debilitating effects, Luk Yum Sin Si teaches the need for a higher TAO, transcending the ordinary. This higher TAO establishes standards of good and bad, functioning like a guideline or ruler to discern right from wrong. As disciples of Saam Law Tao, we embrace this higher TAO as our own, aligning ourselves with its wisdom and guidance.

Through the blessings of Tao, coupled with guidance, rules, and discipline, one's life aligns to a healthier pattern. Bad habits are corrected, and a corrupted state is transformed into working order. This true merit of the Tao illuminates the genuine good and bad in life, offering wisdom to differentiate and comprehend life's complexities.

Empowerment through Scripture

Luk Yum Sin Si graces us with a scripture, providing an opportunity to embrace his power. This spiritual connection:

1. Empowers the Physical Body: Offering protection from physical threats.
2. Empowers the Soul: Assisting in blocking and filtering evil energies that cloud judgment.
3. Empowers the Heart: Infusing confidence and clear direction in life.
4. Empowers the Vision: Enhancing wisdom and insight.
5. Empowers the Energy: Motivating persistence, resisting the urge to give up.

Fighting Back Evil Forces

Equipped with true merit scripture and related magic, disciples can ward off the evil forces that distort life patterns and the heart devils threatening their Tao's journey. It acts as a shield against daily dangers and threats.

The Road to Inner Strength

Appearances deceive, as many who seem strong outside might harbor inner weakness. Luk Yum Sin Si enforces discipline, aligning one with the Tao. Though initially painful, faithful adherence to his guidance paves the way to a functioning life flow.

Acting Beyond Emotions

Emotions and feelings, often tainted by evils, lead to disastrous decisions. Luk Yum Sin Si teaches to act with the Tao's alignment as a life standard, transcending emotional impulses.

Conclusion: Embrace the Path of Transformation

Through the teachings of Luk Yum Sin Si, the path to personal transformation and empowerment becomes clear. Discover more about this god by acquiring the True Merit Scripture and the FU HEAD ebooks. Ordain today and embark on this life-changing journey. Embrace the Tao and let it be your guide, a decision that will reshape your life for the better.

Ordain today and start learning from home! You will not regret this transformative decision that you make once in a lifetime!