Washroom Deity 厠神娘娘

In our practice of Saam Law Taoism, we hold reverence for the Washroom Deity (廁神娘娘), or Chia Sin Niang Niang in Saamlawnese, a guardian goddess dedicated to protecting the sanctity of our homes. This deity's anniversary is commemorated on the lunar January 15th.

Who Needs This God?

This deity is essential for anyone under magical assault or plagued by malevolent spirits. Imagine removing your protective FU talisman before a shower, leaving you vulnerable. You need steadfast protection during such moments, whether you're exposed or simply attending to nature's call in the washroom. Besides offering protection, this deity also aids those looking to enhance and secure their fortune.

The God’s Power

She stands guard over the washroom, ensuring your safety within its confines. Engaging in natural bodily processes connects us with our ghost altar (soul’s base), and the Washroom Deity ensures these energy channels remain safeguarded against entities that might siphon your energy or luck. Additionally, she oversees the home’s energy "exit," preventing expelled negative energies and entities from re-entering and affecting the household.

A True Story

A client once approached us, feeling as though her luck was consistently being siphoned by an acquaintance. Any initial success would eventually turn sour, coinciding with a stroke of good fortune for the other party. After a consultation, we recommended a ceremony to sever this parasitic link, but the cost was prohibitive for her. Instead, we provided a Washroom Deity FU for her to place in her washroom and initiate worship. Within a month, she reported a significant turnaround: her misfortunes had ceased, and her luck stabilized. Astonishingly, the intervention of the Washroom Deity proved to be the solution to her issues of luck theft. Truly amazing!

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