Washroom Deity 厠神娘娘

The traditional cultural belief in the Washroom Deity originated from the novel Investiture of the Gods (封神榜), part of which covered three ladies who cultivated Taoist magic and helped out in a war. There is also another story that described three ladies who got killed in a public washroom during the New Year and ended up being worshipped as the guardians of the washroom, so that no one would be killed in the same manner again. Even on the mountain where Ermei Sect is based, there is a cave named after these 3 goddesses. In this article, you will learn about what our Washroom Guardian or Deity is about.

The Guardian of the Washroom

You might be undergoing an exorcism case, a magic battle, or being attacked by some villains. No worry, carry a protection FU and you should be fine. But what if you are going to the washroom? What about when you are going to take a bathe or shower? Your FU is taken off you or away from you, and now what can protect you in this little unprotected area of your house?

The Washroom Deity is the perfect one to help us out here. She is responsible for guarding the washroom and protecting us while we are naked and exposed. Don't worry - she will help you when you need her but will not be staring at you! 

Even if you do not open an altar for her in the washroom, she is still there if you have a landlord deity set up at your altar (with our Lineage’s altar). It is similar to the door god, kitchen god, etc., which form part of the local deities team that are there by default once the landlord deity is there. If you feel the special need, you may write the Washroom Deity Fu under the 24 Practical Fus section in the Celestial Taoist Magic Book, tape it in the washroom and put an incense pot there to worship her. The FU should be taped low, like the landlord deity’s sign.

If you have a shop or office, you may not have the full altar set up there. But if you need a special Washroom Deity to guard the place, you can write that Fu and have your landlord at home assign a new Washroom Deity to go to your office as a guardian. That way you will be protected by this guardian even without an altar.

If you want to request a Washroom Deity Fu from us, you may do so by purchasing the Local Deity Fu on our web store.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!