Mazu Goddess 媽祖娘娘

Mazu Goddess or Ma-Jo 媽祖娘娘, is one of the gods in our lineage that represents the “goddess of the sea”. Its anniversary falls on the lunar March 23!

Wisdom and Metaphor

The “sea” or “ocean” is a metaphor, which means the energy stored inside the “ground”. In Taoism, a lot of words like sky, ground, human is used as metaphor to describe a phase, a pattern, and not the physical matter.

The human body is the ground, what’s inside it becomes the water in the ground or the ocean. It is our “soul” energy!  It’s the energy that thinks and ponder inside, which process information, and even strategize before action is taken. It also has to do with self-control, restricting the energy before it gets out the body by facial expression, talking and acting.

Her Powers

Whenever you need “brainpower”, some smartie-boost, something that has to do with thinking, strategizing, or utilizing your knowledge, you can ask her for help.

For people who have issue restricting and controlling themselves from saying things or doing the wrong things too fast, her power can also help you have better self control. It’s great for those over-hypered kids who cannot stop jumping around and saying gibberish that no one understands. With this goddess’s power, the kid can remain restricted and controlled, leading them to fix that over-hypered issue.

If you have issue like always leaking out secrets and news to people before the right time, this is also the god to go for!

Ordain today to learn more, or you can also request us to consecrate a Mazu statue for you to worship and get her powers into your life too!


You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book and here is a demo in video.



There is also a whole list of prayers for all the different gods in our e-book too. Here is the prayer for Ma Jo Goddess. There is also a special channel spell in our e-book for this god.


Ma Jo Goddess Prayer

Jia Seem Gwei Miong Li
Chia Bi Whuoh Jiang,
Gew Fu Du Wu,
Jiou Chia Jia Seen,
Bwa Yiou Pieong On,
Saam Lien Whua Whua,
Cian Whua Chuan Yeen,
Chuan Yeen Xiou Chia,
Joh Yeen Gaai Kwun,
Ngeen Whua Jia Wei,
Hung Whua Jong Win,
Geem Whua Hung Seem,
Saam Whua Jui Dieong,
Whuo Ki Chiao Yuan,
Waan Su Yu Yi,
Xiao Jaai Gaai Naan,
Ma Ju Niang Niang.
Determined to trust and believe for the rest of my life.
Merciful and kind, live saving and helping the sufferings, the god of travelling, protects and ensure safety. Passing on the methods of the three lotuses, encourages people to cultivate it, helping people to solve problems. The silver lotus give wisdom, the red lotus gives you a stronger soul, the golden lotus gives you a stronger heart, and when all three are boosted to the max, all the powers from the heart will go focus into what you are doing, making it go as you wish, dissolving all hurdles and obstacles. The Ma Ju goddess.