Six Powers Martial Deity

Lu Seen Wu Xieong, is about the same level as the Seven Swords Sage Deity(Chia Xieong Geem Xieong). He inherits the wisdom and treasures from Tin Law Jo Si, and the magic power from the Five Thunder Sin Si. He is the god of war and martial arts, empowers all the weapons and martial art wisdom, training the celestial army and protecting the property of the Tao for the Taoist below.

The six powers are: heart, intention, courage, wisdom, loyalty and bravery. These are also the virtue of a martial artist, and also the main power of this deity. Holding onto the six powers, anything in the hand turns into a godly weapon, even paper can become a sharp knife, it will be indestructible. Taoists when cultivate and hold onto these six powers, your heart will not be shaken for the rest of your life, and you will be able to go beyond the cycle of reincarnation after death. Always recite the six power poem, and remember his teachings, learn to develop these powers yourself and influence others, that is a great virtue!

You can read more about his wisdom from the Martial Deity Scripture.


Six Powers Poem

The heart always holds onto the great Tao’s way
Intention swims like a dragon to guide the positive energy
Courage is to be toughen so that your land can show its power
The light from the sword of wisdom is magical and useful
Loyal and honour, selfless and can die for the lord
Bravely crush through the army and shatters the millions of blades in front