Six Powers Martial Deity 六神武聖

In our Saam Law Taoism, we pay our respects to the Martial Sage Deity (六神武聖), or Lu Sin Wu Xieong in Saamlawnese, who’s our go-to deity for all things martial arts. Mark your calendars, because his special day rolls around on the 1st of October according to the lunar calendar. He's not just any deity; he's the backbone of martial arts in our lineage and a solid protector against both physical and spiritual threats.

Who Needs This God?

If you're looking to beef up both your spiritual and physical game, to channel your energies for protection of yourself and your folks, then Saam Law Taoist Martial Art is your answer. Ordinary martial arts? They've got nothing on our Taoist magic-infused martial arts when it comes to dealing with unseen threats. Facing off against spiritual baddies? Forget your guns and swords; they won’t cut it. You’ll be needing our magical martial art skills to stand up to those natural law breakers who prey on humans.

The God’s Power

Lu Sin Wu Xieong isn’t about teaching just any martial arts; he’s about imparting the knowledge of magical martial arts that go beyond our visible world. He’s the one who turns our magical weapons into dimension-slicing tools, reaching into realms unseen. More than just physical might and techniques, he boosts our mental and spiritual strength, standing with us, fueling our hearts and souls with unwavering faith to overcome any battle life throws our way.

A True Story

Here’s a real deal story for you: one of our disciples was getting hassled by an evil spirit, a real nasty one. When this spirit attacked, she felt it - the hit threw her into a daze. But with our god’s teachings and empowerment, she grabbed a pair of plastic swords, channeled the deity’s energy, and poof - those swords turned into flaming weapons in the spirit world. Fighting back, she saw that evil tyrant burn up with divine fire. It's wild how plastic swords turned into such powerhouses, all thanks to our mighty deity’s blessing!

If you're intrigued and wish to explore deeper, check out our eBook, “Prayers of Faith”. There is also an eBook on “Gods and Deities 101” for more details. Open your heart to the Tao through its teachings. For those eager to harness the power of Taoist magic, consider getting ordained with us and begin your journey with the Tao.