The Elder Lord 太上老君

This is one of the most iconic and famous gods of Taoism. Many people are not sure is this related to Lao Tze or not. However, he is definitely one of the “Three Pure Ones” as explained in our earlier article. This article is going to be purely on him, the Elder Lord, Taai Sheung Lo Gwun 太上老君. After reading this article you will have NO more confusion. Let’s begin the lecture.

His anniversary is in the lunar Feb 15th!

Lao Tze or Not

Many people like to say that “The Elder Lord is Lao Tze 老子”. I can tell you here that it is 100% not. That’s the answer, simple. The Elder Lord is a god in Taoism, Lao Tze is a human being, a human being cannot be a god. If you are still confused, you need to read “What is God” and you will understand what is a god in Taoism’s definition, it is not like a human became a god and then somehow magically being worshipped.  Oh right, read up on “Worshipping” too

Tai Sheung Lo Gwun, we call him, which means the “Highest Above Elder Lord”. He is purely one of the Saam Ching, and is a god in the celestial court and also can be at your altar if you have a statue. You can also read up on the article on “Statue”. The main thing is that it has nothing to do with the human Lao Tze. However, you can say people “profile” a god with the property of Lao Tze, just like how it works with General Guan Yu and other gods and deities. Again, people do not know what a God is, so they think we are worshipping human beings as a god, which is all wrong from the first step to understanding Taoism.


The Power of Elder Lord

As we have said in the article on Saam Ching, he is the deity that helps you “output the power”. There is always a relationship between him and Bagwa, even the pictures or robes might have bagwa on them because it is a symbol of saying that he is the one to help your altar main power “Bagwa Jo Si” to output the power to the outside of your altar.

Sometimes you see a statue of him with a whisk, sometimes with a fan, sometimes with a bagwa or gourd. It’s okay, doesn’t matter what he has in his hand, it’s still the same god.

Whisk symbolize purification (it is a duster, removes dust and dirt from you and cleans you up).

A fan is a tool that symbolizes making wind, giving energy, for the magic work that you do.

A gourd is a tool that symbolizes the storage of power, it is a liquor bottle, and liquor symbolizes power boosting.

The power of the Elder Lord is on the output of magic power, for cleansing this world, exorcism, removing evils and such. That is why many people worship him only because they think they only need him as the main god for “exorcism” and dealing with evils. Even in the story of Journey to the West, he was the one to deal with the monkey king when the monkey king went to flip over heaven. However, he failed, lol. It’s just a story, it’s not real, no worry.

Who Needs His Help

What is the name again? E-lder Lod. E for Exorcism. Simple? If you need any help dealing with problems in this world, battling against any evils, or need protection against evils, you will need his help.

But to be honest, anyone with an altar in our lineage should get the FULL Saam Ching Set consecrated as their main local deities. As I have taught in the article on Saam Ching, they work as a set, and not really meant to be singled out. It’s like you love your toilet but your kitchen and bedroom is also important, you can’t just activate one and not use the rest, right?

If you want to have his help as the main focus of your altar, then put him in the center of the Saam Ching, that will be a good way to tell them what is more important to you.

If you are asking questions with the divination cups and such, he is the one to ask if you are asking about things related to evil attacks, exorcism and such.

For disciples, if you are wondering why the Elder Lord is always linked to his magic and FU skills – think about it, how do you output the power from your altar to the external subjects?

Use a FU!

Therefore, he is also known as your FU-master, because he is basically the master god that controls the output power of your altar, or we should say the output of MAGIC power of your altar. Therefore, if there is any spells with the ending 吾奉太上老君勅 or 吾奉太上老君急急如律令 it means you are saying the spell on behalf of the altar’s highest authority to output power, which is him, the Elder Lord. There is also a FU footer frame that we use which is named 老君架 the Elder Lord frame – it means your FU is supported by the loop of the altar power. Now you know that if you are using ANY spells which need the altar to output power (central power) you can change the ending and it will be you saying the command on behalf of your altar’s highest authority for output power – the Elder Lord.  You can change it to 急急如太上老君律令 and that will be running the spell off his power!

However, you need to have an Elder Lord in order to use that.  Get your statue and consecrate it ASAP!

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!