The Elder Lord 太上老君

In our Saam Law Taoism, we express our deepest respect to the Elder Lord (太上老君), known in Saamlawneseas Taai Cieong Lu Guan, a revered figure among the Saam Ching deities. His special day is observed on the lunar February 15th. When referred to in its pristine form, this deity is called 太清道德天尊, or Taai Ching Doe Duck Tin Juen (Taai Chieong Doe De Tian Juan). This divine essence is replicated into our disciples’ system, dwelling within their local energy body to bolster every magical act undertaken, ensuring that the magic remains potent and efficacious at all times.

Who Needs This God?

All ordained disciples are in constant need of this deity’s support during magical practices. Whether it’s fending off malevolent forces or aiding others in exorcism endeavors, the Elder Lord’s empowerment is crucial. While we can perform magic utilizing the power of the sect’s Religious Court, invoking the Elder Lord’s assistance streamlines the process, reducing the effort and complexity involved, thereby enhancing both the effectiveness and the power of our magical workings.

The God’s Power

The Elder Lord’s principal gift is the enhancement of a disciple’s ability to wield their magical powers with precision and strength, safeguarding and empowering their local energy body at all times. Renowned for exorcism, he dispels any malevolent entities daring to confront the Tao. Additionally, he serves as a personal protector for the disciple, ensuring their safety and well-being.

A True Story

We once encountered a situation where a client’s home was besieged by malevolent spirits, necessitating an urgent exorcism. A full-scale ceremony would have been costly and time-consuming. Instead, we sought the guidance of the Elder Lord, who bestowed upon us the Taai Ching Bagwa Army method. With this divine insight, a magical fan housing a cultivated celestial army was swiftly created. Deployed immediately, these celestial troops efficiently cleansed the home. The once pervasive chill of malevolence was replaced with warmth and peace, all achieved without the complexity and expense of a large ceremony. This episode beautifully illustrates the practicality and potency of the Elder Lord’s magic: swift, straightforward, yet profoundly effective.

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