The Elder Lord 太上老君

The Elder Lord, 太上老君 as most called him, Taai Cieong Lu Guan in Saamlawnese, is one of the most iconic and important gods of Taoism and one of the Saam Ching (three pure ones) representing the Taai Ching (ultimate clears). His anniversary falls on the lunar Feb 15th!  In this article, we will talk about the elder lord in our lineage. Please note that gods in Taoism are all sect/lineage related; even the same name or statue could be different inside for different sects.

Simply said, the Elder Lord is the god of justice, with the power of cleansing and purifying anything in this world with the Tao’s power through the use of magic and teachings of virtue. The kind of justice that he deals with is the justice of nature, like the police of nature, which deal with any living beings who try to break the law of nature. It could be spirits trying to crossover or a human being trying to do evil magic to harm people.

The virtue of a Taoist is called Tao Te 道德, which means giving back to the Tao to make the Tao want to keep providing to us; in other words, being a good Taoist and fulfilling our obligations to impress the Tao.  The main virtue we should know as Taoists are that we work as guardians and law enforcement officers of nature. If we are given the ability to sense and deal with evil spirits, evil magic, and so on, then it means this is our obligation and duty!  Cleansing the negative energies, capturing bad spirits and purifying space to make energy good again is no different from people helping nature stay healthy in all kinds of ways, such as cleaning up the ocean, fixing the ozone layer, or growing trees for the forest. Suppose we let evil things go around and do harm to others. In that case, nature will be damaged by these law-breaking elements, eventually leading to many other things being unable to function properly. Eventually, it will cause our world to face more disasters and problems that bring us negatives and obstructions. Therefore, if we are helping nature to make peace, then we are already cultivating our virtue as Taoists!

You can see the Elder Lord as the god to go for when you need exorcism power or the power to deal with evils. If you worship him with a statue, he will help keep your altar and home safe from evil attacks and empower you for all the magic you do!  If you are facing magic attacks or spiritual cases, having him at home is always a good idea to help you overcome the hurdles.  He has a whisk that can help you whack the “dust” (dirty stuff: evils) away and a gourd with liquor that can boost power!

There is much magic that uses his power, but this scripture named the Elder Lord Tao Te Scripture 太上老君道德經 (audio tag-along mp3) is a good one to start with. You can also learn his FU HEAD, prayers and spells etc., in the Magic Foundation Book. This scripture is used for exorcism and dealing with evils and obstructive forces accumulated through your present and past lives. Sometimes people think they have not done anything bad this life, but so much bad luck haunts them out of the blue. Well, you might not know, but we all have something at the back from our previous life, and maybe you are just one of those who got a colourful history with enemies who still don’t want to let go of you even though you are gone. You don’t need to know the cause, but doing the scripture and magic will help dissolve many of these unknown factors dragging your life all along, and you will see how life gets smoother after that.

For example, you could be having many car accidents, and after the magic is done, you will suddenly see no more car accidents happening since then. This is a true story from my disciple!  She had been facing all sorts of crazy accidents before she was ordained, and after the ordaining, no more. This could be your case too, and the Elder Lord has already covered you with this magical scripture.

The Elder Lord is also the god of magic, famous for his FU and spells, and so he is also the god that manages the FU “coding” system and so on. He is related to one of our main gods, Daai Law Jo Si, who holds the main power in the god’s world (Daai Law Tin). Elder Lord has set a command, with the spell “Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong” 急急如律令, which means quickly execute as the command says. With this spell, the god would have to execute the command according to the system’s preset command codes at the end of any spell. This is like a programming language, where the source code has set all the meanings for each coded word and is exclusive to the system itself.  That also means that whatever we use the words in this system will not be the same as how other sect uses them. For example, when we say “hotdog,” it means “to clean the house.” That’s our code word, and so we need to say “Hotdog, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong,” and the word “hotdog” will become the “coded version,” and the spell will execute as it should according to our system presets.

On top of that, there are many variations of the same spell, such as Sin Biong Whuall Gip Yu Lu Nieong, or Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong Chia Chia Nieong, or Gip Gip Yu XXXX Lu Nieong. All these are special command lines used at the end of a spell to ensure the spells are executed in a certain fashion according to our system’s language. As you can see, magic is like a coded language we use to communicate with the gods. Sometimes spells are very confusing because the words don’t make sense to you when you read them. Don’t try to interpret the spells by their surface meaning; learn about the spell’s purpose, which is enough. Like in programming, you need to copy and paste the codes; it will work!   You will be the “programmer” who programs the source code once you are at the master level. But as newbies, learn to copy and paste the right code for the right thing; then, you will get everything working!

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