Kitchen Deity 灶神

There is a special deity for the house, the Kitchen Deity, who takes care of everything related to the kitchen and food. His anniversary is on every lunar year Dec 24th. In this article, we will talk about the importance of this deity and why you should be acknowledging and honouring him.

Power and Wisdom

The Kitchen Deity is a special deity that takes care of everything related to the kitchen like cooking, but he is also a Local Deity like the washroom deity and such that is governed by the Landlord Deity 土地. His power is not just to help with cooking.

What you cook in the house is what you can eat and put into your body. If the Yuen Sun or your Tao has anything to give you, such as your fortune, which comes in the form of preheaven energy, it will have be delivered to you in a way. One way is from your bedroom because you sleep and connect with the Yuen Sun to get your daily refill of that preheaven energy. However, another way is by giving it to the Kitchen Deity to deploy them into your food in the kitchen. As you cook and consumes the food, you will get those fortune consumed. That means, if you never use your kitchen and cook those food, you will have a lot o fortune not utilized because it’s already there and you are not consuming it.

You will also buy food from outside, such as take outs and grocery, but they all come with a lot of energies from other people. Imagine the people touching it during the cash out process, the warehouse people, the delivery people, everyone handling it will put their energies on it and you don’t want that. The kitchen deity helps you purifies the items and get them cleaned up! 

Sometimes you might be getting sick because of evil energy in the food too. The Kitchen Deity can help you detects it and removes it too. You can see how important this guardian is!

Who Needs His Help

I would say EVERYONE needs his help, including myself! Who doesn’t eat at home anyway. Now here is concern – what about if I don’t eat at home a lot or I always eat outside because of work and such?  That is when the Kitchen Deity FU comes handy!  You can use this FU to bring him around to anywhere you need.

You can carry the FU if you are going to camping, you can tape a FU at your office if you run a restaurant, you can even build an altar for the deity in the restaurant too. It’s funny to see how many people worship the General Kwan in most restaurant in Toronto, but not even thought of the Kitchen Deity! 

If you are looking forward for better fortune, better luck, and better health, he is the deity for you!

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!