Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師

Saam Law Jo Si, the main God of our lineage, and also the initial force of creation that started everything in the world. Saam Law, the Saam is three, and Law means it includes everything. Saam Law Jo Si is like the combination of the three essential elements of creation in this world. These three powers are the light, energy, and life force, which we also call the heart power. Light as the positive, energy as the negative, and the balance of both, the neutral state, is what we call the life force, the power of creation. The most amazing thing about Saam Law Jo Si is that it opens the door for disciples to bring in new potentials into their lives, which they do not have before becoming a Taoist. It’s like letting you access the bank and library; you will suddenly be able to have access to a lot of things you have never touched before.

Life is not perfect and we all know that we are born with a certain amount of resources and potentials, and that is why you can’t ignore the fact that some are born smarter than the others, and some don’t even need to study much and have good grades in school. Not all of us are made equal, and we have our limits too. This is not saying that you cannot work harder to get more out of your life – but some people just don’t need to work as hard and can already be better than you. That shows you, we have a certain amount of potentials when we are born, and the harder you work, the more you try to pull things out from your bank account – it doesn’t change the fact that you have less than those others who just had more to start with. It’s like saying their 5% is already your 50%. When you are finally exhausted trying to “work harder” to get more out of your life – your ultimate answer should be you need another source of income. Just like a job that isn’t paying you much, you need a better job that pays you more.

Saam Law Jo Si is what you need; it is your new source of income for your life. It holds all the potentials that you need to add onto your life, and it is just like the wealth God for you. Once you decide to commit to Saam Law Tao, and become a Saam Law Taoist, Saam Law Jo Si is the first God that opens the door for you and introduces a new stream of potentials into your life. Anything that your life lacks, Saam Law Jo Si is here to make it possible for you to have. It is the God of hope, and also what makes your life turn from impossible to possible.

One might ask, “How can Saam Law Jo Si exactly give me the help?” – Let’s face the reality, everyone can say a whatever God is powerful and all that, but what’s the actual practical thing that really shows you the results? No worry, Saam Law Jo Si has his promise to those who have trust and faith in him. There are three things that you can have as a disciple who has entered the Tao of Saam Law.

First, he granted you a Taoist-name, which marks the beginning of a new life, a life of a Taoist, with the future that is set – to become a Taoist who can go to Dai Law Tin afterdeath, and a Taoist who is to be protected and guided while you are still alive. This name is etched in Saam Law Jo Si’s heart, and also recorded in the celestial court, which opens up the access of the magical powers and methods you can have and use, according to your level in the lineage. With this name, you are in the family and lineage of this Tao, and Saam Law Jo Si is just like your ancestor; you are seen as a family member, and not just an “outsider.” Trust and faith have been built between you and Saam Law Jo Si, and this is what made everything spark. Your Taoist name is the proof of acceptance from Saam Law Jo Si, the God who accepted you into the Tao.

Secondly, Saam Law Jo Si granted you the heart spell, which has your Taoist name embedded in it as well. This spell is like the password that you input to access the bank account of Saam Law, and also like the phone number that you can dial to reach Saam Law Jo Si for help. Yes, the Tao has accepted you already, and here is how you can call for help whenever you need – it shows you that the Tao is available to you ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. Whenever you need help, whenever you want to have someone to talk to, the Tao is here, Saam Law Jo Si is here, ready for you. The true Taoist of Saam Law are free to find their God at all times – by using the heart spell as a connecting medium, like dialing the phone number, or typing an URL on the browser. With the heart spell, you will be connected instantly, as long as your heart is truthful, and your trust and faith are there.

Thirdly, Saam Law Jo Si granted you the FU HEAD, Saam Law Fu Head, which is a symbol that serves as his signature. It resembles him, and also allows you to create a clone of his power by drawing this symbol after drawing the power over by using the heart spell. Using the sword finger handsign, which was activated for you upon the ordination, you can draw this symbol and recreate a small version of Saam Law Jo Si power anywhere, and apply it to anything that needs Saam Law Jo Si to work on. For example, you are about to walk in a dark parking lot to find your car, yet you feel that it is very unsafe at the moment. Immediately you can take your flashlight out and draw the Saam Law Fu Head on it, let Saam Law Jo Si possess the light and make it a Tao-Light. Wherever the light shines, safety will be with you, and the bad guys will want to back off, evil spirits will be warded off, and peace will be with you. As you can see, Saam Law Jo Si already granted you the power to “recreate” him in this world, and blend his power into anything with your almighty sword finger.

Saam Law Jo Si, the almighty God of creation, who brings us the potentials and power that exceed our own limitations, allowing us to become a stronger, better, and more powerful person, giving us hope and light that shed upon our path. With his power, a new life is possible, the impossible will be possible, and the possible will become more successful. Your root in the Tao all stems from this almighty God. We inherit the dragon’s blood from Saam Law Jo Si, and our heart pumps together with the same beat, the rhythm of loyalty plays along with every action we do in our life. He accepted us into the Tao, and hence we are in the Tao, being the Tao, living the Tao.


You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book 


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