Monkey King God 齊天大聖

The Monkey King God 齊天大聖 (Saamlawnese: Chia Tian Daai Xieong) is one of the gods in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar July  25th. He is a god of fighting and a guardian that protects one against evils. Just like the Jiu Tian Xuan Nue, Bao Judge, Mazu Goddess, this is a god based on a profile of an existing character, the monkey king in the story of Journey to the West.

If you have watched TV shows or read novels, you should know what this monkey king god is all about. He became a Taoist and learned under a master; after mastering many amazing skills quickly, he flew to heaven and caused troubles everywhere; even the gods were afraid of him and could not control him. Once he is in battle mode, no one can stop him. Throughout the story, he becomes a follower of a monk and helps this monk fight off evils while they go to India for Buddhist teachings. We are not using him as a Buddhist, though. This is a Taoism god in our lineage. We worship him for his powers of being loyal, indestructible and invincible against evil magic and the power to see through evil disguises with his golden eyes. Just like we have explained in the article on investitures of gods, these gods are created based on a profile and cultivated to become a powerful gods for a special purpose.

The Fighting Monkey

As we have seen in the movie, this monkey god fights very well and can defeat any evils that try to block his way. What is better than him for fighting in a magic battle? He can pull his hair and blow them toward the enemies; then the hair will turn into clones of himself who can fight for him like an army of monkeys. He is unafraid of any elements and cannot be trapped or imprisoned.

You might think you are just an ordinary person; why would you even engage in magic battles? It might shock you, but entering a magic battle without realizing it is easy because you don’t know what a real magic battle is.

A magic battle doesn’t require altars or spells and rituals; some people always do magic on others without knowing they are doing magic. This is natural magic, or unintentional magic, which is done naturally.

You are at work doing your things, and somehow there is a manager above who doesn’t like your face because you took her friend’s opportunity while you don’t even know about it. She has much hate toward you. Every day she sees you, her heart is full of anger and madness while holding it inside herself. One day, she could not hold it anymore and decided to vent it all out. She went to a gym and started to beat the punching bag to death, pretending that the punching bag was you and that she was putting all her madness and anger on you. You don’t even know what happened, but somehow you got sick that night and got the flu. Coincident?  The next day you woke up with a bad headache and thought it must be the flu, and you went to work while feeling dizzy and sick. Somehow, your other manager picked on you and said your performance is bad, your work is flawed, and because of all that, they gave you a warning letter, and you are now at risk. Why did all these bad things come to you simultaneously, as if they were all planned? If a monkey king god was around, he might have stopped it and dumped the bomb back. This is a magic attack, the act of bombing people with their heart or preheaven energy.

Let’s say a religious co-worker doesn’t like you, but she is being “nice” to you and buys you a cup of coffee with some bad intentions attached.  For example, she bought the coffee to make you blurry at work so that you will make more mistakes. You thought it was just a cup of coffee; what can it do to you? Drank the coffee, and somehow the whole week started to go bad, mistakes everywhere, and it seems like you are on a snowballing journey of bad luck!  If a monkey king god was around, he could have saved you like how he saved his masters from the evil trap.

You could worship your gods at your altar, and your neighbour can also worship something at their altar. One day, your neighbour begged his god for help to make your kid do worse in school so their kid could be the smart one in class. Their god would do the magic for them, and there goes a magic battle. Their god’s power will be projected into your home, and your gods will defend and resist it. The two sides will push back and forth, and whoever is let loose at the end will eat all the powers built up during the process. This is already a form of magic battle, and the monkey king god could have helped you win the fight by smashing their gods and turning their altar into a mess. The normal gods will resist and push back, but the monkey is wild; he will jump to the other side and whack everything he sees to turn the place into a total mess. You know monkeys are wild and unpredictable, with lots of surprises!

Loyalty Team Leader

You might have many gods at the altar, but there is always a chance for your gods to turn against you when then evil attackers put on their scam tricks and convert your gods. This can happen and is very common. What is better than making the enemy turn against their boss? I have faced cases like that in the past, and that was a freak experience.

There was a very intense magic battle when we were still running our local temple in 2007. We didn’t have Saam Law Tao’s power during that battle yet, so we were still not strong enough to fight off all these crazy attackers in one go. However, we can already see, hear and interact with the gods and spirits. We returned to the temple late at night to continue the battle; somehow, we felt very weird. The gods at the altars are all talking behind our backs; we don’t know if we can see and hear them. It’s like they don’t know us at all. We did magic to command some gods to guard the door, and they were not listening to our words. No one moved, and they were laughing at the back and talking like we were stupid and didn’t know what had happened. After a while, some gods attacked us from behind, and we immediately killed the betrayer and realized that our army had been converted!  The situation could have been saved if we had this powerful monkey king god from Saam Law Tao! Too bad, we ended up killing every one of these betrayers and had to recultivate the gods again, as if the whole arm was killed, and we had to recruit and train new soldiers from scratch. I wished this monkey king god was there for us back then.

If a person has the same kind of encounter as the above, their magic will start not to work, and things they do will have unpredictable results because all the gods have turned against them, and they could be doing things to fool you and trick you into making you go crazy. You pray for good luck, and they give you trouble.

Loyalty is so important in the human world, but also important in the gods’ world too. Sometimes, newbie altars will be attacked, and their gods can be converted because of disloyalty or weak faith. The monkey king god can help them stay aligned and loyal, bringing the gods aware of the evils’ trick and converting magic to avoid being converted and brainwashed.

Physical Self Defense

As you can see in the movie, the monkey king is not just a magical fighter but also a physical one. We can also use his power to help us in a physical self-defence situation to empower us to get more powerful, agile, and “wild” while we fight back and eliminate the threat. Ape on the enemy and tear them apart; that’s a very good way to end the situation. As we say, never be nice to the enemy!

The Monkey King God is a powerful god who can help you fight off evils and magic attacks while tearing through evil disguises and ensuring that no one is betraying you at the altar. You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this god in the Magic Foundation E-book!  If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!