Yuen Sun Realignment and Recovery (Y.S.R.R.)

Regain Balance and Fortify Your Spiritual Life Source

Why You Need Y.S.R.R

Your Yuen Sun 元神, the spiritual planetary body, serves as the core life source, influencing your spiritual and physical well-being. A misaligned Yuen Sun can wreak havoc in your internal spiritual world, manifesting as bad luck and calamities in your day-to-day life. Whether you've been targeted by malevolent spirits, affected by dark magic, or troubled by past-life adversaries, an imbalanced Yuen Sun can cause more damage than you might realize.

Not Just an Exorcism, It's Spiritual Rehabilitation

Many come to us seeking exorcisms. However, a simple exorcism often treats only the symptoms, not the root cause, which lies in a vulnerable Yuen Sun. The evil spirits may be banished momentarily, but their allies can return or even inflict further damage to your already-weakened Yuen Sun. That's why we designed the Y.S.R.R program to provide a comprehensive solution for spiritual realignment and recovery.

The Program: A New Path for Spiritual Healing

This program offers an accessible way to heal without committing to full ordination. We understand that not everyone is ready to dedicate themselves completely to a new religious path. Here, we offer an alternative that requires no commitment but brings tangible spiritual benefits. The Y.S.R.R program is here to shine light on your situation and guide your Yuen Sun back to its rightful state of balance.

How It Works

  1. Purchase the FUs: These sacred talismans are handcrafted and sanctified at our HQ altar by Jee Sifu. They are crucial for initiating the Yuen Sun Realignment and Recovery process.
  1. Follow the Instructions: Upon receiving the FUs, you will be provided with detailed guidelines on how to cultivate your Yuen Sun back to balance.
  1. Commit to the Schedule: The complete treatment requires a specific timeline: 10 days for the first phase, 12 days for the second, and a final 120 days for the last. Daily, you will need to consume FU water and engage in a brief sitting practice.


Our customized FU are all $136 each, and so we would calculate the amount based on this standard. All numbers are in CAD (Canadian Dollars).

Program A

10 FUs = $1360

Installs the divine powers into your Yuen Sun. Empowers and protects the Yuen Sun while giving it 10 specially cultivated gods from the lineage.

Program B

12 FUs = $1632

Installs the divine powers into your soul’s home (Ghost altar). Empowers and protects the Ghost Altar while giving it 12 specially cultivated gods from the lineage.

Program C

60 FUs x 3 sets = $8160x3 = $16,320

Synchronize and bringing them to alignment, allowing the final recovery process to begin.

Discount and Instalment Plans

Ordained disciples will receive a 50% discount. You can also use the SAP credit to contribute to the payment. FU should be purchased in sets (A, B, or C) because the cultivation schedule requires a non-stop cycle.

Instalment plans are open for trusted ordained disciples too. Welcome to discuss about it with Cia Juan on LINE.

Financial Considerations

For those facing financial constraints, we offer an alternative: crafting your own FUs. While this option is less potent, we provide a specialized method to sanctify the FUs, enabling you to proceed with the program at a reduced efficacy but still garnering some benefits. (FREE Initiation Required) This route is FREE of charge, and you would need to only purchase the supplies and our FU book to begin.

Visit the instruction page for this self-help route.

Don't let spiritual imbalances derail your life. Take the first step toward spiritual wellness and empowerment. Secure your FUs and begin your journey with Y.S.R.R today.

The FU Book of this program is also for download on Amazon Kindle!

If you are interested in this program, consult Jee Sifu by E-mail directly!