The Four Celestial Emperors

Besides the Saam Ching (Three Pure Ones), these four celestial emperors are one of the most important and essential gods in the celestial court system. It’s very complex, which takes hours to explain and years to understand how it all works. However, this article will make it super simplified and easy for you.

First of all, they are 4 gods that is NOT at your local altar, they are in the preheaven, in the celestial court, a world where these gods resides and work. We connect to them when we need and report to them when we have to do our magic. You can see them as four people, with special roles and job position, and that will get you a clear picture of what their power is all about and when we would call which one for help.

Together, the four emperors are called “Sei Yue 四御”, they are the Jade Emperor, Ji Mei Emperor, Ground Emperor, and Sky Emperor.

Jade Emperor

Its Chinese name is Yuk Wong Daai Dai 玉皇大帝, its anniversary falls on lunar Jan 9th, and its job is like the king of heaven, who is in charge of all the whole system. Whatever needs to be recorded into the court, it goes to him. Even if a disciple is ordained, the names and information are reported to him. There is a super detailed post on him, read up!

Ji Mei Emperor

Its Chinese name is Ji Mei Daai Dai 紫微大帝, its anniversary falls on lunar April 18th, and its job is like the martial side equivalent of the Jade Emperor. He holds the ultimate and highest authority for control the military side of the celestial court. Anything that needs the troops and armies to be deployed must be reported to him and be approved by his department.

Ground Emperor

Its Chinese name is Dei Wong Daai Dai 地皇大帝, its anniversary falls on lunar April 28th, and he is the one who is in charge of all the landlord deities and how the postheaven world connects up to the celestial court. Every altar has a landlord deity there that is locally staying and guarding the altar, doing the internal works inside the altar ground department. All these landlords are from the Ground Emperor’s department, and they all report back up to him. Therefore, if the celestial court has to reach the human world or the different altars that it links to, they will have to go through the Ground Emperor’s department to get things delivered.

Sky Emperor

Its Chinese name is Tin Wong Daai Dai 天皇大帝, its anniversary falls on lunar Feb 1st, and he is the highest power who overwatch the celestial court. His power is above the Jade Emperor and the Ji Mei Emperor. If anything goes wrong in the celestial court or anything is needed which the court doesn’t have yet, this god will be there to connect to the higher powers above which is called Sun Ting, the ultimate court in Dai Law Tin. It’s like the power that connects to the power behind the celestial court. Read more about him in the "detailed post".


The Four Emperors and Taoists

Most Taoist do not have to really know or talk to these four emperors if they are not working in the higher level. This is mostly important to know for the higher-level disciples who are starting to work as a member of the court system.

For most average disciples, you just need to know these:

  • The Jade Emperor is the king, impress him and you will do well in life.
  • Ji Mei Emperor is the military lord, if you are in danger, pray to him for protection and he will send his representative over to you.
  • Ground Emperor is the boss of your altar’s landlord deity, he ensures your altar is “working” and connecting to the gods.
  • Sky Emperor is the one above the whole court who make sure everything is good and going well. You just have to pay the highest respect to him because he keeps everything working the way it should be!

Ordain today to become a Taoist and receive their blessings!