Celestial Medic Deity 天醫仙師

Celestial Medic Deity 天醫仙師 (Saamlawnese: Tian Yea Cian Cia) is a powerful god that passes on the power of “Celestial Medic” to us. Its anniversary falls on the lunar Oct 7th.

Most people see this name and would instantly think of medicine, a doctor, or a god that can heal you from sickness. While that is true, you should also understand the way he approaches “sickness” and what kind of power he has. This will be a very informative and educational article for you.

First of all, this god has two gods that work under him, and they are called the King of Medicine, 藥王仙師 (Yioh Hwong Cian Cia) and the King of Poison, 毒王仙師 (Du Hwong Cian Cia).

Three Levels of Medic

There are three levels of medic; upper medic, middle medic and lower medic. It’s not to categorize them according to their effectiveness, but about what they are working on and when to use which type to solve the problem. For example, you don’t eat pills when you get a huge cut on the leg. You need the emergency crew to help you stop the bleeding and treat the wound. Just have different specialists and doctors; you need all of them for different situations. The celestial medic is the upper medic type.

Lower medics 下醫

These doctors deal with emergencies and things that have already happened and need immediate attention. The problem is mostly about the physical body and elements, such as the bones, flesh, joints, tendon, or even organs that have issues. Anything that could be seen and treated. Chiropractor, surgent, emergency rescue, massage therapist, or anything like that would fall into this category. As you can see, we all need this type; it is what most people call the ambulance for and need the most. They deal with problems that are in the physical dimension (D8).

Middle medic 中醫

This is the kind of doctor with which most “Chinese doctors’ are categorized, and that is what we call them most of the time. Their job is to deal with the energy issues in your body to make your system flow well again. They deal with energy inside the body, the soul body in the spiritual dimension (D6). Herbal medicine, acupuncture, cuppings, moxibustion, some chi kung massage, and so on would fall into this category. They work with energies in the D6 to make energy inside the body flow properly again. Most people think they are “slow” and not that “effective” for many cases, such as fever or viruses, because those sicknesses are caused by contamination or infections that are all in the physical dimension (D8). Western medicine with chemistry-created medicine would work wonder for these problems and give much quicker results. However, if you are not feeling well because of climate, emotions, your period going abnormal, random headaches and chills, this type would work better than taking pills.

Upper medic 上醫

This type of medic deals with things in the PreHeaven dimension (D1), which often calls into the unknown category for most people. In modern days, psychologists try to tackle this problem, but most of the time is useless because the system is not developed yet. However, religions are what most cultures use for this type of problem. It deals with things in the heart or even the Yuen Sun. The symptom of problems in this category is usually like people losing their memory, seeing illusions, or what most people call “crazy,” which includes all sorts of problems caused by evil spirits or magic attacks. The patient will usually have big long-term damage because of this problem, which changes their life greatly for a long time. Sometimes, people might feel hopeless and gloomy, like their future is gone, they lost direction in life, feel life has no more meaning, or they want to suicide etc. People seem to go to the wrong doctor for this type of problem because no one knows how to categorize these problems and find the right doctor for the right thing.

As you can see from the description above, the three dimensions, D1, D6, and D8, categorize the three types of medics very well. Upper deals with the preheaven matters, the middle deals with the spiritual soul body, and the lower deals with the physical body.

The Celestial Medic Deity is a god that helps us deal with upper medic issues. However, according to our experience, even if the sickness is lower or middle class, the magic from the Celestial Deity can also help by speeding up the recovery process or making things smoother. For example, you just cut your finger and need a bandage, which is a lower medic’s job, but because you called upon the Celestial Medic Deity, the god helps you find a bandage. Instead of feeling hopeless and running out of solutions, you would discover hidden bandages in your house, and the problem is solved!

King of Medicine

From the celestial medic’s perspective, medicine is the PreHeaven energies we can use with magic power. Medicine can also kill people when it’s used at the wrong time. The teachings from this god are very eye-opening. He said medicine is about giving people more positive energies of a certain type so that they will gain more energy of that type in the system. If they get overloaded, then they will be harmed too. Imagine someone has too much fire energy that can turn them into a madman or someone has too much wood energy that makes them overhyped.  Medicine is only good for you when it is given to replenish what you have lost or lack or to balance your system, so it runs properly again.

King of Poison

The same theory goes for poison too! Poison means to give you some energy that goes into you and does negative things, which helps you “remove” things from your system. If you need that element and I removed it, you will have problems. Poison can attack poison, such as if you have a harmful wood element inside you; II could place a wood poison into you to remove or kill this energy, which would help you remove the threat.

Using medicine or poison to harm or help is up to the doctor’s intention and how they decide to use them. Poison can save lives, while medicine can also kill.

Cooking the Medicine

The celestial medic magic can go into anything, such as needles, herbal tea, or your fingers or FU. It’s only a way to deliver medicine to the person. Since the energy is in D1 (preheaven), then it has no restriction of time and distance, which means that it could be delivered by distance,e like how we fly magic to people by distance.

To “cook” the medicine up requires the practitioner to cultivate something to learn how to create the different types of energies and compress them into a spiritual embryo (Sun Toy) for deployment. It’s not as easy as it seems, but it is not as hard as you imagine.

For newbies or disciples who are not at the advanced level yet, you can place this god’s power into anything that has to do with your problems for empowerment; it would help you make everything better too. For example, if you are taking pills, you can empower the pills. If you are doing needles, you can empower the needles. Let god do the job for you and decide what to do.

Celestial Medic Deity is a god that can help you handle problems that ordinary doctors cannot, such as mental illness, memory issues, life-changing problems, heart issues, loss of hope or faith, suicide and illusions etc. It can also help to empower medicine and medical tools used for other things. The best way to use god is just to use it whenever you feel like you need a doctor to help you out.

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