Celestial Medic Deity 天醫仙師

The Celestial Medic Deity is called “Tian Yea Cian Cia” 天醫仙師 in Saamlawnese, he is the best deity to ask for help if you need anything to do with healing and saving lives!  There is a lot more to the teachings he has passed down to us, but to keep it simple, we will go through a small introduction here for now so that you know about his essential powers first.

This deity, he has two deities under him, one is called the “King of Medicine Deity” and one is called the “King of Poison Deity”, you can see them as specialist for using the medicine or poison, one for helping, one for harming, just like a white-doctor and black-doctor. The Celestial Medic Deity himself is above the two and is responsible for passing on the knowledge to us, and also helping us handle cases that to two cannot handle.

One of the most essential powers that the Celestial Medic Deity has passed onto us is the power to manipulate elements in the spiritual world, collecting essential elements and combining them into spiritual powers and cultivating them into medicine that can be used to solve problems, cure sickness, or heal the wounded ones.  There is a lot of powerful healing techniques and magical powers from this deity, but they require hard work and dedication to practice, which is only open for the advanced disciples to learn. However, the normal average disciples or believers can also use the convenient methods such as FU and spells to help them with their problems without all the hard work behind.

There are 3 different types of doctors, we call them lower class, middle class and upper class. It’s not about who is better or stronger, it’s about the specialized category that they deal with.

Lower class doctors deal with sickness and injuries that already happened and is in need of some immediate help. Western doctors are like this type. Yes, you have a lot of quick remedies to stop the problem, but there would also be a cost behind, and you will have “aftermath” to deal with if not treated properly. Yet, there isn’t another better choice, if you don’t stop the threat, you might die from it.

Middle class doctors deal with sickness prevention and helping you to cure the problem before it gets serious. Chinese doctors are in this category, so their remedies are less likely to be “quick fix”, but they work well for keeping you safe and healthy on the normal days, and preserve your health better than medicine from the west.

Celestial Medic, or the upper class, deals with things these two category cannot handle – such as preheaven sickness, like some people might have some weird surprise cancer or something out of the blue, and they cannot be cured by any methods from east or west.  There can be cases where people start seeing ghosts or something and cannot be fixed by normal medicine. Spiritual and psychological sickness, or even a fever that doesn’t get fixed by normal medicine, they are all weird and abnormal problems which can be solved by celestial medicine. If you get hurt or injured by evil magic, spiritual attack, magic attack, you cannot heal by using normal medicine too. The celestial medicine is the only way to go.

The way of celestial medicine cannot replace your normal pills and herbs, but it does things that the normal medicine doesn’t do.  If you have a normal flu or something, you can also ask these deities for help to empower your medicine, the pills and herbal tea, etc. It will help you heal up faster as a booster for the medicine.

During magic battles, our troops sent to work will also get injured and wear out too. Celestial Medicine can be used to cure them and heal them from their injuries too.

No matter what kind of sickness you have, getting extra help from this deity will help. His methods and magical powers have given us hope and light for any health issues. Even you are diagnosed with Cancer or something similar, you know you are not “game over” yet. There is always hope and light ahead for you!



You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book and here is a demo in video.


There is also a whole list of prayers for all the different gods in our e-book too. Here is the prayer for Tin Yee Sin Si. There is also a special channel spell in our e-book for this god.


Celestial Medic Deity Prayer

Jia Seem Gwei Miong Li
Daai Doe Yea Seen,
Gew Ji Jung Cieong,
Chuan Gung Xiou Whua,
Ki Si Whuooi Cieong,
Chia Fung Yioh Wong,
Gew Yeen Bwa Miong,
Chia Fung Du Wong,
Chiang Ju Ngoc Yeen,
Yu Jueh Yioh Xia,
Tian Yea Yiou Nieng,
Yim Yang Whuo Hung,
Diam Jia Xieong Biong,
Nieng Waan Yea Cian,
Pu Du Sip Fong,
Miao Whua Yeen Seem,
Tian Yea Cian Cia.
The great doctor god of the Tao, saving all the living beings from sufferings, passing on the cultivation methods and the magical powers, that allows the dead to become alive again. He gave birth to the King of Medicine, who save lives and help people. He gave birth to the King of Poison, who bring the bad people to justice. If medicine is not available or lacking, this Celestial Medic power is what can be used; the yin yang 5 elements power, just assign them to work as if they are soldiers. He the spiritual healer and doctor, saving people from all directions, with the magical methods, and the humane and merciful heart, the celestial medic deity!