Celestial Medic Deity 天醫仙師

In the mystical landscape of Saam Law Taoism, a revered figure known as the Celestial Medic Deity, or Tin Yee Sin Si (天醫仙師), in Saamlawnese as Tian Yea Cian Cia, holds a place of profound significance. This deity, whose presence is especially honored on the 7th day of the lunar month of October, serves as a divine physician. He offers healing for ailments beyond the reach of conventional remedies and provides protection against health threats before they arise.

Who Needs This God?

Imagine facing a pandemic, where contamination is rampant, and traditional medical interventions fall short. In such times, despair and helplessness can overshadow hope. Some victims with weaker energies, could be more susceptible to negative influences, might undergo harmful changes in personality, with no pharmaceutical cure in sight. Similarly, unexplained mental health crises can emerge, leaving individuals and their families searching for answers outside the realm of modern medicine. It's in these moments of dire need that the Celestial Medic Deity’s intervention becomes invaluable.

The God’s Power

The Celestial Medic Deity, much like a celestial healer, wields the capability to safeguard us from diseases, aid in our recovery from illnesses, and cure extraordinary conditions that baffle medical practitioners. This deity is particularly adept at addressing mental health issues and maladies rooted in spiritual disturbances, guiding afflicted individuals back to wellness.

A True Story

Consider the case during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic: contagions were widespread, leaving everyone in constant uncertainty about their health. A client, seeking solace and protection, acquired a FU talisman from us for their home and personal use. Remarkably, this individual, previously sensitive to the proximity of infection, noted a cessation of all related symptoms throughout the year, despite being in close quarters with others who fell ill. This experience underscores the potent supplementary role of Taoist magic as a unique layer of defense, augmenting traditional health measures.

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