Daai Law Jo Si 大羅祖師

Daai Law Jo Si is the God of Creation and Life, and its anniversary falls on the lunar Jan 1st which is the Chinese New Year! This is one of our 5 major Jo Si in the lineage and he holds the golden yellow power of creation in nature, which is why it is call “Daai” Law, meaning that his power includes anything that is birthed and delivered into this world. The symbolism for this Deity is the fruit, which is like anything that happens in this world: there needs to be time and energy put into it, then the fruit will become the final product. With his power, we can see success in front of us, and it is what motivates everyone to keep going in life. With the sky above, and ground below, daai is just in the center. The state of harmony between the positive and negative, is daai. Therefore, you might even see this Deity as a God of Harmony, or the God of Love as well. Last but not least, remember “Daai Law Tin,” the actual pre-heaven world where the Saam Law Taoists are going to go after life is over here, the celestial world where the true Taoists go. Here, is where the real Gods are as well. Daai Law Jo Si is the heart of the Saam Law system, the central power of Daai Law Tin, which also means that if one wants to be going here after death, they will need to embrace onto Dai Law Jo Si’s power.

There is a product, then there is a demand, and when the two meet and match, then a Dai (event) happens, an opportunity is created, and a deal can be sparked. When will you need Dai Law Jo Si’s help? It could be for many reasons, but you should always remember that he is the middle power that harmonizes the yin and yang, which means, anything that needs harmonizing, you need his help. When a family is not harmonized, they argue and fight. When a company is not harmonizing, there are conflicts between people in the office. When you yourself are not harmonized, you start to fight yourself inside out. In these situations, you need to embrace onto the Dai Law Jo Si’s power and ask for help. Having some internal struggles, not knowing how to make decision, or even just feeling self-contradicting, you will need his help. Once the Dai Law Jo Si power flows in, you will start to find out how to harmonize the two sides, and very quickly, a resolution is born.

Whenever you think of “birth” of life, it could be a baby, a plant, a fruit, or anything with life that will be born in this world. Dai Law Jo Si’s power will help to bring this life out and make sure it will be successfully delivered. Pregnant women who need help to ensure their little baby will roll out safely, or maybe even making sure their baby will have a successful future, will need to ask for the Daai Law Jo Si’s help too.

When you are trying to build something, such as a business, Daai Law Jo Si can be there to help you achieve your goals. He is creative and full of ideas that you cannot even imagine. One key point is that the world of Daai Law Tin is always creating things, discovering new things, and bringing what’s in the spiritual state to reality, creating the future, and bringing new things into sight. Some people are stuck in life because things never change – just like some people never change their house’s arrangement in ten years or more. With this power, you might start seeing the potentials and motivations to change, to reorganize, and to make adjustments, and soon you will find a totally new way out. Even when you are cooking dinner, or ordering dinner, the Daai Law Jo Si can help you pick something to cook or eat that is out of your imagination too.

On your journey of learning Taoism and Taoist magic, you might also face many hurdles that challenge your heart, your trust, and faith to the Tao. When evil spirits attack, they always make you go into this mode where they try to make you “listen to your heart” and “do what is told’ by the heart. At this moment, your heart is being controlled and hijacked already, and you should not listen to it. Yet, the evils will convince you to do it, so that you can turn rebellious, and start doing things that will only harm your own self as a Taoist. With the help of Daai Law Jo Si, he can help you gain control over yourself, and not be driven by emotions. Self-control, discipline, and holding onto your morals and virtues is what keeps you going and keeps your trust and faith on your Tao.

Daai Law Jo Si is also the power that helps us feel things right, and it also helps with the heart connection between the pre and post heaven world. That means, your heart spell and magic connections are all going to be boosted if you have his help on your side. At the same time, when facing magic battles, his power can also override the enemy’s power and control their magic power back, so they will be putting the harm on themselves instead.

Daai Law Jo Si, your God of creation, life, harmony, success, and even the heart connection between the pre and post heaven world. Whenever you need help from him, write the FU HEAD and channel in the power with the spell, success will soon be in your hand.


You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book