General Guan Yu - God of Wealth for Spending 武財神

General Guan Yu, or Gwaan Sing Dai Gwun 關聖帝君 is one of the god in our lineage that represents the “God of Wealth for Spending”. We all call him 武財神 Mo Choy Sun. His anniversary falls on the lunar June 24th.

Metaphor and Wisdom

Very obvious, he is a powerful general who can control his powers very well. It’s a metaphor, which corresponds to the power that can control the “soul” inside when the soul is about to push the body to execute the task and take action.

He is a wealth god for “spending’ the wealth, just imagine what happen if your body keeps spending the soul energy wrongly, at the wrong time, or just doesn’t have the ability to push out enough energy for what is needed to be done.

For students, they might be smart, but cannot apply their smarties into the actual work, leading to bad marks.

For adults who just started their career, you might be over-spending or over-investing, like many people who end up with a lot of debt that is very hard to pay off.

For businessman, investors, who want to invest into bad stocks and end up losing money?

Anyone would need his help no matter what age you are or what field you work in.

His Powers

He is always a powerful god to have around for anything from money to health and even for love-relationship. It’s about spending your soul to do things in life. If you can spend it wisely, with good control and decision, you can be getting fruits from your investments and work, effort spent will not be wasted!

He gives you the power to empower your soul, helps you make decision on spending, investing, or even outputting your energy to do anything. If you do not have the power to say things out, such as proposing to your beloved one, he can also give you the power and courage for that too.

The control of power output is also a very good thing to have around, especially like those who have the issue of over spending or just cannot hold onto their wealth for long. If you are experiencing things like your wealth or fruits are always leaking away, he can help you secure them and hold onto them.

About to buy something like a house? a car? or even about to sign up for some classes? Spending - ask General Guan for help!

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