General Kwan Statue with Taoist Magic

General Kwan in Taoism

We have a general Kwan statue on our Saam Law Taoist altar, just like we have the Saam Ching, Jiu Tian Xuan Nu, Guan Yin and so on. Some of my disciples might be confused, why do we put this statue up and what is the purpose? This post will make it all clear to you.

“General Kwan” is what most people know him by, like the general from the Three Kingdoms period. However, if you have read our article on “what is statue in Taoist magic”, you might have already learned that we do not “worship” the historical figure (like what most people do). Statues are always used as a container, which draws in pre-heaven energy, and the statue is used to cultivate these energies, as a “power bank” on the altar, which can strengthen your altar and provide you an extra “special power” to use. 

The “general Kwan” here is called the Saam Law Mo Choy Sun三羅武財神, which roughly translates to the Saam Law wealth giving god (super bad surface translation). However, it doesn’t really mean that.

There are basically two types of wealth-accumulating in Taoist magic. One is the wealth that goes into the altar system and empowers your system, this is the “Munn” choy-sun (wealth power) that will be talked about in another post. The other type is an exterior interacting type, which is the Mo Choy-Sun that we are talking about here. It deals with the wealth going out of the altar system for the world here, which can translate to a better future in reality.  

As a general concept foundation, the Munn (internal) style of wealth is like how you can earn money from a job, how you can intake food into your body, how you can grab the right magazine for inspiration to get your project done, anything that can be taken in and CONSUMED by you (and also be useful) is wealth. So the “General Kwan” style with the “external” (Mo) is like when you have to spend your money to get more wealth back to you, such as spending money to buy something useful (which you need), or even buying stocks, investments, buying a house, etc. You must first output your resources to gain something back which you can consume or use, this is what MO choy-sun is about.


The Statue of Kwan

Keeping it simple, the general Kwan statue is standing, and so it does interact with the external world and not just to accumulate resources. The right hand (external force) holds a big long knife that extends to the ground. If you read up on our article on the “the knife magic tool”, you will understand more about why the knife is used instead of a sword or something else. In short, a knife cuts and splits to separate things, like to give and detach.   The knife is a magic tool that represents to give and cut off something. The position of this long knife touches the ground which means it interacts with the world outside, transferring it’s power outside. If the sharp edge of the blade faces downward, it is giving its energy to the outside, which helps you to spend better. If you flip the blade and the edge now faces the sky, it means to take back, which helps you to get something back after spending, like a return from an investment or something like that. Adjust the blade to whatever position that matches your need for the statue’s power.

The left hand of the statue is holding the beard, which is the extension from the mouth. It is bringing in the power of the mouth, which is the power to consume and intake. This statue brings in the power of intake and output the power to help you spend or get a return from spending. There is also a long cloak on the body, covering its left side, which means to preserve “air” (energy) and so it has a saving property to protect you while you are spending, making your spending careful and fruitful.


The Practical Power

The general Kwan statue is consecrated to connect to our Tao (Saam Law) as the source, which means that it is not taking anything but our Tao’s pre-heaven essence into the altar, the statue, and to output these powers for you. Read the content below to see if you need one!

Put it simple, the General Kwan can be simply call the “External Wealth God” or something like that to make it easy for the English-speaking people. However, let’s dig into what this “wealth” means for different people.

External Wealth for Children – How can the kids spend their energy on the best things they should, for a better future to come? For the babies, it can be making them behave better so that they can get better treatment and food from the parents later. For the kids who are older, it can be how they can spend their energy to play and make friends, resulting in better friends in return, leading to good marks and not getting into the “bad guys group”. Wealth is not always about money!

External Wealth for Student – Spending your time and energy, or even your money, on the right things, so that you can have the return you want. Ever thought of spending a whole day trying to study but you just studied the wrong stuff?  The external wealth here can kick in and help you spend your energy on things that are needed, reducing these useless studying, leading to a much more efficient studying session, and of course, a better result and mark at the end.

External Wealth for Adults – That’s the people who make money! Right, you want to be able to output your resources for a better return. Don’t be stuck on investment and things like that only. Even when you talk about getting a date with a lady, your wealth can be how you output your energy and such on this lady, for her to come back with good feedback. Not only that, but think about outputting the right kind of energy on the right things at work, then you can have better feedback from your boss, leading to a better future. Sometimes you try hard, very hard, but you just didn’t do what the boss likes to see, and so you work hard for nothing, right?

The word “wealth” always makes us link it to money, but it is not only money that you need. Money is a medium, and you need things that you can buy with money, not just money alone. Just like saying why we buy stocks? To make money!? Not really, you buy stocks to make money FOR a better living standard, or to improve your living style, making yourself happier, right? 

You have to zoom out a bit and look at thing by projecting your vision beyond the money sign. The goal should never by JUST for the money. Yes, money will come too, but you need to know the goal, what’s beyond the money that you need.

The whole thing about external wealth is all about spending your energy, your resources, your money or whatever things, for a good return. The return can be a smile, can be a “yes!” from a marriage proposal, or even more business opportunities. 


Extra Knowledge on General Kwan

The statue we use (general Kwan) is also often referred to Kwan Sing Dai Gwun關聖帝君which in our lineage has a different meaning. 

The word Kwanmeans something meets inside a door. For example, Kwan Moon關門is to close the door. What meets is the door panel and the frame, or both the door panels if you have 2 of them that open up left and right.   This Kwan here means whatever opportunity that might meet up with you and trigger you to output your resources.

Sing means to absorb the wind and let resources to flow through. For example, if you see the sky raining down right now, that is a Sing kind of action, because resources are flowing into the ground. In this case with the statue, it means the time when you decided to spend, to output resources.

Dai Gwan帝君is the lord and controller, meaning a restricting force, a control power, a kind of governor force that restricts or controls your spending in a good way, like a good financial manager would do for you. 

Therefore, it is not about the general in the Three Kingdoms, but the same word used for a different meaning!

If you would like to get an altar set up with us, or even ordainto start learning and get an even more powerful altar set up with this statue installed, feel free to get started today!  The general Kwan statue is powerful and useful for all ages because wealth is not just money, it is more than money which is what we really need!