Bedside Deity 床神

The Beside Deity, Chong Sun 床神 helps you take care of the things related to the bed. However, they are one of the most overlooked deities among all the local deities! The anniversary of the Bedside Deities is on the lunar July 7th, right on the famous Chinese valentine 七夕! In this article we will talk about their powers and how you can utilize them!

Wisdom and Power

Most people only know of these deities as a pair of old couples who are there to help you look after your baby. You know, babies can crawl out of the bed and weird things happen to them at times. However, that is totally not the case here.

There are 2 deities in this series, we call them Chong Gung 床公and Chong Mo 床母 separately; but they are working together, so we just call them Chong Sun 床神 as if they are one.

The bed is where sleep, and is also where we connect back to the Yuen Sun, getting our preheaven energy refills. If you are being attacked by evils, yin gods, or ghost immortals, your pathway to the Yuen Sun is where those evil things can get you. They can destroy your luck or even life during sleep. If evils are attacking you, then you can wake up to a super bad madness curse, making you super bad mood and feel like you want to kill someone.  Sometimes you might even be having bed paralyzes and such too!  These happen to adults, not just babies, and that is why we need these deities to help us!

The bedside deities work under the altar’s landlord deity. If anything, they will inform the landlord deity and get help, and there goes the altar’s troop coming to save your life in the spiritual dimension D6.

The bedside deities not only help with protection, but also with things like healing you from sickness, helping you to get babies (pregnancy), and even getting new ideas from the preheaven. They are expert in protecting and securing the pathway from postheaven to preheaven, so you would need them all the time because you always nap or sleep.

If you are going to camp somewhere, make sure you bring their FU so they can go with you and secure the area when you are sleeping in the campsite.

Who Needs Their Help

Everyone would need their help! They are there by default if you have an altar built with the landlord deity, just like the door, kitchen, and washroom deities. However, if you need their help outside, or maybe in another house, then you need to use the Bedside Deity FU. If you are camping, you can carry their FU with you and that will be good even for napping in the car too!

If you have a wish for something to come true, you can inform these deities, so that they can help you ensure that message is going to be heard by your landlord and Yuen Sun too. That way you have a much greater chance of getting your wish come true with all the preheaven help at the back!

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!