Guan Yin Magic in Taoism

Guan Yin Magic in Taoism

Guan Yin

Guan Yin 觀音 is well known throughout the Chinese culture and even in Buddhism. However, the Guan Yin in Buddhism and Taoism is not the same. You can see it like the same name, but different subject or person. Furthermore, even ever sect of Taoism does not share the same “Guan Yin” too. You can see it as a character, and every sect will have a version of their own.  It’s kind of like how everyone choose the same character in a video game, but even they might look alike, it’s not the same character because of what’s inside it and who’s behind it. Here we will talk about the Guan Yin in our lineage, and so if you are learning under our system, or getting a Guan Yin statue altar from us, you will know what it is about and what this Guan Yin can help you with.

What is Guan Yin

Guan Yin 觀音 is one of the “deity”, which is actually a form of pre-heaven power and not like a “someone” who is from another “world” that you pray to and beg her for help…  However, in order to be able to connect your “heart” (energy heart) to this higher power, you must treat it like a human, in order to put connect and communicate with it. Therefore, you treat it like a human, yet it is not a human. Just like how your kids will treat their stuffed animals like as if they are real, yet they now they are not real. Overtime, you can see that the kids can “feel” the stuffed animals’ mood and even be able to “hear” them talk too.

Guan Yin 觀音 is really easy to understand, and first we will dig into the words.

Guan (Goon), it means to watch and absorb the light. Basically, you can think about how you watch a movie, and the pictures are then absorbed into your memory. Because you looked, and that is why you got it in your heart. This word does not mean “observe”, because you have to bypass the thinking, coitizing, or even using any brain power during the “Guan” process.

Yin (Yum), it means a , which is to establish and stand up a sun, which the sun is a metaphor of “a complete event”. The word Yin here also means a sound, as in a wave, or force that pushes.

Together, Guan Yin is to absorb the light and transform it into energy, which then helps you to get something started or make something possible or happen. It might sounds a bit complex when we bright it all down, but you will understand with my examples below.

You are not motivated to do exercise, and so it’s time to Guan Yin yourself. Go watch some fitness related movies or YouTube around, then you absorbed all those pictures and stuff into your mind. Now you feel pumped inside and suddenly you can have the drive to do the exercise. Why?  Where does this hype magically came from? – The guan-yin that you have been doing on YouTube!

Here is the video that explains the Guan Yin theory to you (English and Chinese!)



Guan Yin Statue and Altar

Having a Guan Yin statue on your home altar is amazing, and we are talking about the Guan Yin that is consecrated by us, with “our” Guan Yin powers..!

The power of Guan Yin can be very helpful to bring you success, motivation, and make the impossible things possible, because most of us really just lack the kick of energy that push us to unleash our potentials. When the Guan Yin energy is going into you, and powers you up, it will push you to realize or bang into things that can motivate or inspire you, and then you will be able to convert these into energy, and the energy will then help you do things, and gain success through your work.

You might be trying very hard in school or at work, but sometimes we are just lacking new ideas, or lacking potentials, and the Guan Yin power from the statue can help you fix this problem. Your life, your Yuen Sun, might not have the resources for you, and so the Guan Yin statue helps you get the extra resources from the higher powers that we connects to in this lineage, getting you extras that you do not have on your own.

Guan Yin power is amazing, and it is very useful when you are trying to get through problems, going through obstacles and hurdles, or even just trying to get something done but it just seems impossible. 

You can start building up your Guan Yin statue power today by getting an alter started with us. (Email us for this)  Or even better, is to get ordain and learn to build up your own altar, and get the Guan Yin even more powerful than the believer’s limit!