Guan Yin Goddess 觀音娘娘

Guan Yin Goddess 觀音娘娘 (Saamlawnese: Guan Yin Niang Niang) is one of the goddesses in our lineage that we worship. Her anniversary falls on the lunar Sept 19th. There are a lot of Guan Yin temples in the world, yet just like we have explained in our previous lessons, gods and deities are exclusive to their lineage and sect. Even though the statue is the same, the gods behind it are not. We will introduce the Guan Yin Goddess in our lineage with this detailed article for our disciples and believers.

Guan Yin is commonly believed to be a Buddhism goddess, and most people in Asia know of her through TV shows and movies because of her appearance in epic stories such as Journey to the West.  She is known for being kind and merciful, compassionate and helpful, and always like the love giver who can heal and save lives. However, the Guan Yin in our lineage is not the Buddhism goddess; it uses the same image and name as Mazu and Judge Bao did. Some disciples asked why out of so many names, we had to use Guan Yin and not any other ones. I had decided to reveal the truth to you in this article, which is what my teacher said to me when I was taught about the Guan Yin Goddess.

I asked, “Why do we or why must we use Guan Yin? It’s so Buddhist!”.

My teacher from Daai Law Tin (the Taoist Heaven) said, “Because many people don’t know she is Taoism or Buddhism, and many Asians like her. If we have to spread the Tao of Saam Law, we must open up this path for more people to have a bridge to reach the Tao. It’s like you are making Americanized Chinese food for the westerners to bring them to attention, and once they like the vibe, they will want to know more about authentic Chinese cuisine, and that is how things can be spread to the others.”

That is true; we can even have a Jesus or Allah, too – if we want to. Then I asked, “So why don’t we have Jesus too?”

My teacher laughed, saying, “Because we don’t want to look like an evil cult mixing religions and brewing nonsense!  You can create other gods later to teach the disciples, but not Jesus!”

He continued, “Many people already used Guan Yin in Taoism sects; it’s not weird to have her here. What if an Asian believer thought that she is Taoist and has been worshipping her for years and wanted to get the altar consecrated by you? You cannot just tell them to trash their statues and say it’s not okay, right? If you can put the Saam Law’s Guan Yin in there, it’s a win-win solution!  He can learn about the deeper knowledge later, but you got to give them a way to enter the door.”

I accepted the teachings, and later on, in our lineage, we had other gods created to teach our closer disciples the truth about “god creations.” If you want to know more, you can read up on Woh Sing Deity, our god of war that we have created, and it is based on the character the Grand Warden in the game Clash of Clans. In short, the god creation is like you are just making a new copy of the same god, with a different profile. Like a person can be a policeman or a chef, you have to give it the profile and cultivate it (giving it the proper training), then it will grow into that form.

I don’t like being so Buddhist – but after this lesson from my teacher, I have opened my mind a lot about the idea of accepting that everything is “empty” and “hollow”; it’s just about what you want to put into it that creates the final result. For example, a statue is just a statue; if you consecrate it with a Buddhist power and method, it becomes a Buddhist god; if you consecrate it with the Saam Law Taoism power, it becomes a Taoism god. The statue is just an outfit; you can put on a different outfit and even pretend to be superman or a monster; you are still you; the outfit won’t change who you are but only give you a new look, role or powers.

The beginning of Guan Yin Goddess in our lineage has opened me up to accept many new things and greatly opened my vision. The essence of this lesson is called 萬法空相, which means that you are looking at everything physical as a hollow body, and if you put the magical power of Saam Law into it, then it will become a Saam Law whatever. My teacher said that as long as there is a need for the god to be created, create and use it. Saam Law Tao can become anything.

The Power of Light and Vision

Guan Yin Goddess in our lineage has a few unique powers, one of which is giving light and vision when we need new ideas and ways to solve our problems. Imagine you have an axe and feel the handle is slippery; what would you do? You may wear a rubbery glove, wrap the handle up with something, or get it dipped in rubber paint. Many people have the same problem; why don’t you research and look around on YouTube or google up some ideas? The Guan Yin goddess will help you by pushing you to look in a certain direction and get inspiration. Like in the movie, when you are stuck and have no idea what to do, Guan Yin Goddess will appear to “save” you by pointing you in the right direction.

Having a good direction is very important when we are trying to find a way to solve a problem. Sometimes, going in the wrong direction can waste your time, energy, or money.  Imagine you are thinking of what your boss meant with his messages, and you keep asking all your friends who know nothing about the boss. All this so-called advice can be all wrong, but they throw ideas at you like they know what they are talking about.  Guan Yin can help you avoid this kind of situation and inspire you to find the right person to ask for help, at least in a direction that won’t point you the wrong way and create more problems for you.

Light and vision in life are so important, and I have tried listening to the wrong people for business advice, which could be better. Some people love to pretend to know what they are talking about like they are PROs, and they sound more confident and convincing than real professionals. Many grannies love to say, “let me teach you,” and start advising about life. They think they know more because they are older. Beware, a lot of them are just bored and want attention!  Guan Yin’s power can help us avoid falling into these wrong directions and be able to tell what kind of advice is good and what is not. With the light from Guan Yin, life is never as clueless and hopeless.

Golden Light Medicine for Healing

When we talk about healing, most people think of sicknesses like those treated by doctors; flu, pain, physical issues, etc. However, we are not talking about that kind of sickness with magic.

Guan Yin Goddess has a special magical power to make medicine with golden light. These are special words that outsiders don’t understand. Golden light refers to the preheaven energy with the yellow golden colour, the “d5 energy,” and it is the same kind of energy that your energy heart has. This is also the power of creation in nature, which creates life and makes things happen.

The definition of sickness is when energy flow goes wrong and is out of alignment with its normal flow because of external energy that has penetrated the system. For example, bad energy from your “friend” has penetrated you and messed up your system; as a result, you start to feel negative and gloomy in the evening. You are sick because of this “virus” that entered your system and caused your emotions to go wrong.

The golden light as medicine allows the energy to be corrected, and it can overpower the bad energy to control and change it back to a neutral state, which allows the system to get back to normal and not be affected anymore.

When a person’s energy body is sick, there will be many negative influences such as weird thoughts, confidence and emotions going wrong, or even starting to do things that hurt themselves. It is very common to be sick like this, especially when socializing with others.

In other words, if you interacted with others and then realized that you have been acting or feeling weird afterward, it is most likely that your energy body is “sick,” and you would need Guan Yin’s golden pill to help you solve the problem. Don’t shift to blame and say you are just tired; ask for Guan Yin’s help immediately and let her heal you and get you back to normal!

Kids love to play with each other and are easily affected by their peers. You might have noticed how fast they pick up a bad habit or some bad words their peers say. This is because they have no guard against their peers; energy penetrates them easily and messes up their thoughts and heart, then there goes the sickness!  It is a very good idea to have a Guan Yin protection charm on them to avoid contamination from their peers.

The Passed Away Ones

Guan Yin Goddess is very helpful and useful for the ones who passed away. Dead souls can be “sick” easily, especially newly deceased ones. Their souls are fragile; any evil tyrants can go around and bully them and convert them into enslaved people. Once they got converted, they were “sick,” and they would feel “right” being a slave and want to do evil things to “feel happy.” This would include “revenging on the people alive” for whatever reasons. There are many cases that I have witnessed where ancestors passed away and suddenly started to curse and do magic to attack the people who are still alive. Why did they suddenly remember or “remember” to do this? It’s simple because some bad spirits are around and contaminate them like they have been injected with a virus, which got them “sick.”

Drug Addictions and Other Bad Habits

Many people get “sick” in the heart and fall into addictions to drugs or other harmful things. Guan Yin’s power is great for healing and getting rid of addiction. The golden light helps to empower your heart and give you the strength to quit the addiction and to build self-control for fighting through the hurdle.

If one is addicted to drugs, especially if evils are involved as part of the root cause, it would be very hard to get rid of the addiction, and one would rather not want to stay sober. The heart will get weaker and weaker as they try to escape from reality. Deep inside, they know they are falling and crippling in life, but they cannot help it. Just saying you want to quit and trying doesn’t work because evils can overpower your heart, and you will not be able to do it. Guan Yin’s power is what you need to win the battle. It’s not just the drug but the evils always winning over you.

Guan Yin is a goddess that can give you guidance, light, vision, and protection and heal you from “sickness.” You can get the eBook to learn her FU HEAD, prayer and spell!  Get ordained today to learn more about her and how to use her magical powers.