Jiu Tian Xuan Nu - Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens 九天玄女

Jiu Tian Xuan Nu 九天玄女 (Saamlawnese: Gew Tian Xuan Nue), also known as the “Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven” in some places, is one of the goddesses we worship in the lineage. You can learn about her in this article so that you can use her powers and the magic that is related to her.

There is a legend of this goddess in Chinese history, which you can read elsewhere too. There is also a tv show about her called the investiture of gods. These are fun to read and watch, but they are different from what you need to know about to use her magical powers in this lineage. You can enjoy those as a “side dish” and watch them when you have extra time. We will focus on the practical things that matter in this article, which are things you need to know about to inherit her magical powers.

Please note that Taoism has many sects, and every sect has its system of magic and gods exclusive to themselves. Even with the same name and statue, what’s inside is different. Don’t mix around; stick to what your master and sect go by ONLY. This article is meant to introduce the Jiu Tian Xuan Nu of our sect and is for our disciples to learn about her.

The brief introduction of this goddess Jiu Tian Xuan Nu (Gew Tian Xuan Nue), is that she is the goddess of creation and exorcism. She is great for creativity-related things, giving you ideas and inspiration and bringing discoveries for solving problems. At the same time, her exorcism power is specialized toward the YIU and GWAAI type of evils, which we will discuss later. Her powers can help make you smarter, avoid scams and traps, and support you while you are going through your mental struggles and hurdles, repelling harmful elements away from you.

Evils of Yiu and Gwaai 妖怪

YIU and GWAAI are two types of evils which are not fictional but real. They can be energies or real evil spirits that can harm you if they haunt you. It’s not like how it is in the movies and tv shows, and that is why most people think these are just fictional stuff because they don’t understand what the “real version” is about.

Yiu means something grown prematurely, like a baby born before they are supposed to be born or an idea spoken out before it is processed. In Chinese, we have a term called 妖言 which generally refers to people who spit out words to mislead others without processing it through their brains. Like gossipers, they often listen to something and then keep echoing it around their world to others, which is a form of Yiu action. Some children full of Yiu energy would act very weird because they cannot process it properly. So they will be doing a lot of weird actions that no one understands, such as licking the wall, talking to the air, or eating things they pick up on the floor. Who would have eaten the stuff on the floor if they had processed the idea? That’s Yiu!

Yiu spirits are real, too, just that you cannot see them with your naked eyes. I have seen them in magic battles and when doing cases for my clients. They are like spiritual beings in animal form, or sometimes they will look like aliens in sci-fi movies. They are often tricky, and love to mess up with your logic, give you illusions and weird thoughts or push you to do things that are weird and “animal” like. People who got heavily haunted by Yiu would love tattoos, body modification, “decorating” their body and turning it into another thing that doesn’t look human, or they would be doing a lot of “stupid things” that make no sense to a normal human which they think is “fun” to do. Go on YouTube and search for stupid videos, then you will see them. Jumping off the roof into a swimming pool, trying to shoot yourself with a bb gun and “see if it hurts,” or pranks on your boyfriend or girlfriend, we call these “stupid videos,” but why do people love doing “stupid” things? Because they have Yiu energy, and it’s taking over their heart. Some tattoo “artists” will tattoo all over their body and transform their body into a reptile or a tiger and think that’s “cool.” Some people will poke things all over the body and hang rings through them like that’s “cool.” Seriously, who would do that? If you think that’s cool too, then you are probably also haunted by Yiu because that’s not “normal” for human beings. You might say that tattoos have been common these days, and many cultures do it too – that’s right, Yiu is all over the place, and it is common to be haunted by them too, especially the cultures that worship animal spirits in their tribes.

Gwaai 怪 is another type that is very similar to Yiu. When we say someone is a Gwaai person 怪人, it means that the person is “weird.” But what is weird? Yiu is not weird? Gwaai’s property is a bit different; they love to collect used things and get the biproduct of others. Imagine garbage-collector, antique collectors, cardboard collectors, or some “artist” who loves using garbage to make art. Some people would say that this guy is “nice” because he uses the garbage from landfill to “make art,” – but he is Gwaai too because you should let garbage be recycled; why make something and call it “art”? It is very weird. Out of everything, you decided to love garbage and not other things. Some people love asking for used items like they cannot buy anything new or love taking from the donation box. People will start to steal and rob when the Gwaai energy gets bad. There was an old man who once came to my temple and stole my garbage right in front of me, and I had to yell at him to stop pulling my garbage bags away. Turn out he just wanted the stuff inside; how weird!  This is Gwaai.

Gwaai spirits are ugly and look like mutated monsters, puddles of mud-like substance-looking stuff. Sometimes they will look like rotten and mutated creatures that look a bit like this and a bit like that you cannot tell what it is, but it is certainly rotten and ugly. When Gwaai spirits are around, it makes people love old things, collect bad energy, invite bad friends and people over, and do many things to make your environment stinky, rotten, dirty, and so on. It can make you poor, bad luck and what else – weird.

With Yiu and Gwaai around, you will go very weird. Yiu people sometimes get very rich because they go extremely Yiu’d with their hobby and get the other Yiu’d people into the grooves. Imagine a very extreme tattoo artist will have many customers going his way if he can bring in the people whom Yiu also haunts.  However, if Gwaai is around, you might be very poor or not want to get rich because you like to be rotten!  Maybe the tattoo artist will start to use secondhand tools and collect people’s garbage, and they will love working in a dirty, rotten environment!

The Jiu Tian Xuan Nu Power

Now that we understand what Yiu Gwaai is, you know when to ask for this goddess’s help! You might not see the spirit, but you can look out for the energy by observing people and their behaviours and vibes.

A friend who loves secondhand or keeps asking you if you “need” this or if you can give it to them. Gwaai energy haunted!

A coworker who loves tattoos and kept showing off his whole body of “art,” Yiu’d.

Your kid started a bad habit; he kept saying weird words like he could not control his mouth and thought that was funny. Yiu’d.

Your baby started eating things on the floor and even wanted to taste poop. Gwaai’d.

Somehow your friend said he wants to go minimalist and live in the wild. Then he loves to pick up “used” items to “recycle” them by using them in a new way, like taking used tires and then creating his own “playground” things. Gwaai’d.

You suddenly felt the urge to smoke, and you kept sensing it; you looked at the packaging, and it says smoking can cause cancer, but you said to yourself, “who cares” – it is a sign that your self-control and logic is gone or overpowered, Yiu’d.

You started to want to like trying dangerous stuff, such as jumping from high places and doing “fun” stunts. Yiu’d.

You started to love keeping old stuff, garbage, and cardboard boxes, and claim that “you need them later,” yet you never use them much over ten years. Gwaai’d.

I must admit that Yiu and Gwaai do bring some colours to our world, like if not because of these influences, we won’t have all these things in our world today, such as tattoos, parkour, parachute and all sorts of weird things that no ordinary would want to try. An ordinary person won’t want to try to make an air balloon and see if you can fly in the air (without thinking about how to land later); it’s the Yiu’d people who are brave enough to do it because they don’t even think!  It is part of nature for Yiu and Gwaai to influence our world, yet we should always beware of these and know how to spot them at least and clear them out before they take over our life!

When you spot these things, you can use the power of Jiu Tian Xuan Nu to exorcise the Yiu and Gwaai and bring things back to normal. You can also repel those Yiu and Gwaai energies so your business will have fewer weird customers, or you can repel those weird co-workers away from you or your child.

Yiu and Gwaai are like animals; they can be good for you but also turn evil. The power of Jiu Tian Xuan Nu can remove the bad ones and neutralize them; at the same time, she can also give you GOOD Yiu and Gwaai energy that helps you think of creative things or think of how to make use of “garbage” to bring new life to used things etc. A balance of Yiu and Gwaai energy in a good way can help you make life more colourful and also bring you to discover new ideas.

In the novels, you can see that big monsters (Gwaai) can threaten people when they are bad, but once they are tamed, people can ride them as pets, just like a horse, and they can help you fight better in war! Yiu can also be used to bring new ideas and make you creative. After all, being a stubborn and boring ordinary person is also bad because you will always reject the idea of trying new things, just like the Chinese grandma who refuses to eat cheese because it smells like rat poop. Take a bite!  She needs some Yiu to help her bypass the processing part, which might help “trick” her into eating the yummy cheese for once!

Some disciples can only learn things and do what is told as if they cannot even think of anything new from what was taught. If they had more Yiu energy, they might be able to feel the joy of learning when they can discover many new things from just a single lesson.

Now that you know about these, you should be able to utilize her powers and know when you need her in life!  Yiu and Gwaai specialist!  She can help you exorcise, repel, ward off or even tame them!

You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this goddess in the Magic Foundation E-book! There is also a special scripture from her called the Nine Sky Celestial Tower Scripture. Check out the ebook and audio mp3 for that!  If you want to learn how to use her magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!