Woh Sing Deity 和聖大神尊

Who Sing Deity (Whuoh Xieong Daai Sin Juan: Saamlawnese) 和聖大神尊 is a deity that is exclusive in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar on Oct 29th.  This deity holds a magical fish cane in his left hand and a book of time in his right-hand steps on the bagwa platform and has a magical golden rooster crown on his head. He wears a dragon robe with purple energy emerging from his body, giving him the power to lead the celestial army at war. This is a deity of war, with the special ability to radiate a golden shield of protection force to cover the faithful ones around him, repelling away any threats and evils while pushing through the hurdles and obstacles.

The fish cane is his magic wand, directing the power wherever needed. The book of time allows him to change things, make things happen, and create new opportunities if there aren’t any.  

If you need protection against any danger and threats, he is your ultimate guardian and protector deity. If you need to change your life to become better, speed up your luck for things to come true sooner, or even buy yourself some time so you can push through a hurdle, this is the deity that can help you too.

For magic battles, he is the ultimate deity to give protection to the celestial armies. His golden light shield will protect them as they slash through the evil forces. This will make the celestial armies much tougher, giving you a greater chance of winning the war.  As a guardian, he can also help you look out for threats that are far away and eliminate them before they can even be seen.

His crown of rooster gives him the power to spot flaws and bugs, just like a rooster could spot worms and eat them! When you are trying to improve yourself from all perspectives, he can help you see your flaws and make changes to improve you!

Get protection from this deity, or have him empower the celestial armies fighting for you!


FU HEAD and Prayer

You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) and prayer from our e-Book.