Woh Sing Deity 和聖大神尊

Woh Sing Deity, or Woh Sing Daai Sun Juen 和聖大神尊, is a powerful deity of war.

He specializes in shielding people from danger, giving them the ability to be immune to external threats for a certain period, to buy precious time to push through the hurdles.

While he stands guard at your location, he has the power to fend off any attackers at a long distance, warding off the evils from your property.

This powerful deity can be flying in the sky, or walking on the ground, which means he can help you while you are working on something, or even before starting any new projects, when you're seeking opportunities: he'll be looking out for you like a radar, spotting every single threat that might be in your way.

Woh Sing Deity is not a powerful attacker, but more of a healer, helper, and life saver that ensures you are safe and protected at critical moments, when you need that extra power to shield you.

He also has the wisdom and vision that can lead you to seeing how to deal with problems or spotting any potential threats, preventing you from making hasty decisions.

The magical tools used by this deity are the Fish cane, that allows him to point you to the right direction in life, guiding you to swim through obstacles instead of banging against them head-on; and the Book of Time, that helps you find answers on the best timing to do things, make the best decision, and not waste time.

With his magical powers, you will become more productive, efficient and wise!

On any day, when you are at a critical moment in the middle of something, invoke the power of Woh Sing Deity.

You will see the golden light shielding you from all sorts of difficult matters or threats, giving you that push to keep you going, and bringing you to the final stage, ensuring your success and a fruitful outcome!



You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book and here is a demo in video.



There is also a whole list of prayers for all the different gods in our e-book too. Here is the prayer for Woh Sing Deity. There is also a special channel spell in our e-book for this god.


Woh Sing Deity Prayer

Jia Seem Gwei Miong Li
Nieng Xuan Daai Whua,
Geem Gwong Jia Seen,
Pie Gwa Taai Cieong,
Jiang Wu Ken Kwun,
Chiaan Gwun Waan Ma,
Gong Ki Jia Seen,
Doe Pao Bu Yip,
Yeem Ju Whuo Hun,
Cieong Tian Koh Fi,
Ha Di Seen Hung,
Seen Gung Daai Whua,
Bwa Miong Whuoo Seen,
Gwong Miong Hoe Xien,
Jia Wei Jia Xieong,
Whuoo Gwoh Jia Seen,
Whuoh Xieong Seen Juan.
Determined to trust and believe for the rest of my life.
The power of moving around elements and time, with the golden light that shields over the body, on the bagwa altar, he deals with everything and command the troops to war. Putting more power on top of their body, making them blade proof and invincible, allowing them to fly or to sprint on the ground, with the magical powers, it saves their life and protect their bodies, the golden light shines, the sage of wisdom, the guardian god of the country, Whoh Xieong Seen Juan.