Woh Sing Deity 和聖大神尊

Woh Sing Deity 和聖神尊 (Saamlawnese: Whuoh Xieong Sin Juan) is a powerful god of war in our lineage. Its anniversary falls on the lunar Oct 29th.

In our post on the Guan Yin Goddess, we have discussed why the Woh Sing Deity has come to our lineage. In short, it is a god created based on the character Grand Warden in the game Clash of Clans.

You might ask, “That means this is not real?”

It is real; it was not real before, but it is real now because the god is born and cultivated like any other gods with names you might have heard of, such as Guan Yin, Mazu, Bao Judge, etc. You can read more about the investiture of gods in our other posts. Creation of gods is a special thing that we do in Taoism, and it is like taking the same flour but shaping them into different food like noodles, bread, or even pizza. We have a line in the spell, “Saam Law is the main god; it transforms into millions of bodies.” Saam Law Jo Si can be anything you want it to become, even batman or ninja turtles.

The Tao-Game of COC

We have played this mobile game for years since it was first rolled out. It’s called COC (Clash of Clans) and has evolved and improved over the years. We played it in the lineage before Saam Law Tao was here. After Saam Law Tao had been passed down to us, my teacher from above said that we should keep using this game as a Tao Game to teach the disciples about magic. Therefore, we kept playing and incorporating magic teachings into the game and having fun together. The game is about ten years old, but it’s still going strong with many worldwide tournaments. I used to call it “modern chess,” a brain-battle game!

The game is about building your village or what we call “town” and brewing troops to go out and loot another village for income. It sounds like a pretty bad thing to do, but it is part of life in COC. You have to loot to have income, or else you will never have money to build anything if you rely on the collectors and pumps for resources. The collectors and pumps will generate a small number of resources for you daily, requiring you to click them to “harvest,” yet they are pretty useless. This already set the gamer’s mindset to focus on being proactive in life if you want any “real” income, never sit and wait for food, like how I taught my disciples all the time. Be proactive and ask for teachings, don’t just sit and be a quiet learner. You also need to loot the “rich town” only and not the poor ones, just like you need to learn from the wise master and not the ones who don’t know anything!

The town hall level can be upgraded, and more buildings and troops will be unlocked. At town hall 11, you will unlock a hero named Grand Warden. Heroes are different from troops because they can be dead in battle and revive after some sleeping time. They are like gods who never die and can always be there to help you fight or guard your town in battle. Troops are used once, and they will be gone; you will have to brew up new troops for the next battle. At town hall 7, you get the first hero, a King; then, in town hall 9, you get a queen. Every hero has unique and special abilities, which can greatly help you in battles.

The Grand Warden can fly or walk and is a powerful, supportive troop. Everyone around him will have an increase in health (life). When he uses his special ability, he will turn everyone within his radius to become invincible for a few seconds, which helps the troops to stay alive in the hottest zone of the base they are attacking. For example, a big bomb will explode and kill everyone, but because of his special power, they will survive and not be bombed to death. His attacking power is not very strong, but he also has a long range for attacking, which often allows him to snipe down a few defences while they cannot attack him back. He is often used as a supportive hero to back up a lot of powerful troops.

Grand Warden vs Woh Sing Deity

As our God of War, Woh Sing Deity has similar properties to the Grand Warden, and we are fortunate enough to find the Grand Warden “statue”! 

The Woh Sing Deity specializes in being a strong back-end support for us when we are fighting magic battles, giving us three things that help us achieve victory.

  • He will help us use time (equivalent to the extra “health/life” of the troop).
  • He will give us wisdom that opens us to more potential (from the magic book he held in his hand).
  • He will trigger the golden light shield to cover us when we face attacks, making us invincible against evil magic!

When Woh Sing Deity is on the altar, he will help to guard the altar against invasion and evil magic attacks. When an extremely strong attack is blasted at our altar, he will activate the special golden light shield and protect the gods and celestial troops!

Even when facing our everyday life matters, Woh Sing Deity can always help us make life easier. His “book of time” has the magical powers to help us use time better, and sometimes we need to be more productive and efficient with our time to get things done fast. Sometimes run also run out of time, and we need to “buy some time” to drag through a hurdle; that is when the magical power of Woh Sing Deity shines.

The Invincible Armour

Woh Sing Deity is not a game character anymore; it has been cultivated to become a real god. Over the years, he has helped us a lot and given us teachings. In scripture, he has taught us about the invincible armour; to forge this armour, you will need five ingredients: Loyalty, togetherness, willingness to sacrifice, courage, and filial piety. The virtues will give you the power to defend against any evil.

You might not be equipped with enough of these virtues yet, so you need to channel the power from this god. He has the energies of these virtues. All you need to do is to have his power go into your body and blend with your energy to create invincible armour.  Woh Sing Deity's magical power can help you through tough times and hurdles.

Most people fail in these simple virtues, leading to all sorts of problems in life. Just imagine the lack of loyalty in marriage; love will be gone in no time because you decided to be disloyal to your wife or husband.  A disloyal worker is also not welcomed by all companies.

A person who cannot play as a team and have no togetherness will always be a loner, which means no one wants to be on their side and help them when needed. As we all know, one chopstick is brittle and easy to break; a bunch of chopsticks is impossible. This is a simple metaphor; many people still don’t understand it and think they should be “independent.”

Willing to sacrifice for others and give to others means that others will do the same back to you. Why does someone want to spend their time helping you when you don’t even want to sacrifice for them? I have four hours tonight, I can decide to use it to relax and watch TV, but because you are a very good person willing to sacrifice for me, I would then decide to use 3 hours of my time to help you instead.

Having courage means you won’t want to give up and are determined to keep pushing until the end. Many failed disciples forgot about this when they faced hurdles in life!  If you give up things easily, there will be nothing that you can achieve in life because nothing comes easy. Being stubborn and courageous to keep pushing is needed!

Filial piety is about your heart for the parents, which is to the master (me). If you do well with this, treating the master well and making him happy, you will have all the support you need for any situation. If you make the master dislike you, you will surely have nothing coming your way; even the magical power will stop flowing!

Woh Sing Deity is a god that can help you through hurdles and battles, giving you extra potential, and wisdom, shielding you from threats and protecting you to save your life. It is also a supportive god for any magic battles to empower and protect the whole team of troops and gods. With him on the altar, it’s like having a security guard who plays the sniper role!  He can snipe out the threat before the threat can even be seen!

You can get the eBook to learn his FU HEAD, prayer and spell!  There is also a scripture of war! Get ordained today to learn more about him and how to use his magical powers.