Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師 Introduction

Sun Lung Jo Si

Sun Lung Jo Si, the celestial dragon deity, who’s anniversary falls on the lunar January 3rd (2020). This deity is like the powerline system, which delivers the power of Saam Law to everywhere that needs its help. At the same time, more accurately, it is like a special postal system inside the lineage, because all our magical powers and beam around this Sun Lung network and “fly” to the destination we aim at. Sending magic by distance and helping people from far away, this is all about the Sun Lung Jo Si’s power to help us deliver our magical works to where we want.  The power of Sun Lung Jo Si projects from the center of the Daai Law Tin, just like as if those hairs that extends from the center of the plasma ball. Its power serves as a propellent for our magical power, like the fuel of a rocket, or the force of acceleration of a bullet, it’s fast, it’s powerful, and it can crush through any obstructions that appears in its way. The most important thing is that in order to bring down any Saam Law Tao wisdom or power, these things all goes through the Sun Lung Jo Si power to come down into this world, and so without this deity, there will be no Saam Law Tao in this world. Every disciple in the lineage are also linked to this deity’s power since the day they ordained, which allows them to become part of the Sun Lung bloodline network, and let this blood of Saam Law flows inside our hearts.

Whenever we have a great idea, we can make it happen ourselves, but it is always hard to project it out to the others, just like how promotion and marketing works, its not something that easy to do. When we lack the power to project, you will need the help of Sun lung Jo Si, because he is the projection force from Saam Law!   Having said that, projecting our heart, our thoughts, requires the skills of communication, which also links to this deity too. Anything that needs communication, networking, and socializing, you will need his help. Carry his FU HEAD with you and you will see your power to communicate will get better.

You can imagine a very fast train, or even better, a laser beam with super high voltage. When evil spirits are in your way, it doesn’t matter what the reason is for that evil thing to be there, but Sun Lung Jo Si will focus into one beam of power, and crush and burn through anything in its way.  Exorcism, means pushing the evils out of the way, and clearing out any threats in sight. By using the Sun Lung Jo Si’s power, you can achieve that instantly.  Speed, power, and light, combine into one, that’s how the Sun Lung Jo Si moves.

If you are always travelling, no matter fast or slow, it will also be something that the Sun lung Jo Si can help you with too. Especially in this very dangerous time with all the virus contamination, Sun Lung Jo Si can help you find the best way around, avoiding the dangerous routes, and get you to the destination safely. The same power can be applied to shipping packages too, because it is also a “box” travelling.  

The Sun Lung Jo Si is also the veins of Saam Law, which carries the dragon’s blood down to every disciple in the lineage. In another word, it passes on the magical power to fuel us and our altars. Without this power, it will be like a blackout where the power cannot be supplied to homes.  When you need more power, the Sun Lung Jo Si pumps harder, and there goes a boost to your magic power. When we are doing magic, especially magic battles, sometimes you just need that boost to make things stronger.

Sun Lung Jo Si also helps when we want to project our powers from the inside of us (from thinking) to the outside (to action). When people are having issues expressing themselves, or putting thoughts to actions and words, then this is the deity to call for help.  The power goes into you and helps you get rid of the shy and scared issue, helps your project your voice, and empowers your physical side of life. If you are into sports or martial arts, this is also going to empower you for a better physical performance as well.

Last but not least, Sun Lung Jo Si comes in a flash, and brings you something new that is out of this world. It is also responsible for helping us to bring a child to life, meaning that if you are trying to get pregnant but you just cannot. The Sun Lung Jo Si will be who you will be asking help from. 

The main power of Sun Lung Jo Si is all about travelling anywhere in this world, bypassing any walls of nature, and being able to help us deliver our magic to anywhere in a flash.  Sending magic around? You need him!