2024 Lucky Guide

What is Flying Star

Flying Star 飛星 revolves around the flow of preheaven energies from nature into our world. This primordial creative energy unfolds into nine distinct stages, mirroring the cycle of all natural occurrences. Essentially, every event in nature can be deconstructed into these nine phases until its completion. Picture a subway map with nine lights, each representing a station. As you arrive at a station, its corresponding light illuminates, akin to a "star". It's important to note that Flying Star doesn't refer to literal stars in the sky, but to the energy marking the completion of each phase in the metaphysical pattern of creation. The Flying Star method offers us a way to perceive and harness these preheaven energies, enabling us to tap into nature's creative force to enhance our lives.

Your Luck and Life

Many people question whether the superstitions associated with Chinese New Year are meaningful or just an enduring myth. The straightforward answer? They're not inherently significant unless they hold personal meaning for you. But before dismissing them, it's worth understanding their essence.

We all start life guided purely by instinct—eating when hungry, sleeping when tired, and yes, peeing without a second thought. This natural, unstructured way of living is typical for infants, leading to unavoidable accidents. As we mature, we learn about schedules and discipline. We eat at set times, use the restroom responsibly, and sleep according to a routine. This disciplined approach helps us lead healthier, more predictable lives, free from unexpected mishaps.

In Taoist belief, sleep plays a crucial role in our spiritual wellbeing. During sleep, our soul transfers unwanted energies from our body to our spiritual planetary body, the Yuen Sun 元神. In return, the Yuen Sun replenishes us with life force energies and potential, leaving us rejuvenated and positive upon waking. This exchange is what we perceive as 'luck.' Good luck signifies a harmonious exchange, filling us with vitality and motivation. Conversely, poor luck can leave us feeling drained, unenthusiastic, or even mysteriously unwell.

By default, luck is unpredictable. It's this randomness that leads many to a life full of unexpected challenges and mood swings. But by adopting and aligning with a system like Flying Star, you can exert more control over your life. This method teaches your entire being to operate in a new, more harmonious way, enhancing your life significantly.

For those who don't believe in or follow the Flying Star pattern, it might seem irrelevant. It's akin to someone who lives without a schedule finding discussions about time management pointless. To truly benefit from Flying Star, you must believe in it, follow its principles, and actively incorporate it into your life. As the saying goes, "If you believe in it, it exists for you; if you don't, it doesn't." Rather than viewing Flying Star as a burdensome superstition, consider it a source of wisdom that can boost your luck throughout the year. Ignoring this 'gem' means missing out on a gift from nature.

2024 Main Flying Star

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This year's principal star is Star #3, exerting the most significant influence throughout the year. Characterized by a light-green hue, this star symbolizes the phase where our Yuen Sun begins to connect with us, channeling preheaven powers into our energy body. This connection sparks a flurry of ideas and inspirations, akin to a myriad of bubbles filled with creative thoughts floating around our minds. It's important to note that this phase isn't about deep contemplation or analysis but rather about sensing the elements around us, igniting our interests, and opening doors to new possibilities.

To harness the power of Star #3 effectively, it's essential to follow the guidance it provides. Engage in activities that enhance your sensory awareness and feed your creativity. This could involve exploring new concepts, conducting research, window shopping, or expanding your network of contacts, places, and things. The key is to remain receptive and open to fresh ideas, resisting the urge to leap into the stages of pondering, rationalizing, or decision-making. This is not the time for logical judgments or putting plans into action.

The energy of Star #3 is most beneficial for attracting opportunities and ideas. Embrace this phase by collecting as many of these as possible, without concern for their eventual outcome. Whether these ideas will flourish or fizzle out is not for you to worry about at this stage. The focus should be on the joy of gathering these possibilities, like adding items to a shopping cart without immediate plans to purchase. Patience is crucial; the time for action and decision will come later. For now, enjoy the process and let the star's energy guide you.

Details of the Other Stars

North-West, Star #4

This year, the energy in the North-West is governed by Star #4. This star's influence is all about mental processes: thinking, logic, breaking down and analyzing ideas, and planning. However, it's not yet time for decision-making. This star strengthens our cognitive abilities, which, in Taoist understanding, is the work of our negative-soul. Given its enhancement by the main star of the year, it's crucial to use this energy wisely. To harness this star's power for improved thinking, problem-solving, and troubleshooting, consider placing a plant with dark green leaves in this part of your home. To amplify these effects, you can use our talismans: "Prosperity Boost FU 祿禡扶持符," "Helpful Connections FU 貴人扶持符," and "Wealth Gathering FU 金玉滿堂符," channeling nature's wealth to where it's most needed.

North, Star #8

The energy from the North, influenced by Star #8, relates to the physical development and blossoming of projects. It's like launching a new product and boosting its sales through promotion for maximum growth. However, this star is currently in conflict with the main star of the year, creating a bit of turbulence. To counteract the negative energies and conflict, consider placing copper decorations or items in golden colors in this area. For a more potent effect, place the "Boost for Better FU 大吉大利符" here to safeguard your physical endeavors.

North-East, Star #6

In the North-East, Star #6's energy focuses on containment and gathering, akin to holding plans close and building inner strength while waiting for the right moment to act. Unfortunately, this star is also not in harmony with the star of the year, necessitating some energy management to prevent disruptions. Placing a bowl or tank of water with salt in this direction can help diminish the star's power and reduce conflicts – just remember to change the water regularly. For additional support, consider using the "Wealth Flow Boost FU 財運亨通符" in this area to enhance the positive effects.

East, Star #1

In the East, Star #1's energy is all about guiding us towards our life's vision and setting us on our path. This is the phase where our Yuen Sun illuminates an idea, offering us a chance to think and develop it further. As a supportive star this year, enhancing its influence can be particularly beneficial. Boosting this star means clearer directions and a more focused year, keeping us on track with our goals. To maximize your potential this year, I recommend placing the "Fortune and Opportunity FU 福星高照符," "Fortune Boost FU 福如東海符," and "Three Stars Illuminates FU 三星供照符" in this area. These will attract the fortune and guidance needed for a successful year.

South-East, Star #2

The energy of Star #2 in the South-East is about receptiveness—listening, absorbing, and nurturing desires. However, this year, it's clashing with the main star, potentially attracting negative influences like sickness or misfortune. This is especially concerning if your main door, bed, or kitchen is located in this area. To mitigate these adverse effects, I advise using Taoist magic to suppress this star's energy. If you're already feeling the effects of bad luck or illness, place the "Health FU 化病符" in this area to combat these negative influences.

South, Star #7

In the South, Star #7's energy is focused on turning thoughts into actions, essentially materializing our ideas in the physical world. However, this star poses a challenge to the main star this year, meaning physical endeavors could backfire. If your work desk faces this direction or your main door opens to it, be wary of accidents, injuries, or breakages. This star's energy can also incite conflicts and arguments, particularly in family settings. To counter this, consider using dark or black-themed bedding if your bed is in this area, or place an image representing still water nearby. For the best results, place the "Manifest Positively FU 發財好事符" and "Harmony FU 和合符" here to manage the star's influence effectively.

South-West, Star #9

In the South-West, Star #9's energy is akin to reaping the rewards of our labor, like receiving payment after a job well done. This star is favorably influenced by the main star of the year, making it a beneficial force if utilized correctly, particularly for activities related to its nature. If you have projects nearing completion, like a house sale or a marketing campaign, this is the year to harness this star's power to maximize your gains. For instance, if you're aiming to finalize a deal or attract clients, activating this star can significantly enhance these outcomes. Don't delay in using the "Fruitful and Success FU 花開富貴符" and "Longevity Boost FU 壽比南山符." Place these FU in this direction to amplify the star's beneficial effects.

West, Star #5

The energy from the West, governed by Star #5, relates to decision-making, self-control, and adherence to our personal disciplines and rules. However, this year, the main star's energy is adversely affecting Star #5. To avoid negative impacts on your resolve and decision-making abilities amidst a sea of ideas and inspiration, it's crucial to strengthen and secure this star's energy. This is particularly important if your work desk is in this direction, as it could affect your passion, confidence, and determination. External influences might challenge your steadfastness and decision-making. To counteract this, consider placing the "萬事如意符 Wealth Control FU" in this area. Additionally, incorporating more yellow in this direction can further stabilize and protect the energy here.

Those Who Need to Beware

For those planning to launch a new product or about to undertake significant actions, be cautious as this year's energies might not be particularly supportive. If proceeding with your plans is necessary, I highly recommend employing the "發財好事符 Manifest Positively FU" and "出入平安符 Safety for Travelling FU" to navigate these challenges more effectively.

If you're already noticing an increase in conflicts, arguments, or disagreements within your household, consider starting the year with the "和合符 Harmony FU." This FU talisman can help dissolve the negative influences brought about by this year's energies, fostering a more harmonious environment.

Utilizing FU talismans is an effective way to manage these energy-related issues. Their power, derived from the Tao, is purer and more preheaven than earthly energies, enabling them to effectively counteract and resolve these challenges. In ancient times, FU talismans were often concealed within decorative items like brass horses or copper dragons, keeping the Feng Shui setup hidden from plain sight. However, it's crucial to remember that the decorative items themselves don’t hold power—it's the FU talismans that carry the true efficacy.

How FU Talismans Work

FU Talismans are far more than mere pieces of paper; they are essentially requests for blessings from the Tao, a means to seek divine assistance. When you acquire a FU Talisman, you're not just purchasing a physical item; rather, you're making an offering to the gods in exchange for their help.

You can obtain these talismans through our website. Each one is personally handcrafted by me, Jee Sifu, to ensure maximum effectiveness and power. For those who prefer discretion and don't want talismans visibly taped around the house, there's an alternative method. You can infuse objects with the FU's power by burning the talisman over the item and making three clockwise circles. This transfers the talisman's power to the object, turning it into the FU's new vessel. This method works with various items, be it a decorative piece, a teddy bear, or even a computer.

For disciples already studying in our lineage, crafting your own FU Talismans is possible. However, it's important to remember that the effectiveness of a FU Talisman is contingent on the creator's level of power and cultivation. In essence, a beginner's FU will possess beginner-level power. For the most potent and effective talismans, it is advisable to use those crafted at our headquarters.

A powerful FU Talisman requires sanctification and consecration at a potent altar. This process ensures a stable connection with the gods, allowing the talisman to function continuously. Should the FU Talisman deplete its power, it can call upon the altar it is linked to for immediate reinforcement.

Employing FU Talismans as a remedy for annual luck issues is incredibly effective and wise. You're utilizing the most powerful source of preheaven energies to address these challenges. With trust, faith, and determination, the efficacy of FU Talismans is assured.

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