Judge Bao God  包公大帝

Judge Bao, we call him Bao Gung Daai Dai 包公大帝 in our lineage, and he is a god that represents justice, wisdom and a strong heart with loyalty and honor. Just like General Guan Yu was used as a god profile, Bao god is really just like that. His anniversary is on lunar Feb 15th, same as the Taai Ching Doe Duck Tin Juen / Elder Lord 太上老君.

His Powers

If you watch his movies, it will give you a full and complete impression of his vibe – fearless, wise, calm, righteous, loyal, determined, all those good virtues you need, he have got it. The most important thing is that he is a judge, an officer, who have to tell “who is right and who is wrong”. Without the fear of the wealthy and riches, or even the royal family members, he was able to find out the truth and make the right move to put the real criminal to justice.

You Need Him!

Do you need Bao Judge to help you in life? Think about what is the last time you have to make some big decision to see what is right and what is wrong to do?  Have you come to some big life-decisions making before? Have you been bullied by the rich and wealthy or some others with more powers?  

Not only that, but in magic battles, he is the one who can help you differentiate what is real and what is illusions, allowing you to see through the traps and disguises or even the setups and smoke-screens that the enemy have put up for you.

When Bao Judge is at your altar, your home, he will help you figure out how to deal with problems, break down the case into parts and solve them one by one, finding the truth to things, and not let anything be hidden or wrongly judged.

Ordain today to learn more, or you can also request us to consecrate a Bao God statue for you to worship and get his powers into your life too!



You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book and here is a demo in video.



There is also a whole list of prayers for all the different gods in our e-book too. Here is the prayer for Judge Bao. There is also a special channel spell in our e-book for this god.


Judge Bao Prayer

Jia Seem Gwei Miong Li
Tian Yien Seen Tung,
Jia Wei Chiao Queen,
Te Mien Whuo Cia,
Ju Chia Bu Gong,
Wung Yiang Jieong Ki,
Jiao Whua Yu Min,
Why Min Yu Ju,
Ti Liang Peen Kwun,
Fung Jia Jip Whua,
Gieng Ngoc Chiang Gaan,
Cieong Jiam Bu Jung,
Ha Jiam Gaan Seen,
Bu Lun Cheen Soh,
Li Jieong Jia Jeen,
Gung Jieong Liam Miong,
Bao Gung Daai Di.
Determined to trust and believe for the rest of my life.
The celestial vision power, with extraordinary wisdom, justice and selfless, being the judge for all matters. It promotes the positive energy, teaching the people and loving them like as if they are his children, understanding the poor, and bringing the law into action, dealing with the bad and evils, executing the disloyal ones, and killing the evil-minded ones, no matter how close they are, the truth is in the law, justice it holds, the judge Bao – Bao Gung Daai Di.