Judge Bao God  包公大帝

Judge Bao, or Bao Gong Daai Di 包公大帝, is a god of justice in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar Feb 15th, the same date as the Elder Lord and Jiu Tian Xuan Nue.

You might have heard of him from TV shows and movies. He has a smart advisor, a skillful bodyguard, and four officers who help him carry out his duty. He is famous for being righteous and for his strong heart for justice. Regardless of who you are, as long as you have broken the law, you will be punished according to the law. Some nobles got executed by him, too, with no excuses or exemptions! Every criminal fears him and calls him the iron-face judge, while the good people call him the Clear Sky Bao because he is always bright and clear, bringing peace to the world. People say his face is black, but his heart is white!  If you dig into history, you might be shocked that he is an actual person in history, yet not everything in the TV show is factual. For example, he is not a blackface guy with a moon birthmark on the forehead, and his robe is unlike the fancy black robe with the “dragon” design. He is just like an ordinary Chinese, but he is a real judge and has a good history of being the “clear sky Bao,” as the movie shows. Not everything in the movie is real, but the vibe is factual to the people in the Song Dynasty.

Just like many gods in Taoism, they are what we call post-heaven gods created with a profile of a fictional character as a profile, just like how you would create an account using a picture that represents you. It could be a funny cartoon, or batman, whatever you think fits the “you” at that moment. Judge Bao is one of our lineage gods, with the same vibe as the one in the movie, yet you will have to learn about his real powers in this article. Mind you that all the gods are exclusive to their sect; even though different sects might worship the same character/statue, it’s not the same god behind it. In this article, we are just introducing the Judge Bao God in our lineage.

The God of Justice for the Tao

What is justice, and what is the law? We are Taoists, and we talk about the law of nature, the law of the Tao. When things are out of order, nature’s flow is obstructed, leading to many things related to it being jammed up, which will lead to the disruption of the whole system! For example, if someone is polluting the ocean, it might cause plants to be poisoned, and eventually, many things will be affected, like a domino effect.

Judge Bao is a god that helps reinforce the Tao system. That means if anyone, including a god or celestial troop, is trying to mess around and break the law, they will be put to justice, such as being executed or imprisoned for correction. You might think that gods are supposed to be perfect, but after this lesson, you will see how things can sometimes go wrong, Lawbreakers.

There is a family of four; they are all ordained Taoists in this lineage with an altar at home. The altar has a few statues too. The family used to be good and happy, but one day the son returned from school and started to vent at the altar because of his heart devils. He picked up some evil energies from school and didn’t realize it, and that venting of negative energies kept going all night. The father went into a bad mood because of the energy the son was spreading around, they fought at night, and everyone was getting angrier. They eventually went to a state of blaming each other for random things and started pointing fingers in front of the altar. At night, they burnt incense and went to sleep. All that bad energy and evil words went into the altar, and guess what happened next?

As I have told them, “gods are just like you; they are a mirror that reflects on you.” You cultivate your gods and “build” them yourself. The lineage gives you a god as a start, like giving you a small plant, and you grow the plant at the altar by giving it food daily. If you gave it poison, it would grow poisonous fruits for you. The gods at the altar have “learned” from them and become like them, and eventually, after a few months of “teaching” the gods all that bad virtue, the gods have gone very crooked. Their magic started not to work because they were calling the gods at the altar to work, and no gods were working for them. The god’s discipline is gone, their heart to help is gone, and worse, the gods are not responsive to them anymore. You ring the bell, and the gods say, “who cares?”.

Judge Bao is the god that can help this family to fix the problem. These gods can be put to justice or be corrected back to “good” again, and the family would be saved. When the gods are good again, they can influence the people back and turn the family back by guiding them back on the right track.

Many people have problems with discipline, virtue, and commitment, which can turn your gods at the altar into “crooks” who also fail the same thing. How you act is how the gods act to you; imagine you are not willing to commit, unfaithful, and so on. The gods will be the same as you, which is why the magic doesn’t “work” because they don’t even want to move, just like you.

Judge Bao can help you stay aligned, focused, and positive, bringing you and your gods back on track. It will also help you discover the problems within yourself and help you fix them before they become a much greater virus that can destroy you in the future. Especially for those people who need a god to help to increase self-awareness and correct their bad virtues or habits that they have picked up in the past, Judge Bao is the god for you!

The Magic Battle Betrayers

Sometimes you will be involved in magic battles, even as a newbie. For example, someone sends a curse to you, and your altar will immediately kick in and fight the magic away. However, you can also lose! Your altar will have some soldiers fighting for you, but they could be not trained well or powerful enough for the attack. Guess what? Like in real battles, they can also put on an attitude or get discouraged from fighting. The enemy can trick your soldiers or get them to betray their side. This is not uncommon, especially for disciples who face attacks from some very committed and strong-hearted religious people.

I always scold my senior disciples for this kind of thing. I told them, “You are a senior disciple, but your heart and commitment cannot even match another believer in the other religion; look how much they are doing every day and how little are you doing now?”  The Muslims pray at least five times a day and with other things on top to show their faith in their gods. That’s much commitment. While this so-called Taoist disciple only does his short heart spell ten times a day, which only takes about 30 seconds. Who will win in a magic battle?  No doubt, the Taoists will lose very badly.

The celestial troops and gods at the altar can betray you if they lose the battle and get overpowered, and if that happens, you will need Judge Bao’s help. He can bring the troops and gods back and correct them over time. At least you can recover from the mess and fix the problem. Correction takes time, but at least there is a way to fix the problem instead of losing 100% and having all your troops go in one battle.

If Judge Bao at your altar (with a statue) failed, you could always evoke the one from the celestial court, which will immediately help the situation.

The Ultimate Punisher

Judge Bao is also a punisher god in our lineage. He can help us punish the people or spirits and bring them to justice. For example, if you get bullied at work and cannot fight back physically, you can ask Judge Bao to help you by punishing the villain with magic. Our Judge Bao can command the Five Ghosts to work and use them as an army to punish people. Who says God cannot do things to cause damage when needed?  Even police have guns!

If you got a case where you got bullied or harmed in reality and have no way to revenge or fight back, you can always learn the magic from Judge Bao and use them to bring the bad guys to justice. Revenging isn’t a problem because it is needed sometimes, or else the threat will not stop coming, and you will be able to have peace. We fight back to stop the threat, not to create trouble and make a mess. It is a good virtue to fight back and stop the bad guys from harming more people besides you!  Think about it, if the bad guy can do this to you, he could have harmed others the same way or worse! Should you not stop this from happening if you can ask Judge Bao for help?

Many of us have faced bullies at work or in school, it’s very common, and we are taught to swallow it and not fight back because it might just get worse. Being a coward is not the way to go because Taoists have access to god’s power as a peacekeeper in nature!  We should all contribute to making peace in nature, for ourselves and others, and therefore Bao Judge is here to help us bring clarity to life, like his name, the Clear Sky Bao!

The Whackers

In the court, guards stand by the two sides with long wooden whackers for whacking the criminal’s butt or spine. These are shown in the movies and executed in the same fashion in reality. When criminals deserve pain or need pain to be corrected, the judge will order the whackers to get into action.

Whacking is also done with the magic of Judge bao too!  Using the FU, spells, and so on, you can deploy Judge Bao’s power onto your enemy and bring them to justice with these magical whacking.

You cannot give physical pain to people by using magical whackers, but you can whack energy into them to correct or change them internally. For example, whacking the head to change their thought, whacking their heart to destroy their feeling, whacking their hands, so they will change what they are doing etc.  It is similar to what people call “hitting the villain,” commonly practiced by folks sorcerers in Hong Kong, but this is like the professional level!

The Almighty Head Choppers

In the movies, Bao kept three head-choppers in the court; the dragon head, tiger head and dog head choppers. It’s said that they are for chopping people’s heads in a different class. Dragon for the royal family, tiger for the ministers and people working for the king, and dog for the normal civilians. It’s a legendary move for Bao to call the guards to “Oooooo… Pen……” the choppers!

Our Judge Bao God has these choppers, too, and they are used in magic with the FU and spells! You don’t need a real chopper on the altar, but they are kept in the celestial court and summoned to the altar with the FU!

Dragon chopper chops the connection from the sky realm, which cuts off their potential and future. It can damage one’s future and ruin their opportunity and success. This is great for stopping people who always love to bring trouble into people’s life. Since they have no potential and light in the future, their vision in life will go blind, and they will not even be able to “see” how to cause trouble anymore.

Tiger chopper chops the connection from the ground realm, which kills the soul and leads them to think and act wrongly. It can mess up with things in progress; for example, a business talk can go bad, or their friends can become enemies because of miscommunication. This is great for people with evil thoughts or a bad mouth that loves to spread rumours around.

Dog chopper chops the connection from the human realm, which kills their connection to the heart and their confidence, trust and determination. This can make the person give up, betray their side, or even lose their heart to fight. This is great for sorcerers who need to have their magic deactivated.

This is amazing and intense. There are way more, but it only could be taught if you are ordained and practicing the magic! You can get the eBook to learn his FU HEAD, prayer and spell! There is also a Judge Bao Awareness Scripture which you can read and learn!  Get ordained today and start learning; you won’t regret your decision!  Join the lineage to become a peacekeeper in nature.