God of Wealth from Five Directions 五路財神

The Day 5 of Chinese New Year is the day where people celebrate the anniversary for the God of Wealth, especially the one for the 5 directions – well, Day 5, 5 directions, you get it. However, what is this god all about and why so special, what kind of wealth or help are you expecting from him? Let’s dig into the professional side and get detailed so you are not just looking at the “traditions”.

God of Wealth

The God of Wealth 財神 was explained in 2 posts before, one is the Bi Gon, and one is the General Guan: one for income and one for spending.  This 5-Directions one is obviously for grabbing wealth from the 5 directions, so it falls into the “income” category. You can say that it is more like the power of the Munn Choy Sun (income) being distributed into 5 parts, showing its powers in 5 different ways for you to get better income.

The 5 “directions” are actually just 4, with one being in the center. This relates to the 5 elements phases too. Let’s use colors and directions as a relationship to help you understand the basics:

Center, Yellow God of Wealth

This god helps you control, secure, and guard your wealth that is already there. Imagine if you cannot hold onto your wealth, that means you could be leaking wealth here and there, without even noticing. Like you might be dropping your wallet outside, or even having your phone being stolen and so on.

East, Green God of Wealth

This god helps you invest, put the time down on things right, and also to “welcome” in the wealth you need. It’s like the wind, it can wave and blow the wealth to your way, directing and rerouting wealth toward you.

South, Red God of Wealth

This god helps your wealth to blossom, meaning that things can become reality. You might have ideas, but it cannot be good if the ideas can never become reality or happen. This god help to bring things to reality and make it come true.

West, White God of Wealth

This god helps you see the wealth and be able to spot the opportunities. Just like with a good flashlight, you can spot the gem in the dark!

North, Black God of Wealth

This god helps you attract and suck in the wealth, and also to accumulate and pull in wealth. For example, you can look more attractive, leading to more potentials in business. It can also hep you bring down the Yuen Sun’s resources to overcome your hurdles!

How to Get His Help

To get the help from this God of Wealth, you need to go back to the Munn Choy Sun 文財神 who is the main god, and there goes the 5 powers inside him. Don't forget that the "wealth" that he can deliver to you are all from the Celestial Court too, so you should consider ordaining to become a part of the celestial court to get more help out of this god!

You can get a statue of this god and have it consecrated by us, then worship it and invest into it. After awhile you can start to ask it for help and blessings.

You can also use the Wealth God FUs, which we have offered in our web-store.